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Gratitude and appreciation are the theme for this vinyasa practice with Cyndi Lee. Cyndi encourages you to approach this practice with self-hands-on work to connect to your own body in a super positive way, cultivating appreciation for it, no matter how it feels or looks today. Cyndi is joined by her students Kerry and Theo.

Props: blanket, 2 blocks

Featuring music by Preston Pierce.


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tstevensbaker, posted on May 23, 2016

This was the most perfect practice for me today. Thank you!

NicoleUrdang, posted on December 7, 2015

I would have liked the poses to be held for equal amounts of time on both sides of the body, but I adjusted for that.
(No sun salutations class.)
Slow pace heightens awareness and alignment.
Wanted a slightly longer savasana.

strauss5marija, posted on December 1, 2015

Madamme Cindy you are Great Teacher, I am honored to practise with you, Namaste :) You are real yoga hatha inspiration.Thank you .

kristinbartley, posted on November 21, 2015

Too much time spent adjusting participants. The home viewer gets left hanging.

melanie8staker, posted on November 18, 2015

I appreciate you, Cyndi Lee for your humour, teaching style and expertise.

namaste and blessings

blissence, posted on November 17, 2015

Thankyou so much for such a wonderful class...Blessings

Lynnpell, posted on November 17, 2015

I've enjoyed this practice Cindy.... this is setting the tone for the 3 classes i am preparing to teach this very day! Shanti

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