The Good Life: April 10th, 2007 Radio
April 10th, 2007
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The Good Life: April 10th, 2007

Episode 240

Jesse Dylan’s guests explain the importance of mothers and daughters connecting, aging without angst and healthy eating. Dr. Steven Aldana author of Fast Food: Part of a Smart Healthy Diet, Surprising Facts, talks about the importance of being aware of the quantity and quality of food we eat. Dr. Valerie Whiffen, author of The Secret Sadness, explains the difficulty of healing through a depression. Dr. Nate Booth, author of several books including Tiger Traits, talks with Jesse Dylan about the things people can learn from Tiger Woods in their pursuit of success.

Dorothy Firman is one of the authors of Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul and talks with Jesse Dylan about the wonder of mothers and daughters connecting. Sherry Torkos, author of the Glycemic Index Made Simple, talk about the dangers of fat around the midsection and offers some tips on how to lose the belly fat. Dr. Peter Rabins, author of Getting Old Without Getting Anxious, talks about concerns of stress and anxiety that people face as they are getting older.

Jesse Dylan
Steven Aldana, Valerie Whiffen, Nate Booth, Dorothy Firman, Sherry Torkos, Peter Rabins


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