Cosmic Disclosure: Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins Video
Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins

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Cosmic Disclosure: Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins (September 2016)

Season 6, Episode 5
Available worldwide

According to William Tompkins, something is going on with the center of our galaxy and it is having a major effect upon our sun. To nullify these problems and reduce the danger to Earth, many planet-sized spheres came into our solar system and locked it down. This testimony matches what Corey Goode has told us of the solar system lock down which we are currently undergoing in a bid to protect humanity from predatory extraterrestrial beings. Plus, Tompkins gives us an insight to the initial development of unconventional propulsion systems which gave rise to the secret space programs of today. This discussion with David Wilcock and Corey Goode was originally webcast October 4, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock
Corey Goode, William Tompkins


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msmarytalt, posted on October 17, 2016

Wehrner Von Braun is in this Disney Video from the 50s : Disneyland - 4.12 - Mars and Beyond:

x_centric_me, posted on October 11, 2016

In the late 60s a saucer hovered about 8 feet from me while I was up in a tree house. I could have walked of the platform onto the ship. You talked about the saucer giving the finger to the plane and wondered about possible glass like stuff for saucers. This saucer was as if it were carved from a huge, single piece of smokey quartz, I could see into the ship and was staring eye-to-eye with two beings. I could see their expressions (well, as much expression as they seemed capable of). I saw them turn and look at each other. What appeared to be colored lights going off around the craft was actually something spinning inside the ship and the it looked like friction or something shooting out from this that created the balls of color. In the last 45-50 years, I have never heard of a craft that looked like this one. Do you know where it comes from?

clintrog86, posted on October 10, 2016

Hey guys there is lots of talk on the net about world war 3, this question goes to Corey Goode. If all/most nations are representing their respective nations up at the L.O.C then why all the negative talk down here on earth? Have not all the countries come to an intelligent conclusion that the real threat is A.I and not conflict over issues in Syria..?? I know this might come across as a shallow or very generalised question, but something tells my gut instinctively that something big will be happening on a military level either down here on Earth or up in the cosmic beyond in the not so distant future....


Fellow citizen of Mother Earth

liunixon1, posted on October 9, 2016

For those who are following the Star Trek genre, the delphi expanse in Star Trek Enterprise is a wide area of distorted space with different laws of physics created by these giant spheres ... I often wonder where the writes of Star Trek got their ideas from, because they seem to be so real. I am not surprised when I read this article by Dr. Salla:

Season 3 was aired in 2003/04, which corresponds to the sphere beings arrival time in Solar system including how much time it may take to disseminate the news; in the series, these sphere beings are painted as the evil ones, which also corresponds to what Thompkins said that they had no idea if the sphere was friend or foe; not to mention the Xindi race has five species: Reptilians (very war-like, surprise?), Insectoids (ally with Reptilians), Primates, Arboreals (big foot?), Aquatics and Avians.

I watched Season 3 again and found the entire season and even the entire series are full of topics covered in Cosmic Disclosure.

Science fiction is not much of a fiction after all ... live long and prosper!

chrisdcox, posted on October 11, 2016

Glad you mentioned this. I play Star Trek Online (the MMORPG game). The Delphi Expanse and the Sphere Beings have been recently introduced into the game's story content. I'm shocked to see how similar the majority of the game content is to all the topics that are discussed here on the Comic Disclosure forums. In many aspects, it's almost identical. Since I began watching Cosmic Disclosure, I've wondered if the game developers are either directly or indirectly influenced by someone (or some thing) to produce content that is so very similar to the topics discussed by Corey and David. I know to most it just a video game. But if you play it, I have no doubt you'll agree.

kakrepostcorp, posted on October 8, 2016

Dear John, Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk. Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space. The following information in italics was shared with me by my colleague Carol Rosin, who worked closely for several years with Wernher von Braun before his death. Carol and I have worked on the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, attached for your convenience. NEW GREAT NEWS: Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal proposed cooperation in space technology between Pakistan and China as part of the historic declaration, saying it will take the Pak-China relations to new heights. A consortium of 35 Chinese companies was also formed that will invest in Pakistan: Pakistan and China on Wednesday signed 20 memoranda of understanding (MoU) worth $2 billion...emphasis on sustainability

sara.ogle, posted on October 9, 2016

I demand free energy now. Full Disclosure. No more money-slaving. It's great that it's in an email from Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta, that's super duper. But I'm still sitting here, and everything is still the same.

joeyblu, posted on October 8, 2016

Love you guys but the facts are shaping up -We are under a Dome -No one gets in or out ! The mounting proof is Staggering now ! More people are realizing it every day! Im wondering how this will fit into your version of disclosure! Firmament found in Antartica-not a sphere-a full cover Dome seemingly impenetrable !! Nothing new here ,the Bible mentions it clearly ! If this is true it seems to fly in the face of much of your content! That would truly disappoint me.Im more curious about the real Truth than ever!

dj.miss.mixit, posted on October 8, 2016

Real whistle blowers have proof of their adventures, such as Tompkins. Where is Corey's proof? I've seen none.

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 9, 2016

Whats worse is go to his new "Sphere Being Alliance " site and see the CGI image of him in his pajamas being picked up in his bedroom by a blue orb..
mind you , his position and look is of fear, and some actually on FB believe the image is real..

also, if the Blue Avian message is so important, why does he always refer to it as "hippy, dippy" love message.

He's a fake, and Tompkins proves nothing, and Corey Goode will ruin David's career.

The real message to us is not from blue birds, but from the Source itself, and it talks to me about how EVERYTHING we have done is wrong and a product of ego, greed and manipulation, also killing and eating meat, literally destroying the energy that creates and binds life together is an atrocity against the universe.

If anyone wants to know the real message, contact me on FB.. November is approaching, and everything changes after Nov.

The when is "enough is enough" from the True creator is here..

and I also know why it is referred as "She"

Folks you are being duped by Mr. Goode.

dj.miss.mixit, posted on October 8, 2016

I don't see why the sun needs help to do it's thing at all. Surely with the Divine guiding it it is able to give us exactly what we need? I'm dubious.

picadillydoc, posted on October 8, 2016

I think that the planet sized spheres mentioned by William Tomkins (the Sphere Being Alliance that Cory Goode has talked about) are here to help the human species on Earth to go through the ascension process only if our own co-creative group collective consciousness of the inhabitants of planet Earth are ready for it. I believe they will assist us, but they will not solve our problems for us. They will not do for us what we need to do for ourselves. “It is time for us to get off our knees and our rear ends and participate in the process.”(CG)
If the human species on Earth cannot/will not throw off the yoke of the Draco-Reptilian Alliance (predatory extraterrestrials) , and the Illuminati Cabal, then collectively as a human species we are neither ready to ascend to a higher consciousness, nor Full Disclosure - then so be it. And we will continue to be enslaved and held down until the human species on planet Earth are ready to rise up.
Through something like a Coronal Mass Ejection “solar sneeze” it may be necessary to “reset / reboot” the evolutionary process of the surface-dwelling human species once again until we get it right. This has happened in the past history of Earth. The human species has gone through catastrophic extinction level events with all loss of knowledge and technology, and had to start all over again.
I hope the Sphere Being Alliance and other benevolent ET groups are here to help prevent this kind of loss from occurring again.
By the way, check out the website

analisa12, posted on October 8, 2016

Yes the sun is alive all of these celestial bodies have a life collective and individual. If the sun is expanding then we are to be expanding along with the sun. It is dimensional and vibrational evolution. The Earth is behind, and that is why the sun's energy needs to be buffered. Nothing is wrong. There are energy beings that live within the sun. I would like for Corey to ask if the Golden triangle beings could be star beings, light beings that come from within a star, not just an earthly or planetary being. The metaphysical theory behind this is that we are all evolving into light, or we come from light and are evolving the physical bodies back into light something like that.

ac.workline, posted on October 8, 2016

Inverted Winter Is Coming. The Real, Smaller Than Sun's Right, Silvered Mirror Moon..../ @1:0h:9, O'clock?

Maybe A Harmonic, That We Haven't Seen In A While? #InceptionRoom528? #AvatarMushroomEarth? #Hue-Mans? #UpDownTheRabbitHole?

Have Wi Simply Been Too Letteral, & Mi Less Numeral?

Ddalsh001, posted on October 7, 2016

Cory , have you ever thought of taping the blue sphere when it comes to pick you up?And has your wife or anyone else witness this event take place in your home?

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 7, 2016

Well folks, I have to say I believe I am 100% correct.

I have never posted anything negative here or on any of Corey's other outlets, but it seems as soon as I made my post on the last episode, that I have been blocked from commenting on any of his FB pages HMMMMMM

Very interesting to me, that he would take the time to block little old me out.
Why? because I am on to him..

Please don't buy into all of this you hear and see from him on here.
Don't drink the Kool - Aid so fast, because you are doing the same that all who have soaked the bible in.

Corey Goode is 100% a fraud and he is making a bunch of money off of you.

The saddest part for me is what this will do to David Wilcock's credibility in the future, Unless he is in on it too. But I doubt that.

For David to know the truth of the universe as I do, all he needs to do is stop all this research and influx of excessive information, and then meditate for two weeks without any INTERNET interaction.

Everyone is connected to the Quantum Source, and EVERYONE can hear and listen if they pay attention. You do not need a 21st century snake oil salesman to sell you bullshit. (Corey Goode)

Here is my original post that led Corey Goode to blocking me from making comments on his social media pages.

Id love to believe Corey. I truly would.
I do believe many of the stories he tells are true, but as far as his involvement with them, Im not too sure.

He shows signs that go beyond general nervousness. I know when he first came on he claims he was on "meds" for some health issues.
But he had a military style haircut and wore combat boots, and now he is all relaxed and acting like a normal guy and even dressing different.

This was not med related, as he was trying to pose and create a more authoritative / military figure. The contrast in personality and appearance is too big to be related to prescription drugs

He also stated early on that the "Blue Avians" (a highly intelligent being segregating themselves by color) had tried this 3 times in the past and each time it was turned into a religion.

Buddhism, Muslim and of course Christianity is what he is getting at.
Now that raised a HUGE red flag for me back then, but was just recently escalated as I know where he is going with this.

In the venus / space station episode (where he travelled in Pajamas?) he claims to have seen a "prophetic view" of an entire planet being destroyed...
He also said the Bio Hologram being asked does he want to know who he was, is and will be.

He answered NO because HE FELT IT WOULD CHANGE the way he looks at PEOPLE, and THE WAY PEOPLE LOOK AT HIM (HUGE FLAG FOLKS!!!!)

He is 100% "Humbly" trying to set himself up as a "prophet" or even worse, "The Messiah"
He is absolutely attempting to make himself the 21st Century / New Age PROPHET.

If these "beings" do not want him to create a religion or cult type of arena then what do you call the people who subscribe to:

His youtube channel
His TWO Facebook pages (Corey Goode, and Sphere Being Alliance)
His Twitter account
and here at Gaia...

they are called "Followers" and many are hanging on his every word like he is a prophet.

Furthermore, he claims on sphere being alliance's site that he makes only 10% from the merchandise to help pay his travels and support his family while he continues on with the "mission" (Hmm)
again, Prophetic in nature, but I highly doubt he is only making 10% of a site and organization the HE is running.
Also glad to know the Blue Avians, or Sphere Beings don't mind him using their name, and logo on a brand selling items like "Flasks"

He is making money off of Youtube, Gaia, and Facebook, he is making money off of traveling to events and giving speeches.
He also claims that William Tompkins stories must be what he was reading on the "smart glass pad" a piece of technology that he does not know the name for, so he just calls it that.
He strongly emphasizes that it must be the Tompkins info on the pads multiple times, which feels like a sales pitch.

The fact that they are validating him only via David WIlcock's resources and now Tompkins proves nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

THESE stories have been out there online for years.
A few years back there was even a site about blue avians with a similar story to his, and as soon as he came out (Goode) that site went down.
Like I said, Id love to believe him, I would.

But as I said above he shows signs that go beyond general nervousness, he shows similar signs that compulsive liars do.

I read on one of his Facebook pages about having to rush home to his mom because his aunt died. (My sincerest condolences)

A guy who was in the MILAB program as a child, then placed into the SSP for 20 years has such a close relationship with mom and aunt? really?

He feels to me like a very well read and has combined sci fi shows & movies, sci fi fantasy, fiction, non fiction mixed in with history and conspiracy theories as well as OTHERS stories.

He has a scar on his face, and talked about rotator injuries, but when they rejuvenated him after the program, the scar and injuries stayed?
They can't use their healing technology on their golden boy?

He aslo has a slight "lisp" in his speech... I'm sure you've heard it.

So what am I getting at... It is possible that he is / was:

A child who had a speech impediment due to an injury or birth defect.
Most likely home schooled, No friends, most likely lived in a rural area, probably very close with his mother and Aunt.
They, because of sympathy probably fed his need for fantasy.

There are so many red flags in his story that I also just cannot buy the fact that he eve joined the National Guard after all these years of service.
Makes no sense to me at all, except to establish a military record.

So in short I think, feel and believe Corey may be scamming us all. Especially David Wilcock.

The saddest part in all of this .. is Us.
He is taking advantage of people who are looking for the truth, something other than the manipulative jargon that most religious organizations spew out.

And what'S worse... is what you will most likely say..
NOOO why would he,
why would he scam us,
NO can't be true, wouldn't happen to me..
Misplaced pride & ego, thats all that is.

We get blinded by pride and ego and we are an extremely gullible species.

Now... here is the last thing I'll say.
My name is Jai Es, and I am 100% being contacted by something.. I at this point don't know who, or why me, but I do get regular communication daily. and
I HAVE PROOF, absolutely HANDS DOWN 100% photograph proof.
I have tried to contact David Wilcock to share this with him, show him, talk to him about the bio holograms, photons, and what our universe is, who we are, and how we are here..
but of course no reply, even though we are both drummers too, and I am a DRUMEO instructor and life coach, still no contact.

If you want to see MY Proof then you can contact me via Facebook, I'll be more than happy to show you the photographic proof, as well as share some of the true insight.

If anyone here feels offended by me expressing my honest opinion, then I apologize, but it is not me you'd be having the issue with, it would be your inner self. :)


aknowz, posted on October 14, 2016

Speaking of ego, sounds to me your a little sour because the big boys won't let you play. For better or for worse blaze your own path then. I'd exercise caution with your contact. ET/ED's would have an easier time fooling you than Corey Goode and can do a lot more damage too. Rest assured he's not making much income at all. He can probably barely keep his head above water financially. As far as prophets go, we've had them all throughout history, some more accurate than others and we can never really tell who's genuine until much later, when we get that proof we all so desperately demand. It's not a bad thing to seek leadership or to be a leader. Humans need strong positive leadership now more than ever. We've had so much corruption for so long it's hard to determine who is genuine and you have every right to be skeptical. But what ever happened to a little good old fashioned faith? It's not always blind and not a bad thing either in fact perhaps it is what is so terribly wrong with Earth surface humans these days. We have no Hope, no Faith and no Love in anything or anyone anymore. Worst case scenario we what, end up terribly disappointed? I am pretty used to that now. The world men made has been a pretty sad and disappointing place. You speak of manipulation but your last sentence is manipulative itself. Summary: "If you have a problem with me then it's really you." Very clever. What are you trying to accomplish? Convince people they're wasting there time watching 30 mins a week with Corey Goode? The people are proficient at wasting time, wouldn't worry too much of the people on Gaia. Most I'm sure are on an upward path. I joke but haven't you heard the old adage: "Opinions are like butts, everyone has one and they all stink" Best of luck to you in your future. Be one, be in joy, grow good food! hugs

joeyblu, posted on October 8, 2016

I like what you had to say ,i am wondering about certain things here also How can i contact you or hear more?

Jsdrumkit, posted on October 9, 2016

contact me via facebook, Jai Es, not my drumming page "Drummer Jai Es" just Jai Es :)

tanglewist, posted on October 7, 2016

I'd like to believe him but the first episode really bothered me. Corey was creepy. Reminded me of a friend who first introduced me to her new husband and I got a total skin crawl. He later mallested his own daughters and is now in jail. I kept watching because I love Davids other work and wisdom teachings. Lets be clear, David has never said that Corey has provided any proof, just good stories.

Before I read your post I had intended post something that bothers me keeps getting overlooked all the time. They keep pointing out that people like Tompson have no internet or email so they wouldn't know about Corey but don't address the fact that this information has been out and Corey could well know about other peoples experience. This obvious negation and constant pointing to what they want you to see is the same tactic used by lame stream media and horrendous people like the Clintons.

TobeyLlop, posted on October 6, 2016

Given the facet of human nature that opportunities do not go unexploited by someone, I have to wonder about those who could travel back a decade or two from where they are and use their knowledge of future history to invest accordingly and get filthy rich. Could this be how trillionaries are made? How certain people have managed for thousands of years to remain at the top of the social pyramid (think all seeing eye) and rule the rest of humanity? In other words, they have a lot more of an advantage than simple higher IQ. Just something to wonder about when I've nothing better to wonder about. (The general wonder of creation would be sufficient anyway, but ....)

johnod1, posted on October 6, 2016

This`was realy great to here`thopkins talking about all this he is getting old he wont be a long much longer. i wonder why he doesn't go and get aged regressed he still must have contacts`were he can do this . how long are we going to have to waght for disclosure im tired of waiting

sara.ogle, posted on October 7, 2016

I'm also tired of waiting for disclosure. Surely this disclosure here is not as good as it's going to get.

sean.bresnan, posted on October 6, 2016

Dear God what is that on his head?!?!?!

otherwise3, posted on October 6, 2016

I read his book Selected by Extraterrestrials. Honestly, I can actually visualize the very situation he's describing at the end. It wouldn't surprise me if it occurred precisely the way he said it did.

Love this show.

urdivine2, posted on October 6, 2016

Yes, I agree that a off planet being would be giving anyone "the finger" gesture.

It was interesting to me to hear Corey name the different systems that are used in the aircraft to generate flight.

Great to hear Tompkins confirm that the sun can affect our moods and thinking. Also it is comforting that there are groups assisting us in possible detrimental shifts and the influx of maleficent beings. I thought that no one was allowed to interfere.

Anyway, I have a QUESTION for Corey, David or Tompkins....Did you ever see any intel or see any pictures of earth - in present day - being flat not spherical? I came across some info on ppl claiming the earth is really flat based on the airplane flight paths, one things i can remember. Also the pictures we are shown of earth from space, are doctored and is usually only one picture used over and over. When first reading this and watching some you tube videos i thought it absurd, yet one never knows, as so much i never thought believable, are really true!

Anyone know any references, for this validating theory?

hawkelly, posted on October 6, 2016

We are inside a Giant Sphere? The entire Solar System has been swallowed ? Inside a Infinite expandable Plasma Balloon/Membrane?
These egg laying species really know all about eggs.

Well that would make a tight barrier that non of the naughty alien species can penetrate in order to support their fellow naughty friends here in this Solar System.
Although I seriously cannot see any species wanting to interfere and therefore hope the "Chemtrails" stop soon.

At least this is correlating to the SOHO images of Planet sized objects interacting with the sun. I thought it was Plasma beings in-tune with the stable z-pinch filament of plasma that exists everywhere. Anybody here speak Plasmabet?

A sun sneeze doesn't sound great, because as we know our lungs empty of air and our hearts momentarily stop when we sneeze. The Anu of the sun is the same 7:5 braid as the muscle structure of our heart. It would be nice to transition without negative et interference, so ty Sphere Alliance.

Not able to escape seems to be a theme recently with falling crushed UFO's. Ref Jay Essex interpretations on youtube. So I have to ask. What should we know about the DrachK? Are the DrachK members of the Sphere Alliance?

Dragon Egg Surprise on the wings of a Budgerigar.
Incubation time is about to end.

contactdandavis, posted on October 6, 2016

.. on the checkered blue/grey pattern - has a calming effect (Tompkins tie).

I appreciate Tompkins, his experience and story and could listen to him for hours.. reminds me of my Grandfather and his navy stories (different stories, but joyous to listen to just the same). I think Tompkins should have his own info. packed series here.

I'd like to hear more of Corey's story with a link reference to Tompkins work. I feel this should be more Corey's venue. Let's hear more of Corey with reference links to correlating info.

Crystal Warrior, posted on October 5, 2016

If stars are 'alive' as you say, does that mean that stars have emotions and I can talk to them? :D

urdivine2, posted on October 6, 2016

Love it! let me know what you hear from them!

caseydemmin, posted on October 5, 2016

Actually I am not sure I even know what you guys are talking about half the time, but I still would help.please contact me via email

caseydemmin, posted on October 5, 2016

Let me know if there is anyway that I could possibly help. I am not in any programs but I do know quite a bit about stars.

caseydemmin, posted on October 9, 2016


maia, posted on October 5, 2016

D'like to know how they look like and how they commumicate with each other. But maybe thats all beyond my imagination . As the information about the dragonfy-mechanism wich was on a show I wached
Its good too hear Ttomkins kind of validating Corey's statements and good that Corey can claryfy some of Thomkins informaton. Like the fotos.
wWonder how aĺ is weaving together.
And besides todays show, could Corey not ask Carie (the woman from inner earth) who did build the bosnian pyramid, or anyway about oldcultures and builders? It would be so great to learn and maybe wecoulduse some of that knowledge to help nature and heal....

des.susko, posted on October 5, 2016

I just watched a great interview with Corey from Kirk & Bridgette Neilson on The Hybrid Children Channel on Youtube. He answers a lot questions! The interview is about an hour long, 54 minutes. A lot of dots were connecting for me as I watched this so I want to share it here. Maybe it will help some of you to make connections...

I got a lot of hope from this, it is my wish you do too! Namaste!

In Peace & Love,

urdivine2, posted on October 6, 2016

This video was most delicious, seeing Corey being interviewed by the Neilson's. I was interesting to hear the correlation between what the Bashar "being" is saying (according what Kirk validated). There is lots more great stuff on this video!
The comment that Corey gives..(and i am paraphrasing) saying that the space travelers experience no difference between time and space traveling. The fact that there is no time is a concept which always helps my brain reboot. :D
Also the message that the basic being of service can just be being kind to everyone we encounter.

Wonderful link and the positive message and feeling i got from watching the video!
Much love and peace to you as well!!

des.susko, posted on October 6, 2016


I'm so glad you enjoyed the video :-) Namaste!

cm, posted on October 5, 2016

I read William Tomkins book "Selected by ETs". Fascinating book but challenging to read, could have used some editing to make the order and narrative more understandable. I don't remember the book having the story he tells in this clip about meeting Von Braun and playing with him by making him come find him in the middle of a sea of tables (anybody else remember it in the book, could just be my memory?). I do remember though what I thought was the story of him first meeting Von Braun. When he had ET assistance to make his way into NASA Headquarters and walked right up to Debus and eventually a major collaboration followed. I thought his intro to Von Braun came after that? I agree with previous posts here that it would be helpful to see any kind of vetting questions that are asked before the testimonial account is given. Still very intrigued by Mr. Tompkins and the info he brings but curious about the bigger picture of how that story is vetted if it is vetted by Gaia, etc.

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on October 5, 2016

CM: Great post! You are being positive and asking important questions. One thing I have come to realize is that Gaia has disassociated itself from the show, just like any other mega-corp would do. It says quite clearly at the start of the show the views and opinions expressed are not Gaia's and they cannot be held liable for them. I think it would be more effective if a corporation says, "This is our product and we stand behind it 100% rather than legally separate themselves from it.

For what it's worth.

In friendship,

David Bush

joanok2000, posted on October 5, 2016

I'm tired of hearing about ETs who arrive here to help us, but they don't DO anything because of free will and say that we have to help ourselves. Oh wait, there supposedly are some ETs who disarm nuclear warheads. But where were these benevolent ETs when Maldek blew itself up - yet now they're so concerned about Earth?! (I doubt very much Maldek was the first planet that ever exploded.) I thought the solar system was quarantined with an outer barrier - so how do these ships keep getting in?

dbgate, posted on October 5, 2016

We are the stars (our souls) . . . we are the spheres . . . we have the power. The "aliens" are afraid of us. imo, the world described by Corey and Tompkins is an illusionary world created by the Archons -- who understand how to use portals to their advantage -- and try to control our knowledge of them (both the portals and themselves because secrecy is key to their power --they need people/souls to buy into their lie/imaginary world and actually fall into it where they feed on our energy -- which can be a very bad thing because the earth is temporarily leaving this plane/ascending and those who follow the Archons will be (for lack of a better phrase -- left behind/lost in space). Of course, the military wld be a natural target for the Archons -- lots of big guns/material power, lots of secrecy/need to know, don't ask questions, acceptance at face value . . . a perfect setting for establishing a hullabaloo of a setting/story. imo, the story these whistle blowers are telling is true (sort of) but its only a metaphor for what is really happening . . . .

aknowz, posted on October 5, 2016

Are you saying that essentially by trying to learn the truth of these things and paying attention to it that we are actually sending our energy into them and actually helping to sustain the negative Archon illusion? Are you then recommending that the best thing to do is not pay attention to it and focus our intentions elsewhere? I personally try to find a balance but I do so terribly enjoy listening to these guys. Thompkins is such a cool old fella. I only know one person other than myself that can even pick up what there throwing down in Cosmic DIsclosure, Deep Space, Wisdom Teachings, Beyond Belief and Open Minds. These are necessary tools to elevate our collective consciousness. I've always had a belief that by bringing the truth to the light that we would then understand why the world is and has been so terribly dark and perhaps we could bring an end to so many terrible attrocities. In the Age of Information, ignorance is no longer a valid excuse. We have a responsibility to become our best selves earning and ensuring our place in the cosmos. Be one, be in joy, grow food!

dbgate, posted on October 12, 2016

Re: your first sentences/questions . . . yes, and no. Sometimes, one simply has to dig in -- in order to find out what the truth is . . . . When one is not privy to the truth (at least not directly) the alternatives are seemingly endless. This can be very frustrating. However, by accepting someone else's version of reality, we, increasingly, become part of that reality, because, in essence, our energies gravitate towards that which we believe, think, and act upon. When exploring the unknown, jumping to conclusions -- often simply for the sake of coming to one -- can be fatal.

A few years back -- well, maybe several years back now ;) there was talk going about that some military and special ops personnel were willing to come out and say that it was becoming increasingly uncertain that the "aliens" were "extraterrestrials" and that they might have a somewhat unstable presence in our "world" -- not unlike demons, changelings, and other stories of creatures who terrorized humans in previous times -- often by pretending to be something they weren't.

Exactly how these US Government personnel were coming to this conclusion, I don't know. I think, however, that one of the reasons earth's core timeline endures is because the vast majority of beings on our timeline never seem to fall prey to one illusion or another. We, as a people, seem always to be "searching" for the truth -- but unable to come to a "consensus" that we have found it.

Corey's litany of different races is not unlike stories told by indigenous people's seers. The idea of great caverns underground where "alien races" reside, is thousands of years old. Many "mediums" today seem to channel "alien" races that may or may not exist within our present era. Certainly, the Archons, looking into the past written in our "junk dna" have a lot of faces/bodies to choose from.

But just because these beings exist differently from us -- doesn't mean that they don't exist or that they aren't a huge problem for mankind right now -- particularly if we allow them to commandeer human bodies thru interfacing human bodies with technology. The coalitions that have been formed with these beings (such as their relationship with the Cabal and other "secret" organizations) -- are complex -- and provide dangers that are corporeal in nature. The "stories" Corey and others provide are, for lack of a better term, metaphorical in nature, and provide real insight into their thinking, their strategies, and their plans.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: We are way more powerful than the Archons -- even with illusion -- as we enter uninvited and take a stand in "their" dimension. It has only been thru making humans weak and fearful that they have been able to gain some control over us. There is nothing AI enhanced technologies can offer humans that wld in any way enhance what we are capable of. The technology only dummies humans down so we can be controlled. The ultimate irony is that all the wonderful "technology" that we think the "aliens" have is really all our own modern day creation -- a creation they have steered us to create by fooling us into recreating technologies of the past.

Obviously -- this is but a summary -- but, hopefully, I have given the gist.

pijke61, posted on October 5, 2016

Enjoyed your show. I understand that in maintaining a show you have to follow a storyline you set up and corroborate 'facts' along that line. At the same time it is difficult for the viewer to get a grasp of the realtime conversation with Tompkins. I understand also that Corey's testimony is central here and Tompkins comes forward as a witness that comfirms that story.
On the other hand, for some of us Tompkins (and Robert Wood) stands out as the main issue here. Almost a century old and in on almost everything. I am experiencing this mans story as the Real Disclosure or at least the intro. So I am dying to see the whole interview -shared with ALL people for free or for a couple of bucks, I 'll pay - you have been sitting on since beginning of this summer.
In the setup of the interviews of Rense radio with old colleagues ont he phone I was able to picture better wat has been going on. I played them several times to take it all in.
So first give the people the whole story. Then cut it up and on zoom in on the details. Your audience will keep listening, don't worry. Your views and analysis is interesting enough. But this feels like somebody is feeding me cookies and teasing.

maia, posted on October 7, 2016

YesI agee, would help disclousure much better. As I sometimes feel teased too.

cm, posted on October 5, 2016

Good points you have made here, I agree with you.

taovag, posted on October 5, 2016

Is there not possibly several important questions to ask any one disclosing such info? Would those pertinent questions perhaps fall under a category some may call procedural correctness? Are there guidelines for people who ask questions of a story-teller that would help validate their story? If there were in fact such guidelines, would it matter to Gaia and their interview format at all? I propose it does in fact matter and would in fact fill some huge vacant spaces. Please tighten up up your extremely lax journalism Gaia. Please begin to ask your interviewees on camera why they are sharing their story now.

aknowz, posted on October 5, 2016

Isn't it obvious why Thompkins and others are coming forward now? He is old and can appreciate having a clear conscious before he leaves the mortal vessel in which he inhabits. Ben RIche didn't disclose anything about Skunkworks until he was on his deathbed in '95. Not to mention the power of numbers. More people are coming forward everyday. Also it's pretty apparent that the big guys at the top are allowing this info to come out now if only to keep us distracted while they abandon the planet or hide inside her. Of course the SSP dark guys are so advanced at this stage of the game what goes on on Earth likely is of little consequence. I like the format it keeps us wanting more.

cm, posted on October 5, 2016

Yes to what you are saying here.

wanderer030ne, posted on October 4, 2016

Since forever I have loved the SUN and the planets and our dear earth...I LOVE SPHERES and have always been fascinated by them.
Along with a plethora of my own experiences and others in my life, hearing Cosmic Disclosure has been a life affirming event for me. For the first time ever my experiences have been verified!! I cannot thank Corey enough for coming out and I pray for him and his family to finally have some true peace, health and joy. I cannot, as well, thank David and Gaia enough for their determination to get all this information out to the public. I am so grateful to all those who have questioned the" status quo" and opened doors for all of us to see. I KNOW this has been very healing for all of us who have had experiences and seen things or had knowledge of things that were never discussed openly in the past, subjects from experiences that have been shunned and locked away in our minds and even locked away in our subconscious yearing to gt out and in to the open. People like that sweet old guy Erich Von Daniken who wrote Chariot of the Gods and all the others who came out in my younger years and many years and decades from the past that just validated everything I and others I knew, everything we have seen, thought of, had dreams of or had and are experiencing. All the shows on Gaia TV have brought out the truth and I am just so grateful for all of you I can hardly write. My heart is exploding with unconditional LOVE for all of us and "them" and our entire Universe from here to every dimensional being for the good of all...if this makes any sense...haha..I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude that I am having a hard time expressing myself but I just had to finally write to thank all of you for making this all possible. And for giving us the knowledge we need to change things.Thank you so much David for Wisdom Teachings, oh how it opened doors for me. YES!
I am soaking up every book David has mentioned as well as his own and my mind has finally come to a place of total freedom! The Law of One series is a long read but I am soon to obtain those books as well (I've been listening to the teachings on YouTube)....BTW, has anyone read or listened to the URANTIA papers? It too came as a download from "celestial beings" and sound so similar to The LoO...anyway...again thanks to all of you from my entire being for all the disclosures and information. It is time this world realizes everything IS alive and FEELS and we need to care for our planet and love it and the entire Universe as brethren. I have visions of all of us as beings of pink, green and golden light hovering above our earth, holding hands and emitting pure love and healing energy for her and all who dwell here....I believe these visions are a reality. When I meditate that is where I go.
I pray we will all wake up and see the horrible things we have done to her, whether unknowingly or deliberately and stop it!!! HELP HEAL HER! I think our brother SUN has become very aware of what we have done to his SISTER and is becoming increasingly upset...maybe...just a thought.
Anyway, Gaia...thank you again for all you do and by the way I just love "Open Minds" with Regina Meredith, she's an excellent choice as an interviewer....I just love all the shows. Please keep them coming...if I may suggest possibly a show particularly on THE LAW of ONE and a bit more disclosure from Corey, please...these episodes are so short! LOL...I'm not complaining but I sense there is so so much more for us to know.
There is something bothering me though and I cannot get it out of my mind. Corey said that Ra Ter Er (I'm sure I didn't get that right} stated to him that only 300,000 of us would ascend. That statement has been haunting me since I heard it. I implore Corey to speak on this a bit more or if he is able, the next time he speaks with Ra Ter Er, to ask him to elaborate and to ask him what we can do as individuals to be one of those who are chosen to ascend in more detail. I am doing the very best I can to atone for the wrongs that were forced on me and all the mistakes I've made as a personal choice and to ask for forgiveness, to let the past go and to become a being of pure love and gratitude...but I feel it isn't enough. Many of us are not given much chance to be in service to others no matter how badly we want to do just that.
i am in a situation where I can help another soul that I met right here on this forum, who is an incredible being that has actually saved my life, in turn...long story and private but it was ONLY because of Gaia TV and Cosmic Disclosure that this meeting was made possible and had has changed my life to the life I have craved all along!! Again a validation for me of the power we each have inside our hearts and souls to create positive situations for ourselves and others through our entire cosmic conscious connection...there we are able, as a whole heal each other and our mother earth which will send out waves of the vibrational frequency of love into the Universe and all dimensions of consciousness. I don't just believe this, I KNOW IT!
As many people as I can, I emplore them to subscribe to Gaia, to go to Corey and Davids websites and all the other places to find disclosure and read people like Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth"...even if you don't follow his mostly Zen beliefs the book is a life changing read.
EVERYONE, all of you who have opened your minds to the good of the whole, who feltl the need to be in service to others and who have shared your knowledge to lead us in the right direction, I just cannot express my love enough in words. Just THANK YOU ALL!!
We can heal this planet and each other. I am sure of it!!! I must say however I believe we need just a little more help and with complete disclosure and the open use to free energy and food and the healing arts, I know that even those who doubt or who have been tettering on th edge or even those who have closed minds and only believe what they've been told (all the lies) by the Cabal, I think even THEY will wake up an change their hearts...Corey please, we need complete disclosure, there must be a way to do it FAST!!! I know there is. Too many of us ARE awake now. I know this because of discussions I get into with random people who may not be completely aware but are on the edge of awareness just by the things they say, the emotions they emit, the desires for mankind they express. We are there! We just need another eye opening event to show everyone that there is hope and that we have the power to make our hopes a reality and a way of life for the good of all who exist!

Bless you all and Namaste EVERYONE,
Love Ruby

PS...Too bad Gaia isn't on mainstream tv...I did see it on "ON DEMAND" however the entire program you give us here is not there..hoping someday soon it will be.

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