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Art and New Directions
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Make It Happen: Art and New Directions

Episode 8

Today on Make It Happen with Mel Robins, Whitney calls to check in with her progress in leaving the art gallery business. Matt from Boston called looking for advice about how to make more in his current company. Barbra from Los Vegas called to check in about her path to ending her loneliness. Mel helps Laurie Ann look for a new direction to take her life and Gina called to talk about her health condition and what she does to keep her life on track.

Mel Robins


Episode 1 Introductions
Introductions (3/12/2007)
Episode 1
In this first segment of Make it Happen, coaching expert Mel Robbins discusses the format of her show.
Episode 2 Dream Careers
Dream Careers (3/13/2007)
Episode 2
Mel Robbins talks about finding and following dream careers.
Episode 3 Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction
Episode 3
Mel Robbins talks about being overwhelmed and the use of the Law of Attraction.
Episode 4 Kendra Todd
Kendra Todd
Episode 4
Mel Robbins talks with Kendra Todd, the first and only female and youngest person to win The Apprentice.

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