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Ashness Bridge
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The New Art Doctor: Ashness Bridge (2010)

Episode 5
Only available in Canada, United States

Keith Fenwick paints this well known beauty spot in Borrowdale. Here he painted the view from the lower side of the bridge, a view not normally attempted by artists. The reason for including this landscape was to show the viewer how easy the bridge structure and rocks can be created by moving paint with the "Wonder" knife. The background trees provide counterchange with the bridge and the taller trees on the right help to provide balance. To create the bridge and rocks three colors were overlaid – raw sienna first, followed by some burnt sienna and an alizarin crimson/Payne's gray mix for depth. The knife was applied to move paint, just like buttering your toast. Keith says that this knife has changed his life.

Keith Fenwick
Caroline Chapman, Adam Jenkins


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