Open Minds: Astrology for the New Year, 2016 Video
Astrology for the New Year, 2016
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Open Minds: Astrology for the New Year, 2016 (December 2015)

Season 6, Episode 1
Available worldwide

As another year draws to a close, we once again consult with Robert Phoenix to gain astrological insights for the year ahead. First we examine the charts of the candidates running for President of the United States to see if we can gain a deeper perspective into their characters. Then we check out what to prepare for when we encounter a great global reset as Jupiter goes retrograde in Virgo and Mars passes back and forth between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Be prepared as great changes may be in store for our finances and personal health. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast December 31, 2015.

As an astrologer, writer and radio host, Robert Phoenix has been doing tarot, astrological and psychic readings for 20 years. His methodology blends mundane astrology, mythology and Jungian psychology to provide spiritual guidance. He describes the process as a conversation taking place between his and his clients’ higher selves. His purpose in life is to serve, inform, engage and interact, just as any post-modern Bodhisattva.

Regina Meredith


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li_lac, posted on March 2, 2016

I've been listening to Robert's radio show for over 5 years. I'm an astrologer and I love listening to Robert "speak my language". It is a treat to hear him interviewed by Regina. the sky is the limit with these two great minds. Can hardly wait for the next installment. And here's my vote - please bring back The 11th House. I agree with INLUV, we need this insight in such crazy times.

annabolinger, posted on February 18, 2016

Feel the same way Regina! (about Donald) Thank you Robert!
Best Wishes to All

Fuller Beacon, posted on January 31, 2016

____________**********RESURRECT THE PHOENIX************_______________
(Let's all start randomly posting, *resurrect the phoenix* Let's try and get his show back, i can't fathom why Gaia stopped it, Unless the Phoenix is better off somewhere/Dead)

After Ancient Origins Finishes, and it's gonna happen, 16 Episodes ain't a-lot (love it) it's back to having everything David is doing and then, Meredith whom i am finding more and more gifted with every journey of the mind she takes us on, Pfffuuuiii Nory why don't they rub off on you a bit :) lol
There is something so amazing about the 11th House(Show) that makes me want to learn astrology more, and now you don't even have one astrological show, on the spiritual netflix!!!!! Please Gaia Consider it, The show would help us all so much in the Epic and tumultuous times ahead.
The future of gaiam rests in having good weekly shows.
At Least 3, Like the holy trinity, David, Meredith And The Phoenix definitely pack that spiritual punch of clarity, realization, disillusionment and wisdom that i am here for.

The Phoenix has shed Light and Clarity on the past and future, like few i have seen Before.
Epic Robert, I love your work.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 1, 2016

@INLUVA, thank you for writing! We're glad you have enjoyed our shows with Robert Phoenix, and we'll keep your recommendation in mind!


9one9, posted on January 26, 2016

There is no "ISIS" - it's ISIL like President Obama says or IS the Islamic State. Isis is a very common name for girls and women in the Islamic world based on an ancient Egyptian Goddess. It's insulting like us calling a terrorist group the Virgin Mary. Don't know why the powers that be created this misnomer, but they must have had a reason since they are Freemasons going back to Cathars going back to Knights Templars going back to the ancient Egyptian mystery schools including the cult of Isis worship. (See Mark Booth's The Secret History of the World). So funny hearing you two say a kind gentle person can't run for senior office like president they have to be greed-mongers like HRC!

bluestar333, posted on January 12, 2016

Great show, great guest, keep doing what you're doing. If anyone is disappointed or has issues with the content I suggest you start your own show, get your own guests, and discuss topics that are of interest to you.

barbarallera, posted on January 10, 2016

Ok that Gaia is an american channel I. Assume that subscription are not just paid by American consumer, Am wandering why the title Astrology for the new year and you are focusing talking on USA candidates ...!!! Yes indeed fascinating might want to consider satisfy other members ...and broaden the subject .... OR. Change title ...

jrw333, posted on January 8, 2016

Terrific show. I liked it. Glad to see Robert again. Thanks Regina for having Robert back. I enjoyed the The Eleventh House and looked forward to it. For instance, as someone who remembers where I was on Nov 22, 1963, Robert's show on the 50th anniversary of the assassination helped me to work through those sombre feelings and memories. (If you haven't watched it it is worth going into the archives). I am grateful to Gaia for bringing insightful and interesting people into my world. I count Gaia, Regina and Robert as gifts for my consciousness. Keep up the great work.

nicole.renee, posted on January 6, 2016

As a constituent of Bernie, I have more experience than one would have than a wedding encounter, and he is right on. He involves his family in organizing, they are committed to justice, he is a born organizer and delegator, excellent judge of character, excellent BS detector and he gets things done. He doesn't look good in a suit, but he is the real deal.
The whole elections piece felt like pandering to criminal Clinton, who is not the choice for any woman I know-certainly not me. She has a criminal history that includes illegal mineral (Uranium), weapons and drug trafficking past. She has been heavily involved in Project Monarch. You are shilling for the corporate-controlled fraud candidate. Seemed inappropriate. People who watch Gaia are better informed than the CNN watching public. We know she was picked by the Bilderburg group and they are setting up the stage to make her look like the only choice. I am not sure Trump is not paid by the same people to seem so awful as to chase people into her camp.
Real polls show more Republicans and Democrats support Bernie, more than Hillary or Trump combined. Don't let the mainstream media mindwash you.

suzannprokosch, posted on January 14, 2016

Great post Nicole! I find many spiritual resources and websites that seem to steer from Bernie. He seems to fit the spiritual consciousness for the times on so many levels, not sure why it gets distorted. It appears fear, power and money has filtrated all media and those that have a microphone? I detect bias of our collective present with so many spiritual seekers as well. Maybe it is all a part of our ability to detect truth and discern on our own. We are learning to co create and allow a greater truth to prevail. Not good or bad. It just is what it is for now. I will envision more balance, happiness and peace for the greater of the whole as my guide.

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 7, 2016

Bernie for the win :)

jacqueline.dollard, posted on January 6, 2016

Enjoyed the piece. Interesting discussion. It's good to see two intelligent people discuss politics and social events objectively in a wider context through an astrological lens. No need to pander to Neptunian emotions. I find it ironic the program is called "Open Minds" the comments suggest "Open Whines." ;)

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 7, 2016

All the spiritual talk in the world does not cover up racism.

When MLK marched on Washington, condemning racists, I suppose you could say he was "openly whining."

Or perhaps, he was just telling the truth about a vast inequality that still, unfortunately, has not been fully addressed.

Not only has it not been fully dealt with, but whenever someone tries to bring it up, it's dismissed as "whining."

rpm1122, posted on January 5, 2016

I waited for the Moon to hit my ascendant to comment. These are incendiary times, especially as we sort through the fog of the Saturn/Neptune square. What's allowable? What's permissible in the realm of public discourse? How do we talk about things like false flags and hijacked emotional signals while not inciting fear, or resorting to language that polarizes? How can we coax an opening to truth while bringing as many people into the dialog as possible? How do we get beyond and through our comfort zones? How can we get better at refining our messages? :-)

Politics is always super charged and we've been going through an intense clash over the past few years with the Cardinal drama of Pluto and Uranus squaring off. Uranus in Aries, the radicalization of the individual and self, cutting against the Capricornian basalt of the establishment, the Plutocracy. Every group is represented by the spirit of liberation within the individual, while the face of the Plutocracy fits the image of those we deem oppressive. Can we get past our prejudices to uncover the root of corruption and honor the pragmatic approach that Jupiter in Virgo is bringing to the table?

Since I was on Regina's show, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are starting to say very similar things about the economy. Sanders is a Virgo and Trump's first house is dominated by it. If these two, disparate personalities can echo one another in the public space, there's something interesting taking place.

At the end of the day, each and every one of us has to take more accountability for the lives we want to live. The political spectrum and system is just one model. Perhaps the real challenge with Uranus in Aries is not to stage another color revolution or find a new way to turn a goldfish into a hamster with gills, but to carve out a new way of living with one another so that we don't have to rely as heavily on the people who proclaim to represent us.

The name of Regina's program is "Open Minds" which includes open dialog, which is taking place here. That's a very good thing. Regina by the way is the best at what she does.

Terry, I think you need your own show. You're hilarious, seriously and if you ever want to be a guest on my radio show, just email me at I'd love to have you on, my "with it" quotient would get a serious boost.

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 7, 2016

Hi Robert,

As good as your intentions may have been, the issue of racism is unfortunately very real. I would urge to you rethink your opinions on the matter. I know criticism can be hard to hear, and I hope that you can see this as a constructive way to re-educate yourself on these social issues.
It was particularly hard for me to watch the part where you emphasized that someone "lost their job," instead of recognizing the very real possibility that students were targeted and harassed for their race. You weren't there, and even though you claim "there were no pictures," it still does not give you the right to dismiss the possibility (and I believe, truth), that in fact, the students were being harassed.
Racism has a very deep history in this country, and to be dismissive of what the actual students reported to see and feel, is very sad for me to witness from you.
Please, let's stand together on the right side of history and stand with the students in this civil rights issue.

Thank You,


rebecca.reynolds, posted on January 7, 2016

I agree with and echo all Michaela has written above. As she said earlier below, too - no amount of 'spirituality' will erase the history of abuse towards blacks and other race and ethnic groups in this country due to racism. Discounting the work of the activist students is not what we should be doing right now. Older generations need to wake up to the actions being taken by the young -- these so called 'indigo children' - today's young generation of 20-somethings who are oft-discussed in Gaia content -- and listen to what they are telling us about their experiences. They are very sensitive and intelligent beings. . . and they want justice. Don't discount the young. They are going to change things for the good, and us older folks need to help them, not undermine their efforts with conspiracy theories.

Many Buddhist masters of today are calling out for peaceful resistance and action in fighting such injustices along with other global issues we are speeding towards. The students are collaborating, working together and using their power strategically and wisely to see their demands met. This is effective, and we should celebrate their wins.


artistsuzette, posted on January 5, 2016

This was very interesting and enlightening ~ He gave some validity to our intuition about the candidates and politics right now ~ I appreciated that portion of the discussion ~ I look forward to watching the next discussion in the Spring ~ Thank you GAIA TV ~ ~ ~

derekreganwalls, posted on January 5, 2016

I always look forward to Regina and Robert's conversations ;)

heather9688, posted on January 4, 2016

Great interview, always look forward to watching Regina's interviews with Robert. :)

moonfire2, posted on January 4, 2016

This was great as always. I wish he was on more often....

tvboogie1, posted on January 4, 2016

I really wish Robert P would keep personal stories out of the mix. He really loses all credibility when he talks about "films" he likes or the "fifteen-year" old yo-yo on his talk show. Regina, can't you find someone a little more "with it" to talk about the stars? I live it Texas and go to most of the public and private schools in my line of work. They all have the Pledge of Allegiance until the kids are old enough to decide if they want to or not. This 15 year old kid represents the brain washing of our society since the Christian Right got into politics and is not worthy of mentioning on an "Open Minded" show. For Robert to mention this really shows he's not with it.

Can I vote him off the show here (ha). He really is a bit much to stomach.


Terry Van
Dallas Texas

gwilsonsd, posted on January 4, 2016

I loved this show. This is the kind of nightly news I'd like to see. Very informative and interesting. Couldn't they do a weekly, half-hour version - news of the week and the astrological significance? That'd be awesome.

rmeredith, posted on January 4, 2016

I feel its time for me to chime in.

I am as frustrated as you at the lack of racial and sexual diversity on my shows and others at Gaiam as well. These are the inconvenient truths.

It is true that white male privilege is a fact of life. Studies have been done on serotonin and dopamine levels of white males vs. people of color and women. No surprise that women and plc have lower levels of both. White males have ruled the roost for a very long time on this planet and have an innate kind of confidence/place that even they do not understand exists until its is compared to people in other groups or classes. For this reason, it is no surprise that white males have most of the publishing contracts as we have put them on pedestals as the experts in given subjects, particularly if they hold a higher educational degree. People like me interview people like them because they are published. They are published because they have no problem saying "I am the expert." The brilliant women I know would shy away from such proclamations, always understanding there is so much more to know. This does not do well in selling oneself to publishers. Women who behave more like white males tend to do better in these endeavors, but are fewer.

In addition, the male mind has a proclivity for remembering large amounts of data while the female mind tends to operate in a more contextual and circular way. It is a great frustration to me, who has both read thousands of books and has been deeply ensconced in spiritual thought and practices for 30 years, that I cannot remember the data my male guests can. But I can see the whole picture often more clearly than they, as they are only seeing the parts they have drilled down into. Still, they are the experts in the given subject and viewers like to hear from experts on these quirky and esoteric subjects.

In short, I have and do look for diversity, but I also need to know the person will know their stuff and, ideally, be published so I have something to research. They also need to be confident enough to do a one-hour interview with me. I know there are people who would give me a wonderful 20-30 minute interview as their expertise is narrow but profound, but I need to fill a hour and keep you engaged. It's a challenge, which, as I said in the beginning, frustrates me as much as it does you. .

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 4, 2016

Hi Regina,

Thank you so much for chiming in and for listening. I can now see where you are coming from, and how there ends up being more white males on the show.

Perhaps as viewers, we can work to inform you of poc and women who are up-and-coming in these types of fields, and send suggestions to you. Is there anywhere we could perhaps email or send those suggestions to you or a staff member?

As for male vs female memory, there are some countries that show differences in mental abilities, but other countries with different cultural backgrounds show very little difference. I also believe in past lives, and think certainly that many of one's abilities are learned over lifetimes. I think it's important not to put any group of people in a box (male, female, black, white, asian, etc), because we are all so truly unique.

I also want to apologize, as I had made a previous comment stating that I never saw a poc on your program. I recently realized that there were quite a few, including Michael Beckwith (who I personally have much respect for), and a beautiful soul that your program introduced me to: Simran SIngh.

Also, I want to state that I don't think that there is inherently anything wrong with being born white and male, but the nature of this particular guest's comments that personally left me feeling a bit uneasy.

You are primarily the reason why I have a Gaia account, and I have learned so many insights from your program. Thank you for doing the work that you do. I also wanted to say I hope you know that I don't think you are racist, I was just a little frustrated by some of the things your guest was saying.

Thank you for being part of a beautiful movement, and I can't wait to see all of the next beautiful guests and interviews to come!

Peace and love,


P.S More info on memory studies I was referencing:

yael1, posted on January 5, 2016

Dear Regina,
I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the amazing information you had been sharing with us on so many interesting subjects. To me, who speaks is not as important as the knowledge they share. With blessings,

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 5, 2016

Michaela, thanks for writing! We appreciate your support of Regina's series. Please feel free to email our team anytime with your recommendations. We are at


michaelamariejoan, posted on January 7, 2016


Thank you! Will do.

tvboogie1, posted on January 4, 2016


Thanks for stating this fact. What you wrote is so true it's painful. However, isn't this especially a place (Astrology) where we could use one less white-male? Most of the kick-ass Astrologist I have ever met in my life have been woman; so how did Robert Phoenix end up on the top of your list here? I think what our problem is is that it is your job to not default to the "male energy" in an area where there are many more less controversial woman and POC to chose from.

Having said this, keep doing what you are doing. I subscribe mainly for your shows -- and David on the days his meds are working (ha).


Terry Van
Dallas, Texas

rebecca.reynolds, posted on January 4, 2016

Regina, Thank you so very much for your response to the messages re. diversity. It is a great honor to hear your perspectives.

I would love to know your thoughts on the perspective your guest offered discounting the activist work being done by those involved in BlackLivesMatter, and the stepping down of the two university leaders as an outcome of these individuals' denial, rejection of the protesters' complaints and inability to adequately handle the problem (along with pressure no doubt from the school's governing board due to the funds standing to be lost when the college football team refused to play -- each game missed in the schedule, results in a $1M fine to the school from the NCAA).

I know that all is getting specific; I just think it is OK to question your guests when you detect what could be seen as an 'insensitivity' to the suffering of those who are oppressed in our society, and to offer counterpoints / well-chosen challenges, when you, yourself think this is relevant.

I hope you feel empowered to speak your mind and heart, knowing your audience is backing you up. :)


michaelamariejoan, posted on January 7, 2016

Thank you for your comment, Rebecca. I too would love to hear more from Regina on this, as I value her opinion.

I also love your points!

Peace and love sent your way.


votetrees, posted on January 3, 2016

Robert's mention of women of a certain age :-) supporting the idea of a woman finally making it into the White House (as the Prez) completely misses the fact that a LOT of we women of a certain age are completely disenchanted with Hillary's tight connections to Monsanto. We place a much higher value on a candidate of any gender who is not already in league with the Cabal..

maidenclarity, posted on January 3, 2016

God as well as within ourselves, we have the power to co-create and change our destiny. Bernie Sanders will become president. Regardless of his personality and house signs He is the only one who has the upmost integrity out of all the candidates.

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 4, 2016

YES. Thank you. Bernie all the way.

chimoni, posted on January 4, 2016,_Bernie
Sanders, Bernie Gender: M
Birthname Sanders, Bernard
born on 8 September 1941 at 12:27 (= 12:27 PM )
This chart places Bernie`s Sun and North Nod in the 10th house.Check your facts. Defiantly Presidential possibilities.

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 7, 2016

Awesome info!

catherinejsidoti, posted on January 2, 2016

Very interesting 3 Virgos running for the presidency. I really still think Hillary Clinton will win the election, she has the most public eye know how even though her e mails are being scrutinized she has been groomed for over 20 years to be the first woman president of the US and she will make it. Trump is too racist and hates people, this does not make for a good president. He also doesn't need it he is a billionaire which is a very different agenda.

abby6, posted on January 1, 2016

I am also a Virgo.

AshmoreMY, posted on January 1, 2016

My favourite show...always great. If possible, would love to hear less on US politics and more on the global economic outlook and also on some of the changing weather patterns (disasters etc - Neptune - water, flooding etc. Saturn in a fire sign Sag, more fires etc). Thank you for another great show - bring Robert back more often!!

ashbluedenim, posted on January 1, 2016

I have had no luck watching these - the screen is blank, nothing loads. Anyone else had problems with this? I can't even email Gaia, it's not registering my account as valid, hence my post on here.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 2, 2016

@ASHBLUDENIM, thanks for writing. The video is working on our end.

You may want to try refreshing the page, or playing the video in a different web browser. Email us if you continue to have trouble:


jsissom, posted on January 1, 2016

Try another (decent) PC or tablet (as a test); during the test if all your content loads, you get logged in to your Gaia account, and you can e-mail Gaia then you're likely dealing with account log-in issues & browser issues on your current machine.

Quick test on your current machine, try the Chrome browser (or anything different like Internet Explorer) to see if your Gaia content loads clean in a different browser.

If everything runs correctly on the new browser, that means whatever browser your using has issues.

ashbluedenim, posted on January 2, 2016

Thank you or your response. I had to reset my password and suddenly those episodes loaded, and watched a few. But since found they keep dropping off. What he'd William Henry's Load Secrets of Jesus and had to login again after every episode, using Chrome as usual. I am so waiting for the App to function again, this is a painful way to watch the shows at present.

echome56, posted on January 1, 2016

Thank you Regina & Robert for another great show, however....I was very disappointed in how some of the topics were "led". Examples are; to much on Hillary, not enough on Carly and none on Ted Cruz, (about his chart/possibilities in the race). The info about Bernie, very enlightening. Oh and um, it's MARCO not Mario! Gaia, you do have a very large following...I don't think bashing (Regina's tone on Trump) any of the nom's has the makings for a good episode. As for the immigration topic; why nothing studied "chart" regarding-instead of bringing them into the US; use those monies to help our Vets & homeless!!? As for the positives --loved the part regarding J. Yellen...very interesting!! Still a fan. I am very much looking forward to the next episode.

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 1, 2016

Ugh. I got about a fifth of the way into this interview and had to stop. This is honestly way below your program, Regina! I honestly have a Gaia account just to watch your show, but I've noticed an absence of people of color. I don't think I've seen one black person on your show, in the hundreds of interviews I've watched. Please include some more diversity!
And the whole dismissing of the black students movement was really unfortunate. :/

jpenneruoregon, posted on January 4, 2016

really glad to hear other complaints of this nature. I have sent comments to gaia. it does seem like a white network for white people to promote white new age spiritualism- which obviously is just a grab bag of poc cultures from around world. I couldn't overlook the buddha statue in the back.

while wearing the buddha, aligning your chakras, going to yoga, and learning astrology, just take a mental note of how all of this information comes from people of color, in places that are considered "3rd world," yet the people profiting off it tend to be white folks.

we can do things to correct the the systematic injustices wherever we are. but only if we listen and and understand what we collectively are doing as a society to perpetuate them

rebecca.reynolds, posted on January 4, 2016

Many big yes's on all you have said above, re. cultural appropriation and coopting, white-washing and then perhaps even excluding those in cultures we have mined for these gems of wisdom, by putting a VERY LARGE PRICETAG on their availability (when you look at this huge and growing corporate interest and industry). Gaia is a corporation, too. one with some social responsibility and a very valuable library of media. but still, a corporation. Let us not forget . . . . . . . . (at this time, worth what I pay for the subscription. . . I really hope it stays this way and I welcome continuing expansion of scholarship subscriptions, for instance, and other positive development endeavors for those with lesser extents of access and higher levels of need). :)

michaelamariejoan, posted on January 7, 2016

yes, thank you.
It is so important to acknowledge the diversity in which the earth's spiritual wisdom comes from.
I also do want to retract my statement saying that regina hasn't had poc people on; after browsing videos I found a some poc interviews.
I would just love to see more diversity!
Love your show Regina, just please think about how important representation is, and be mindful of other's perspectives besides white male. There is such a plethora of personalities out there who are awesome and diverse!

Thank you.


fatboy1, posted on January 2, 2016

I agree! There was no mention of George Soros paying the African looters to tear down Ferguson , Mo. , and no mention of the Black Americans defending their places of employment . The fact that the majority of the Mo. incident was concocted out of b.s. , deception and outright lies was rather glossed over. There should be an entire show about how Black Americans are being USED to promote a rather nasty agenda.

Customlawnil, posted on January 3, 2016

Sadly, I agree the Cabal have absolutely no morals. They are the (current) Masters of deception and abuse while promoting a New World Order.

rebecca.reynolds, posted on January 1, 2016

Me, too, re. having an account mainly for Regina Meredith. I just felt like this time Regina was brought to an uncharacteristic level by an insensitive guest whose critique about the media veiling truth reproduced that very effect.

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