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Awake in the Dream

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Awake in the Dream (2013)

Available worldwide

Awake in the Dream gently takes its viewers "by the hand and heart" and guides them into the recognition of their inherent divine creative power. Awake transports its message through internationally well-known spiritual leaders, visionaries and scientists and the radically honest and touching story of the filmmaker herself.

The film offers astonishing and easy-to-follow answers to the most crucial questions of humanity: "Who are we really?" "What is the sense of life?" "How can I find happiness?" Many simple and easy-to-apply tools within the movie allow the audience to find their old sabotaging mechanisms and to transform them.

Arjuna Ardagh, Rudiger Dahlke, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Tom Kenyon, Bruce Lipton, Mooji, Eric Pearl, Catharina Roland, Neale Donald Walsch, Nassim Haramein
Catharina Roland
English, German with English subtitles

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ommajed97, posted on September 29, 2016

Thank you!

deancurtis444, posted on September 29, 2016

The teachings in this movie make alot of sense, i took alot from this

paigerogers45, posted on September 2, 2016

waynesvillemassagebybrenda, posted on August 1, 2016

Thank you for such a wonderful presentation.

larry.hudson, posted on July 20, 2016

With much love and gratitude

vlmanos, posted on June 3, 2016

Thank you this great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUTAB, posted on June 2, 2016

Fabulous and inspiring...................

katwomantxstyle73, posted on April 13, 2016

Catharina Roland, you did an absolutely beautiful job creating this! thank you for sharing...... inspiring to the fullest! loved it.... <3
one of the best out there.... :D

PatriciaK1, posted on March 23, 2016

I understand that the more we explore consciousness and change our old perceptions awakening into the now, the more we progress as a whole. I understand too that this is how we become the change in the world, one awakened person by one awakened person. I see that we "are" becoming the change we wish to see in the world. How amazingly awesome! Gratitude to Catharina for her work in taking this journey and sharing it with us in this way. Blessings of strength and courage to all who take the journey. Blessings of love to our earth mother and all those upon it.

Nancy Cavan, posted on March 11, 2016

Breath in Joy Give out Gratitude. My heart is smiling. Wonderful film. Thank You.

BenCarrollMusic, posted on March 9, 2016

Such a wonderful & inspiring message. We all need this reminder...every day, in every way. Be the change.

Christel P, posted on March 6, 2016

Thank you for this movie, it is a great reminder for me that I have the power to create. And so do you!
Thank you again.

krischuck, posted on March 6, 2016

So well put together, just beautiful!

wallent, posted on March 5, 2016

This is the most insightful look into the human mind I have ever seen. An odd thing happened while I was watching this video. The part where the filmmaker goes to see an electromagnetic healer about her back. I am sitting there having a hard time concentrating because of my back pain. Watching this very skeptically, thinking yeah right too bad it would not work for me. Within five minutes my back pain is gone just as surely as I had taken what usually is a powerful pain killer. I am not making this up.

DANIELLED6, posted on March 5, 2016

Beautiful! A peace of jewel all the way. Thank you for time well spent.

Gigilove777, posted on March 5, 2016

rita.sullivan, posted on March 5, 2016

An absolute heart-must for all pilgrims, from the sleeping to the awake!

rita.sullivan, posted on March 5, 2016

An absolute heart-must for all pilgrims, from the sleeping to the awake!

adamal, posted on March 4, 2016

A great movie.

mathieuvallieres2993, posted on September 28, 2016


alex09, posted on September 27, 2016

Awesome stuff!

alex09, posted on September 27, 2016

Awesome stuff!

Smohammed, posted on August 29, 2016

Very inspiring film!

Would recommend to anyone!

today915, posted on August 28, 2016

I love this movie. I watched it three times in a row and enjoyed it every time. It made me feel good, peaceful. Enjoyed Eva Novak singing the title song, Awake in the Dream too. Share this one with your friends.

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