On the Road with Lilou: Awakening from the Matrix with  Nick Good Video
Awakening from the Matrix with Nick Good

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On the Road with Lilou: Awakening from the Matrix with Nick Good (January 2014)

Season 3, Episode 3
Available worldwide

Little by little, humanity is awakening from the matrix. Some awaken slowly, with a sense of grace and wonder. Others face a sharp awakening to a world controlled by hidden agendas. No matter how one awakens, it is possible to live in a life of grace and not be effected by all the negativity. Nick Good offers ways that you can attain a grounded and practical lifestyle that will help you ascend into a higher version of yourself that can manifest a life of wonder in this interview with Lilou Macé originally webcast January 17, 2014.

Nick Good’s life is the journey of a spiritual warrior. For over twenty years he has traveled the world as a personal trainer, masseur and a motivator of some of the most successful individuals on the planet. He specializes in assisting people to realize the true greatness of their soul which is deeply embedded in the fertile substance of creation.

Lilou Macé
Nick Good


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marianitadani, posted on April 30, 2016

Fantastic! Excellent! thank you so much!

Being, posted on January 21, 2014

Thank you again Gaiamtv for providing information that nourishes our soul, feeding us so we can stretch ourselves even more to be the best we can be. Personally I will be holding gatherings in my home for others to hear his message and to share/encourage meditation techniques to my community. Plus, eating more live foods :) Excellent & Brilliant Gaiam! Good job Lilou. And Nick I am appreciative of your websites wealth of information to help evolve! Thank you!

Universal60640, posted on January 20, 2014

Thank you Lilou and Nick! I have found the people who speak the language that I want to hear.

musicallady, posted on January 20, 2014

I love how Nick explains how centering himself in a neutral loving space within, in this world of duality, can change the experience of your own world. The heart breath seems to be the conscious awareness that we can return to when in doubt. A loving presence to return to perhaps. Recently I have come to an understanding of the infinity symbol and felt that standing in the middle of this symbol (duality) without judgement of either side is the state of heaven. I would love to hear more from him. Therefore, we can control the degree to which our minds are vibrationally influenced and our divine awareness is more powerful and supersedes these potentially controlling influences. One of my favourite episodes!!

drmljg, posted on January 19, 2014

Nick Good doesn't cover up the evil that's in the world and pretend that it doesn't exist. He is a realist, who is in touch with his pain, and accommodates his pain. He realizes that evil serves a purpose to help us to live deeper and to helps us to see through the illusion of things. I love how frank and wise he is. This is a good video to watch.

alkimia2012, posted on January 19, 2014

Oh what a breath of fresh air!!!

Thank you so much Nick Good and Lilou la Magnifique!
Every element under a new Light...

PAULM1, posted on January 19, 2014

Thank you for the dose of common sense.
Insights and inspirations, and real deep truths.

llhumme, posted on January 17, 2014

Thank you so much for the reminders. I too have allowed myself to get stuck in the negativity. I am increasingly weary of the constant negative bombardment of divergent opinions that offer no solutions. Against my better judgement I got on FB. What a pit of anger. There IS a place above and beyond the polarity. I have lived there before and I am going back. Your words resonate deeply. Thank you for giving practical, useful information and reminders without me having to buy a book or product I can't afford. There is nothing empowering about telling me the only way out is for me to help someone increase their income. The consciousness/health movement seems to be caught in the matrix. I thank you profusely Nick, for loving your self enough to love me too. Bless you, bless you, bless you!

pkealoha, posted on January 17, 2014

I needed that. Always so motivating and practical in the daily struggles of the spiritual warriors. I hit a low point and questioned why continue, but you always seem to arrive when I pray for guidance to pull me back from deep waters. Keep control of my imagination because imagination is more powerful than knowledge is true. I've been letting my imagination go negative recently even though I know better, then the bad habits creep back in. Very deep points beneficial to everyday life. Reminders are always needed, and greatly appreciated.

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