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Ayurveda for Detox

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Ayurveda for Detox (2008)

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How do you reduce the toxins built up in your body? John Douillard explains that we are contaminated with toxins especially from the processed foods we eat. We need to detoxify when our bodies don’t drain the toxins properly and they build up causing a poor immune system, a lack of energy, dry and itchy skin, water retention, sinus congestion, and allergies. He incorporates the Ayurveda system explaining that the foods that are available naturally by seasons are exactly what we need to detoxify.

John Douillard

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Bilo5458, posted on July 23, 2016

How can i find my body type? there is a lot of online info, but what is the correct way?
On the 4 day detox, i cannot eat ghee - is there an alternative? can i just omit this?

Bilo5458, posted on July 23, 2016

Eating according to the seasons is easy to do when you live in a country that has seasons. What happens when its summer all year around?
Example Dubai is hot and pretty much summer all year, soup does sit right in november, however it does in canada where it is minus thirty degrees.
Can you explain this to me please. Thanks

reachmurielle, posted on March 1, 2015

video freezes up on me - not a good thing

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on March 1, 2015

@REACHMURIELLE - We are so sorry for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

charlene_zeus, posted on January 24, 2015

video unavailable, stopped about 3/4 way thru

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on January 26, 2015

@CHARLENE_ZEUS - We are so sorry for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

joe8, posted on November 15, 2014

his appearance shows he practices what he preaches

vanselmi, posted on October 14, 2014

Have any of you tried the detox? Isn't it hard to eat the ghee in the morning, alone?

cherry22, posted on September 27, 2014

greattt video ill start my 4day program :)

debohara, posted on August 20, 2014

nice, inspiring…some simple changrs, profound results

mitchlester52, posted on March 24, 2014

I ran right out and got what i need to detox,thanks

ramarul111, posted on March 16, 2014

I found this video very helpful to get some practical, easy ways to detox my body with Ayurveda. Thank you.

vladimir.diaz01, posted on March 9, 2014

Excellent program! Very direct and practical.

solhabitatbuilders, posted on November 11, 2013

What type of oil is used for the oil massage?

Allyb, posted on February 24, 2013

This video was very informative and beneficial to me. I suffer from a lot of the toxic symptoms that Dr. Douillard mentioned and it all makes sense to me why I'm experiencing what I am in my life. So, I plan to start the lymphatic detox tomorrow for 4 days and I will let you know how I feel afterwards.

holistik, posted on June 26, 2012

Very informative and inspiring. Makes so much sense and a lot is very easy to incorporate to inprove health and quality of life.

sanowe, posted on October 23, 2011

Even though I've read one of his books, I thought the short video gave helpful information. The seasonal eating and other suggestions are simple and make sense, making it more likely that I can incorporate his suggestions into my life.

bt, posted on October 23, 2011

very imformative and well done.

drhilde.duplessis, posted on September 17, 2016

May I have coconut oil instead of ghee?

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