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Baggage (2013)

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We all carry baggage. What if you could just check it? Would that be a good thing?

Rob Mueller, Chelsie Lloyd, Erin Bennett, Ed Deharde, Sara Barker
Ivan Kander

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Dacha888, posted on July 19, 2016

Who can I contact to get the last 10 minutes of my life back?

scriptoria88, posted on June 15, 2016

I loved this!! Made me remember to CARRY ON!!!

markskinner31, posted on June 11, 2016

this was remarkably tight and simple and meaningful. well done!

sstringfellow, posted on June 6, 2016

I absolutely loved it. It accomplished so much in 10 minutes. Phenomenal!

katwomantxstyle73, posted on February 21, 2016

ahhh delightful short film! yep.... without "our baggage" we wouldn't be who we've become.... how we put that baggage to use is the reflection in who we are.... enjoyed this short film!

JANETA, posted on November 18, 2014

Without your baggage you would be without your life experiences and would be just an empty vessel.

CHUCKANDDAWNM, posted on December 13, 2013

As a chaplain, I have spent many hours reflecting on my past to experience the presence for a hopeful future. I am learning to carry my baggage instead of dragging it behind. There has been healing and the unexpected strength I've gained from lessons learned/ This films provides an encouraging insight for those who have wrestled with their past.

robertmayrand, posted on June 8, 2016

You don't have to drag it, you don't have to carry it either. Just be your baggage scares and all. We can't always explain all the things that we do. Sometimes we get it right, other times we get it wrong but all the time we do the best we can with what we've got. At any given time every individual makes the best choices they could possibly make with the knowledge and life experience that they have at that moment.
Your life source (God in your case being a chaplain) has told you though His word to thank Him for the good and the bad that comes into your life even though you don't understand why, thank Him for your trials, pray for those you may of harmed and forgive yourself for the mistakes you may of committed and from now on, do good to others every last day of your life. And God bless.

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