CMN: Barbara Marciniak on the Pleiadians Video
Barbara Marciniak on the Pleiadians
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CMN: Barbara Marciniak on the Pleiadians (January 2008)

Season 4, Episode 2
Available worldwide

Regina Meredith and author Barbara Marciniak discuss breaking the paradigm trance, making peace with our self, our physical form, and the consciousness that occupies that physical form, and much more.

Barbara Marciniak is the author of several books that contain wisdom channeled to Barbara by a group of beings she identifies as the Pleiadians.

Regina Meredith
Barbara Marciniak


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allenteressa, posted on July 20, 2016

This really lowers Gaia's quality by having this interview. I find it difficult to believe that an inteligence not of this world would contact her regularly, and to tell her that we are lazy. I'm out!

Poopsy, posted on October 4, 2015

I first watched this video when I came out on CMN. Through a series of synchronicities I decided to rewatch this interview again. And surprisingly it still holds. I wish Regina would do a full interview with Barbara marciniack again now. Maybe even bring both Barbara Hand Clow and Barbara Marciniack together for a Pleiadian mini series.

tlroutley, posted on January 30, 2015

Hello and thank you from Canada! Here it is 2015 and Barbara's messages are still right on the mark :) With the end of 2012, and so many disillusioned to what their future holds, it is refreshing to hear the basics again, how we must love ourselves, get out in the sun, take care of our bodies, create joy in our lives again! How she explained again the ways in which we live what we believe, is enlightening~ her message is self- reliance, not spending money on cures or those who will save us. We are the ones who will save ourselves.
Thank you for keeping this one, a gem of an interview. Regina is a gifted interviewer. It is funny, most of the 'gurus' these days are saying the same things Barbara says here, there does not seem to be any new messages. And so it should be. We don't need saviours.
Many thanks again, Gaiam TV.

rockmusicjewelry, posted on February 4, 2014

Please tell me the fountain won't be running directly behing the subject's head for the whole video?! I can't watch this, too distracting.

k7aloha, posted on July 22, 2012

Aloha... my name is kolea and I've been an avid member of CMN for 6yrs now. I AM delighted at the co creation of Gaiam and CMN! Thank you! I agree about the dates of the interviews. There is a timeline of information that is helpful for one in integrating the vast information. That said, with the quickening we are now in linear time is over so this isn't as important, yet still helpful. In loving service.... kolea erin dinneen:) Lyons, CO

Ann G, posted on July 17, 2012

A real plus on the consciousness media website was all the links they offered for each speaker below each video. Could you transfer that info over to your site--they already have done the research, so it will be easy for past interviews. Thanks!

proach, posted on July 7, 2012

Great interview - still appropriate today. I too wish that Regina's interviews were dated. It's really hard now to tell which ones I've watched and which are new.

merlinsoracle, posted on July 13, 2012

I too, agree that interviews with dates would help the viewers know if they had been previously watched.

nerona, posted on July 6, 2012

Please start posting the dates of Regina's interviews. Often in Regina's interviews specific time elements are discussed. I could not find a date listed on Barbara Marciniak's interview ... which, by the way, was January, 2008.

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on July 9, 2012

This is great feedback for us at Gaiam TV. We are working now to make this information readily on the site, so stay tuned. Thanks for watching!

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