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Be Happy, Damnit: Be Awake

Episode 123

Karen Salmansohn shares the to be word of the day: to be awake and interviews Bob Spitz, author of Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Beatles, Beatle Mania and the Music that Changed the World. He speaks about the amazing music that the Beatles make and how it spans generations. Heather Cronk, founder of Hassle Me, a company that sends email reminders for people who need reminders and shares her work with and Wendy Shalit, author of Girls gone Mild: Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect and Find it's Not Bad to Be Good, speaks about young women gaining their authentic selves without conforming to media pressures of being sexy and bad.

Karen Salmansohn
Bob Spitz, Heather Cronk,Wendy Shalit


Episode 1 Listening
Listening (3/12/2007)
Episode 1
Karen Salmansohn shares ten tips for lasting love-the difference between love and lust and talks with Lisa Daily, author of Stop getting Dumped.
Episode 2 Determination
Determination (3/13/2007)
Episode 2
Karen Salmansohn shares tips on success and how to be determined, then welcomes Jon Friedman of The Rejection Show, Beth Schoenfeldt cofounder of Ladies Who Launch and Mary Carlomagno an organization expert.
Episode 3 Change and Flexibility
Change and Flexibility (3/14/2007)
Episode 3
Karen Salmansohn talks about change and flexibility then Susan Shapiro Barash, a gender expert and author of The First Wife, explains how roles in marriages are changing.
Episode 4 Positive Identity for Success
Positive Identity for Success (3/15/2007)
Episode 4
Karen Salmansohn speaks about getting your identity in order and Dr. Mark Goulston, author of Getting Out of Your Own Way, gives listeners tips on conquering fear, procrastination and anger.

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