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Beads on One String

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Beads on One String (2010)

Only available in Canada, United States

“I see the structure of all the great religions of the world tottering. I intend to bring together all religion and cults like beads on one string.” – Meher Baba

Inspired by Meher Baba, 50 strangers from different religions travel 3,000 miles in 21 days to a rare collection of the most stunning holy sites in India. Their aim – to find a common thread between the world’s great religions.

In an unusual take on the road movie, Beads on One String takes the viewer on an extraordinary journey across India investigating mysticism, religion, and spirituality through the eyes of 50 pilgrims aged between 19 and 90.

They travel to the monuments of Ellora and Ajanta associated with Buddha; the shrine of Kwaja Moinuddin Chisti, a Sufi Qutub; Kailash Temple, sacred to Hinduism; and Dilwara, a magnificent Jain temple in Rajasthan. And in everything from arguments about lost luggage and lack of sleep, to the religious rituals and ceremonies that they encounter, these pilgrims discover the chaotic nature of the spiritual path – challenging their own faith in unexpected ways.

Anson Hartford, Hugh Hartford, Sevn McAuley
English, French with English subtitles

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schatzy, posted on May 16, 2015

I so hope to be able to take a similar spiritual journey with others someday. I very much enjoyed this lovely, little film.

denisedomain, posted on December 1, 2013

What an amazing communal spiritual journey! I really enjoyed listening to some of the participants express their ideas of god and religion. Thank you! I am inspired.

mindful2me, posted on January 9, 2013

The video stream was messed up. Several sections of the film repeated during the playing of it, leading me to believe the video stream needs to be redone.

AspenM@Gaia, posted on January 16, 2013


I apologize for any inconvenience. Gaiam TV was having some playback issues over the last week however these should be all cleared up now. Please try viewing again, and let us know if you continue to have any trouble at all. The best way to reach us directly is to either email us at or give us a call at 1-866-284-8058 M-F between 8am and 5pm MT.

Thank you for your patience. Have a great day!

Aspen Meade
Gaiam TV Customer Relations

SpiritWings, posted on December 8, 2012

Thank you to all who were involved in producing such an incredible film! For me, this movie touches on the very essence of the human experience, the multiple ways that humanity tries to seek out and find his true spiritual nature. Interestingly, for me anyway, the multiplicity of the methodology revealed in the span of this film left me understanding that it is not about the method, the ritual, the Master or Chosen is about the Ultimate Truth, the string which holds the strand of beads together, as One. I definately will be recommending this movie to others. Namaste!

TulipHaka, posted on November 20, 2012

To my complete delight, I found this film on GaiamTV. Meher Baba is my spiritual master and "Beads on One String" is a wonderful film about a band of his lovers who went around India to various temples and other holy sites in order to recite the name of God particular to that location. Allah. Buddha. Ram. Etc. (for 5 minutes). It is a rich film, full of little gems. I have visited India on several occasions and this captures some of its beauty and chaos.

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