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Because You’re Worth Nothing

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Because You’re Worth Nothing (2009)

Only available in Canada, United States

Because You’re Worth Nothing is an important documentary from France that takes a hard look at how the cosmetics industry is affecting our health. Carcinogenic deodorants, lipsticks that cause liver failure, sterilizing hydrating moisture cream – one may wonder what our cosmetics do contain.

The healthy regulation of beauty products is still confusing: petrochemical synthetic products, non-biodegradable nanomaterial and risky vivisections represent a danger for the environment, the biodiversity and our own health.

Olivier Sarrazin
French with English subtitles

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iamanda, posted on March 15, 2012

its too bad we live in a world so obsessed with physical beuaty and far less if at all concerned with what really matters..treating ourselves, eachother, and the environment with love and respect. beauty is ugly if you ask me when it makes people think they are better than other people and women hate themselves and it is a cultural obsession that divides women and makes men lust..even worse the need to be beautiful and loved makes us put possibly harmful chemicals on our skin and hide our imperfections for a shallow purpose. , the universe will not let us keep being lead on paths paved by EviL*LivE above the influence of media lies and shallow ideas of "intelligence" stance and is all you need..spirit is beauty

kmbrlysue, posted on February 4, 2012

Each contributer brought up great points in each segment. I fully agree with practical and sustainable products to better ourselves, but unfortunately to cost of many of these organic products can only be purchased by the 1%ers in the world. I understand why these products cost as they do after witnessing the processes in which some of these plants must endure. If you're into natural & organic practices, this documentary will make you want to dig into the ingredients in your cosmetics.

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