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Bed Stuy Project
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Wisdom of Dreams: Bed Stuy Project (2002)

Episode 3
Available worldwide

In an area of Brooklyn, New York, known as Bedford Stuyvesant (or Bed-Stuy), the use of illegal drugs was out of control and social violence was so severe that people were literally dying in the streets. The danger and tension ran so high that paramedics hesitated to come in and assist the sick or wounded. Even the police response time was extremely slow, with the officers fearing for their own safety.

James "Rocky" Robinson has turned despair into destiny by founding the first minority volunteer ambulance corps in the nation, passionately saving lives and helping his fellow man. From the time he watched life ebb from his wounded niece when no help arrived, he promised that such an experience would never happen to anyone else he knew and he became an emergency medical technician (EMT). And when he observed first-hand the slow ambulance response times in Bed-Stuy, he resolved to do something about it.

Martin Luther King III
James "Rocky" Robinson


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Bed Stuy Project Video
Episode 3 Bed Stuy Project
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Episode 3
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The danger and tension in Bedford Stuyvesant, New York, ran so high that paramedics hesitated to come in and assist the sick or wounded. James "Rocky" Robinson turned despair into destiny, by founding the first minority ...
Available worldwide

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