Unusual Cultures: Belize & Mendoza Video
Belize & Mendoza
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Unusual Cultures: Belize & Mendoza (2012)

Episode 7
Only available in Canada, United States

The tiny Caribbean country of Belize, previously known as British Honduras, was one of the last established British colonies. Belize is home to several unique cultures, and it is also known as nature’s best-kept secret. Belize has myriad natural wonders, including a coast lined by a coral reef. It also has rainforests, with remains from Mayan civilization, along with caves and beautiful waterfalls.

The wine from Mendoza in Argentina is famous around the world. We will show you what has to be done before the wine reaches your table. In addition to the hard work in the vineyards and in the bodegas, we will also see the magnificent celebrations of the grape harvest, including the selection of the most beautiful woman in the region.

Jiří Diarmaid Novák, Otto Kallus


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