Women on Top: Betsey Johnson – Fashion Designer Video
Betsey Johnson – Fashion Designer

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Women on Top: Betsey Johnson – Fashion Designer (2007)

Episode 18
Only available in United States

From the Warhol 60s, to the Bohemian chic 70s, to the flashy 80s to today, Betsey Johnson's fashions constantly change and adapt with the times and never grow tired. As an award-winning designer, she has been rocking the world of fashion with her unique design savvy since the 1960s. Her work is as relevant and fresh today as it was when she started. Betsey maintains that the secret to her successful career and happiness is that she never sold out or merged and has maintained an independent business.

Married 3 times, with one daughter and a grandchild, she feels 25, not 65. She gives no attention to her age and is still famously doing cartwheels down the runway. Now with 50 Betsey Johnson stores from LA to Dubai, Betsey has been inducted into the Fashion Walk of Fame, battled cancer in both body and spirit and has come out on top, on her own terms.

Anthony Wong


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