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Between Life and Death

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Between Life and Death (1994)

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Antony Thomas investigates the widespread belief in life after death. The experiences of people who have “returned from the dead” attempt to attach a rational explanation to such events, while cameras look at the incredible capabilities of science to affect our minds.

Antony Thomas

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rajdreamz, posted on September 6, 2015

I've seen similar documentaries before and they're certainly inspiring. Of course there's life after death! One story that did depress me, however, was the story of the guy who got mortally stabbed in a knife fight and went to a hellish place. There he encountered a friend who'd been shot to death in the commission of a robbery. The guy told him "Ronnie, there's no escape from this place." That kind of thinking really gives God (or God & Goddess) a bad rap, so-to-speak. What is implied is that we get one life and ONLY one life--make it or break it. How some people can think that God thinks like that is beyond me. God is all love, and it follows that judgment is always followed by mercy and not the other way around. Yes, it's true that Ronnie's experience served a purpose: he changed his life, got off drugs, stopped committing crime, and in fact became a minister--praise God!'s the WAY in which Ronnie's awakening occurred. He became afraid of God's judgment and I am sure that the teaching of " life and then the judgment" became a part of his teaching as well. Well, it takes what it takes to transform one's life--your way may not be mine. I would however respectfully and humbly suggest that mature spirituality means coming to the conclusion that God will never drop us and condemn us to everlasting punishment--that flies in the face of everything my heart, nay, my gut tells me about spiritual life.

qualteam, posted on September 5, 2015

This was an excellent documentary in attempting to understand all kinds of near-death experiences. In the end, you form your own views and to me, it means
that there is a spiritual side to man and it's not the same for everyone.

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