Beyond Death: Into the Light Video
Beyond Death: Into the Light

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Beyond Death: Into the Light (1994)

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What happens when we die has intrigued mankind for countless centuries. Many religions of the world have come up with their own explanations of life after death. What really happens has baffled scientists and mystics alike.

To shed light on this matter we hear personal stories of five ordinary people who have traveled to the other side of life and returned to tell about it. Whether they are memories of real experiences, or simply a process of the brain, there is no doubt that near death experience dramatically changes the live of the people who have encountered them.

Gary Morabito
Eric Engleman

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GreenHornet270, posted on February 5, 2014

I should have been killed TWICE in Vietnam....and wasnt.....I knew at that instant...God was saving me to do something for him....I Love you my Holy Father; my Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ......

tkczit, posted on November 7, 2013

The depth of the content and the sincerity of the souls participating -- make me feel fully alive. When you are not afraid of death -- you are not afraid to be alive! . Amen. Awomen. Cool...and seriously HOT! Sorry... I couldn't help myself. The journey you took me on was priceless. And I thank you again.

angelgirl, posted on June 17, 2013

Not bad....

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