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Beyond the Divine Matrix

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Beyond the Divine Matrix (2008)

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We join Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix, in a comfortable setting as he explains the nature of the divine matrix. This matrix is a great field of intelligent energy that connects all things in existence, for all of time. As it connects all things, it serves as a conduit of information, a means for manifestation, and a mirror reflecting our truths. All the while, he postulates the scientific relevance of the matrix as well as the view ancient people had of the matrix.

The value of going back to the ancient traditions, and seeing the world through their eyes, is to discover things that we may have forgotten in our modern era. This includes higher levels of reality, or dimensions beyond our own world, including the spiritual realms. In addition, it seems modern quantum science is gaining a greater understanding the scope and function of the matrix, every day. These scientists may have uncovered evidence of the conscious connection we all have with the whole of existence through the divine matrix.

Jay Weidner

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ghostbuffalo, posted on March 9, 2016

So happy you have brought Gregg Braden to this site. I have watched his other tapes and find his method of teaching so clear and concise it leaves little room for any misunderstanding!

mateuszbentkowski, posted on September 4, 2015

I hade always feeling, that there is something more... Great stuff!

lgrilli, posted on January 31, 2015

Thank you Gregg Braden for bringing this information to us. You are one of humanities gifts.

Universal60640, posted on January 30, 2015

Even though this was taped in 2007 , it is new information for me. And it resonants with my heart!

harryp333, posted on January 26, 2015

I will watch it again tomorrow, want to digest it first & see how much I've remembered of what I had forgotten.

gersonbradford, posted on December 5, 2014

It amazing to me that most human beings have a extreme need to create a higher being. It might be the the strongest level of subconscious believe. It has to be one being, it needs to have a name as well as a powerful entity watching over the good a the evil. Sort of like when some people have said Germans are a sheep nation. In the christian world, most people I've asked, they're convinced it's a man not a woman. I think it's also true for most spiritual doctrines. In my opinion, this sort of strong believe was created by man's mind in order to have a set of rules which helps to control or be controlled.
This is the first time I hear someone reasoning differently. The Divine Matrix is not some man or someone with arm and legs. Based on this film, I get the sense that it's sort of a web of energy connected to everything. In our dimension, this web can only hear or understand heart based energy. If our hearts have "negative" energy or fear, then that's what it will manifest in our lives. If it's the the love for whatever we wish, then we know what outcome might be.
I love the fact it's not a judgment or a human description about what's wrong or right. The latter is for "holly" books. The power of human emotion whether the emotion is positive or negative, will create an outcome.
A thought plus one of the two emotions (Love or fear) will create a feeling. That feeling will directly communicate with this web so it can reflect that possibility in out lives. This makes the most sense based on personal experience.

hispaniced, posted on May 30, 2013

Great information,needs visuals, power-point along with interview
I have seen David live and his PP show to visualize his science,
Joseph C'de Baca

damnedramb, posted on May 8, 2013

good show but i think the big bang is wrongly seen. I believe big bangs happen all the time(litually) as often as conscious minds are created so I guess the first conscious mind is what started it all in a bang of realization of self...think about where the sub atomic particles go to when we observe them(once they bounce out of vision) if the counsious observer is what collapses the wave of possibilities. does it not make sense to say we have 6.6 billion parallel universes on earth alone in which the atom bounce from 1 mind to the other in real time?(minus plants and animals for sake of the high numbers)... if time & space are both perceptions... why cant matter be? we are all our own universes with a single connected subconscious mind(the divine matrix) which helps create the world around us, the trick is tapping into and using this sub conscious

then he finishs the show and realizes he explaines this -.-

ronluce, posted on August 18, 2013

All your words as truth for you are meaningless. Why? They come form the intellect. Have grand thoughts and express yourself in ways that prove your emptiness. God loves you, so do I.

AshmoreMY, posted on March 30, 2013

I agree with the other posts that Gregg Braden is just the best. He merges the science and soul in a way no other speaker can. Precise, thoughtful, moving, clear, always breaking new ground and introducing new concepts (usually scientifically proven!)....I could listen and learn all day. Thank you Gregg and Gaiam!

Lidi0719, posted on March 29, 2013

WOW. I feel such emotional resonance when I hear Gregg's words. He has always and continues to be a beacon of light towards humanity creating a new reality. And the synchronicity of this older video appearing in my email inbox for me to watch at this 2013 moment of my oh SO uncanny, and wonderful- THANK YOU GREGG! (and thanks to GaiamTV too)

Jensjoy, posted on March 29, 2013

Gregg Braden is a fabulous speaker and the information he has to share is very helpful. Thankyou

floydan, posted on April 28, 2013

Yes. Gregg has a personable, and encompassing way of explaining how it's all unfolding.
April 28 His monologue prompted me to explore the books he's written. I chose Walking between the worlds, to start with- it's very good! Looking forward to reading The Divine Matrix.

John R Steinrock, posted on March 28, 2013

A brilliant and encompassing description of how science and spirituality have merged to bring us an inspiring story about the path for creating our possible reality.

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