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Beyond Global Warming

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Beyond Global Warming (2006)

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The Arctic as we know it is disappearing. Under the threat of global warming, this vast expanse of water and ice and its inhabitants are facing unprecedented upheavals. What if this transformation of the Arctic were not the apocalypse that has been predicted but, on the contrary, opened up new perspectives and development opportunities?

Get on board the Canadian science icebreaker Amundsen where some forty researchers from around the world are closely studying the Arctic changing environment.

One century after Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen went through the North-West Passage for the first time, the ice breaker that bears his name will repeat his feat. Even though the great crossing doesn’t pose the same challenge, the work and effort to understand this changing world is colossal. Scientists all agree: the clock is ticking. Unprecedented consequences will be felt at all levels: environmental, socio-economical and geopolitical.

But to draw any benefit and be well prepared, we must now learn to live with climate change and more importantly: we must act. Are we ready?

Marc Tawil

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dfinch, posted on August 9, 2016

This thing is so out of date. So supportive of the old paradigm of resource development/trade/profits. Climate change is accelerating far beyond what was predicted. Just wait within the next 10 years it will be very clear that the coastal populations will have to find another place to live. Then political and economic chaos will challenge all us humans to work together or destroy each other in the fight for the life boats.

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