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Black Whole

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Black Whole (2011)

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They are some of the biggest questions that baffle humans: How was the universe created? Are we and everything around us somehow connected as one? Why do we have a consciousness and what is its effect on reality? Physicists have spent their careers trying to crack the codes. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity explains creation, gravity, and space-time – but a theory of how everything is unified eluded even him. Now, building on Einstein's work, Nassim Haramein, author of the award-winning paper “The Schwarzschild Proton,” has developed a Unified Field Theory that unveils a specific geometric array to explain creation and the vacuum that connects all things. Is Haramein the first to make this revelation? Remarkably, Haramein found evidence all across the globe in ancient text and tradition – in Egypt, China, and Mexico. He turned to Hebrew scrolls and secret codes to uncover the pattern. Simply put, the evidence has been there for us to recognize for thousands of years ... if only we knew what to look for. This incredible feature also includes a bonus that reveals Haramein's equations.

Nassim Haramein
Nassim Haramein

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lili26, posted on October 18, 2016


akamai9999, posted on October 15, 2016

Nassim Haramein...Is probably the greatest physics teacher ...EVER !

knobsandfaders, posted on September 9, 2016

Such a great communicator. Will be watching anything he does from here out!

Vidal01234, posted on August 24, 2016

I am blown by the math involved in in the creation of the universe. It's made me rethink my curiosity towards math again.

jollybev, posted on August 7, 2016

My mind is turning inside out after watching this. It hurt my head in a wonderful way. Thank you!

meniyka, posted on July 17, 2016

We are lucky to be here at this time when science and spirituality finally converge. Awesome, awesome awesome film.

will34, posted on October 10, 2016


rickwilliams1960, posted on July 10, 2016


Lwmcclanahan, posted on July 10, 2016

Since we have a double torus around us too, where is the center? Our belly button? Where we were created? Thank you for your brilliance!

laniinnis, posted on June 15, 2016

Astounding! I want to be a full participant.

vettbest, posted on May 23, 2016

I can watch this over and over and I have ,and will continue to recommend it to others. The computer modeling/ graphics are just phenomenal and really achieve an understanding of physics of the highest order and completely provide a unifying structure of our incredible Universe that is consciousness itself and our relationship to our co creative process becomes obvious and undeniable.

maifiori, posted on May 16, 2016

I have a question please. Does this 'new light' fit in with this paradigm of thought?

1brandon.stephens, posted on July 30, 2016

well though is a form of energy as is light. as hint at in the movie we are the universe or rather the reflection thereof; therefore it is my personal hypothesis that whenever there is a shift in consciousness on earth that there is a corresponding cosmic event, though I'm not sure which comes first or if the incipit between the two fluctuate back and forth.

mikespieker, posted on April 8, 2016

I have watched this ten times and it hasn't gotten old. I have started taking notes. Every time I watch it I glean a bit more. I love it, Thanks Nassim.

src649, posted on April 6, 2016

While I was reading the emerald tablets I had already done a little research on Cymatics, Ancient History, Ancient Texts, I heard Graham Hancock's name in a Joe Rogan videos and bought one of his books and was amazed, and I have continued to read different things. About two months ago I read the emerald tablets, In the prophecy tablet it says we too shall become one with the light, before the end, and when he was talking about the light in the beginning he said it was dark, but not dark like night, but full of light. I immediately started making connections in my head, he says we will become the light, before we become one with the all, so when we get to the even horizon. He says when we get to the all, men will occupy the earth long after we are gone. So In my mind that told me that to become one with the light when we die we must have spirituality. Also my theory was that when we pass the event horizon negative and positive energy will be separated, but earth itself will somehow make it through I dont know. The emerald tablets opened my mind much more everyone should read it.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 6, 2016

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the film!
We also have a series on Gaia that you may be interested in, "Invisible College":

All the best,

src649, posted on April 6, 2016

Could not for the life of me figure out what the 8 were ruled by one in the emerald tablets it must be the root of the kabbala tree or whatever when you expand it.

src649, posted on April 6, 2016

What about the full star map in Egypt pointing to the Pleiades why leave that out? Wayne Herschel has done some interesting work.

src649, posted on April 6, 2016

I came to most of the same exact conclusions but I came to these conclusion because it says so in the emerald tablets.

src649, posted on April 5, 2016

Unreal, its like you pulled a bunch of thoughts out of my head, I've been wondering where its coming from, maybe the atoms are singing to us.

markdesign14, posted on April 5, 2016

How do I begin to participate?

cool_hka, posted on March 31, 2016

This is amazing! I learned a lot!

laura.farris.tx, posted on March 30, 2016

I love the presentation, and found myself literally responding out loud with, "Wow! Yes! Amazing!" Thank you Gaia for making this possible. Thank you Nassim for being here now. I look forward to more videos from Nassim, and was directed here by David Wilcock, both presenting so much information. I love Gaia!

PHALE0913, posted on March 29, 2016

Best depiction EVER..Love it! Thanks, Wanda Baruch

esrebi, posted on March 29, 2016

I think this is phenomenal work! My only question, and the one I'll probably keep asking is how do we put this information to practical use. Is there someone out there who is not only studying these theories, but finding practical uses for them?

brian835, posted on April 18, 2016

This is very synchronous in many ways. I first found the maps and practical applications, then came across this great video by Nassim. It's interesting how things happen in particular sequences for different people. Then, voila! It all comes together.

As I watched this film just today, a couple of hours ago actually, it resonated with me at many levels. I've always had a fascination with such subject matter, but for the past 30 years could only come upon the Standard Model (Einstein, etc.) and the Quantum Model (Bohr, etc.) I filled some of the gaps with my own spiritual practices picked up from a variety of sources, but never felt the scientific aspects coming together until watching this film.

As for the practical uses, Yes! I have found them and been on that journey for the past few years. The answers are in Integral Life. There are theories (human and psychological development and growth), maps (AQAL), and practical applications (practices, or in fancy terms - Integral Methodological Pluralism.) These practices (called injunctions frequently) all help develop a person through various stages of consciousness. The integral model works on the principles of "Non-exclusion", "Enfoldment", and "Enactment." It was hard for me to understand at first. After a few years of continued learning and practice, it all makes sense and the transformation in my fulfillment in every area of life has taken off.

In this film, Nassim begins touching on the relationship of creation (and co-creation) with the double torus cycle of consciousness. He doesn't expound on how to utilize this knowledge, but does an outstanding job of providing the supporting background for why someone would want to. Integral Life was created by Ken Wilber over the past 30 years and is now part of a larger organization, of which he's still very much involved. The Integral Life Institute, Integral Life Center, Integral Meditation, etc. While not the path I took, I would highly recommend reading "The Integral Vision" by Ken Wilber for a high-level overview. If you're comfortable, the next two books (and the ones which have been most profound for me) are "Integral Life Practice" and "Integral Meditation."

There is a film on Gaia that does a reasonably good job of showing Ken Wilber talking through Integral Theory. I don't recall if he speaks much on the practice. However, if you check that out, I'm confident you'll see the correlation between Nassim's work and Ken Wilber's work. The connection between the two is eerily mind-blowing, although I've not yet heard of either mentioning the other. Quite interesting.

Best wishes on your integral journey!

roshaheed, posted on March 3, 2016

Wonderful, fascinating, enlightening. I love it!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 29, 2016

Thank you for writing! We're glad you found the documentary enlightening.

All the best,

TobeyLlop, posted on February 16, 2016

Now we just need to find some nutters trying to invalidate this to prove it is really important! Never mind, they're here (check below)! Thank you clowns - you can go now.. Now I can start to truly appreciate the great wonder!

rontruth, posted on February 9, 2016

Fantastic . Loved it

timjbirch, posted on January 27, 2016

Wow stunning evidence of a fantastic golden age around the corner, now let's put all this knowledge in action and make it work for humanity and take it back from the once secret corruption we were unknowingly once involved with on this planet.
Let's give back the planet it's natural resources, get rid of all government structures, financial institutions, corrupt corporations, unintelligent racial bigotry and cult religions.
We can be the majority and united together create our own golden age. There cannot be any doubts in anyone's mind, this will happen x

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 27, 2016

We're glad this film inspired you! Follow Gaia's films on metaphysics here:


b.kadyrova, posted on January 1, 2016

This is really amaizing, nothing I can tell. My heart wants to leap out of me. I am just trembling, So excited!

lynn19, posted on November 26, 2015

When I first heard this idea, I was struck with the idea that 50% of the 'time' we are not even here. We're blinking on and off. So where are we when we blink out? Not really expecting an answer . . . just musing.

casaemp, posted on November 25, 2015

Come on folks - just a tiny bit of looking and you can see this has been thoroughly debunked.

Don't take my word for it. Read here -

macaddictjay, posted on April 4, 2016

The "Standard Model" includes the definition of a "closed system," which (early in his presentation) Nassim demonstrates is pure bunk. What needs "debunking" is the "Standard Model" which has not provided a satisfactory Theory of Everything. Many in the "Scientific Community" have abandoned science for dogma, on which their reputation among their peers, careers, and livelihood depend. Nassim's theories have lately gained acceptance among his (few) peers. While others struggle with the mysteries of time and space, Nassim has seen that there are things beyond time and space, and fits all the pieces into a unified whole. The ultimate test for whether or not a theory is "bunk" is not the opinions of large numbers of established scientists, but whether the theory explains the universe in a useful and practical way. Nassim's theories meet that test, and his math shows it.

b_mcguire_, posted on March 29, 2016

Trolls are not welcome here, please go spread your disinformation somewhere else as we see you for what you really are, or better yet look within yourself and find that what is said here is in fact universal truth and pertains to all including yourself and the rest of your friends sitting in whatever base your at.

russellcwest, posted on February 25, 2016

Your name is FAIL.

Brenbesser, posted on December 1, 2015

I followed the link provided by "Pure Bunk", and found it to be mostly full of personal attacks from an anonymous poster with little physics or math to challenge the theories of Nassim.

He did however provide some other links, which had more links, and I ended up at Nassim's website where he adequately responds to the attacks by the anonymous attacker "Bob-a-thon."

egedblad, posted on November 24, 2015

Namaste brother, A presentation well done !

tony05, posted on November 23, 2015

osilva_05, posted on November 2, 2015


DouglasQ, posted on October 19, 2015

This science proves we are all "one". The whole Universe. Not a black hole but a black Whole. And it is unlimited. Truly amazing. Nice to have scientific proof.

lifetravelers, posted on October 12, 2015

How Awesome! Thank You Nassim ! You are helping to inspire humanity to live up to our true potential. I love your enthusiasm and authenticity. My heart is soaring!

soonerfaninmo, posted on October 2, 2015

This is why I am a part of Gaiam TV - shows like this pave an avenue to travel out side the box. Over the past 5 or so years, I have become an avid history buff and scientific hanger on! Thanks you guys for the brain candy!!!!!!! I have seen Nassim around on different platforms - but his talk here was very engaging, informative and entertaining...Keep you the good work guys!

Universal60640, posted on October 1, 2015

This is why Gaiam is important! Thank you for making this film viewable to us Earthlings! I want to watch it over and over. I love Nassim! He is precious! Barbara Mueller

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 1, 2015

We're happy to hear that you were inspired by the documentary.


sanswens, posted on October 11, 2015


dharr109, posted on September 29, 2015

so...does that mean that when we die and we see a "white light" that we are actually going into ourselves? since the outside of a black hole appears black but "our world" should then appear white as we stare into it once we are inside the black hole?

I think my self just exploded, or I might have given my higher self a geometric high five. Can someone ask Nassim this question? I am curious to know his response.

bcyber12, posted on September 28, 2015

An example of the structure of the vacuum for me is that one idea could input on one side of the double torus through its center and come out at the other side as a creation of the conceived though! Amazing.....thank you Nassim

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