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Body Sculpt

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Strengthen and tone with Ashley Turner to create a deep, inner confidence. This is a full-body workout which cultivates willpower, consistency and courage. Build upper and lower body strength and core power. End with sweet hip openers and a short meditation. This video is part of our Yoga Sculpt Fusion practice guide.

Featuring music by Jami Sieber and Temmy Lewis


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millar.jess, posted on August 1, 2016

The series was great, and pacing perfect, but it was difficult to follow without looking up at the computer as there was a lot of movement without proper cues. Will be better the second time when I know what's coming. I really loved everything other than the lack of cues!

Shollonds, posted on July 11, 2016

Whilst this was a great flow, there was a complete lack of verbal cues. I had to look up so many times as there was no instruction.

tessossemer123, posted on January 6, 2016

great video! please do some more like this but maybe a bit longer. I was wondering what band your tights are?

thank you

jpr823, posted on March 10, 2016

The clothing brand is usually listed in the credits at the end.

Shaycampbell, posted on October 25, 2015

I really enjoyed this practice. It kept me on my toes. Thank you Ashley for making this challenging but keeping it fun and light.

k1m, posted on August 20, 2015

I was missing some decent cuing in the beginning and constantly had to look at the screen to discover she already moved in the next pose. Little frustrating but I stuck with it. Then all the sudden we were doing Warrior 2 with side angle pose on one side, the other side got skipped and we moved on again.....that's when I gave up.

cardelosrios, posted on August 9, 2015

Thank you Ashley for integrating mind and body!

jpr823, posted on July 6, 2015

Thank you! Nice challenge for a short practice.

NicoleUrdang, posted on May 21, 2015

JustineK, posted on May 11, 2015

This was an AMAZING class Ashley. I am wanted to incorporate strength and toning into my beloved yoga class. You nailed this and the bar has been set for me. I have to be able to extend that leg in the wrap around stand now haha! :)

Jannine71, posted on March 30, 2015

I love your classes and your beautiful smile. More please

payawal.j, posted on March 16, 2015

This is my first class with you and it was great - look forward to exploring your other classes! It's short enough that I can squeeze it in to my busy schedule yet still feel strong and centered. I will be adding this to my regular routine! Blessings xo

belindasnow, posted on March 4, 2015

I can't wait till my arms are as strong as yours Ashley - I still struggle so much with the slow lowering down. But I'm getting there :)

april314, posted on February 22, 2015

This is my 4th class, of your classes, and I am really liking them. Thank you. I typically have done a 75 minute practice, for years, thinking they had to be that long or it was not good enough, but these are timed well, and I feel the benefits with out the concern for do I have time or not to practice. Making yoga more probable=grateful!

AshleyTurner, posted on February 23, 2015

Thank you!!

jessica.hetherington, posted on February 9, 2015

Phenomenal. Thank you, Ashley.

AshleyTurner, posted on February 9, 2015

<3 :)

bailie1022, posted on January 22, 2015

I really like this class as a way to get my "yoga buzz" for the days when I want a shorter practice that still manages to get it all in there. Also, Ashley, I am grateful for your reminders that this is a tool to sculpt the mind-- not merely the body. That is so what I need from yoga! Thanks for making a practice that serves the part of me that needs to sweat, and the part that needs more gentle practice with dharana :)

AshleyTurner, posted on January 22, 2015

No prob :) Definitely all about that mind-body balance. Thanks for watching! xo

jtlee, posted on December 9, 2014

Awesome! Thanks Ashley!

haisaacs, posted on November 5, 2014

So happy to have this. What an effective and comprehensive 30 minute practice!

AshleyTurner, posted on November 5, 2014

Thanks for watching! xo

Nisha.shirali, posted on November 3, 2014

Thank you for the wonderful practice!

Barbaraione, posted on October 4, 2014

Always love your videos! So inspiring! thank you!

smallsmile, posted on October 2, 2014

Beautiful, as ever :)

ccarnesen, posted on August 25, 2014

Absolutely loved this sequence! Thank you so much!

HappyHippy, posted on August 25, 2014

THAT was an amazing 30 minutes!!

scava, posted on August 16, 2014

Amazing! Thank you.

MrsWFG, posted on August 12, 2014

Powerful 30 minutes! Namaste

Ecowarrior, posted on August 6, 2014

A great sequence for body and mind! Thank you Ashley, I really appreciate your guidance!

andrijcichsarah, posted on August 2, 2014

this is a fantastic 30 minute workout!! Thanks Ashley, I always love your classes.

rca405, posted on July 19, 2014

Wow, full-bodied indeed...if all you have is 30 minutes, then this is the sequence is super effective!

mamayogini, posted on July 19, 2014

lovely...but where were the back bends we were going to end with?

danibomb, posted on June 27, 2014

One of the best 30 minute flows on here! So sweaty, quick paced, a sweet challenge. I found the beginning sequences to be pretty classic sun salutations; direction with each breath might be good for beginners, but as an 'intermediate' class- I thought it was kind of nice to not have directions every breath- you can kind of go at your own pace. Best 30 minutes of my day so far! Namaste

JaimeMYO, posted on June 18, 2014

@daylpytel Glad you enjoyed it! If you like to start your morning with yoga, you might want to check out our 'Sunrise and Shine' guide- it's designed to do each practice in the morning. You can find it under the 'guides' tab on the homepage! -Jaime and the MyYoga Team

daylpytel, posted on June 17, 2014

This is perfect for my crazy, full life. Thank you. Now I can go to work feeling like I started the day right

erikamunton, posted on June 16, 2014

Thank you Ashley. Thats an awesome workout in 30min. More please like that!

Viellen, posted on June 16, 2014

Overall I greatly enjoyed this practice and I got that core heat up! As others have mentioned, the lack of clear direction, especially in the beginning flow sequence, was frustrating. Even though I teach yoga, there are variations to the flows and pacing is different so I had to keep looking up at the screen. More instruction was given as the class went on so I left feeling great but I was annoyed for the first few sequences.

JulieE_2, posted on June 15, 2014

As a yoga teacher myself I have to agree with previous posters about your lack of direction. You seemed to assume everyone knows suryanamascara and also many times do three or more poses without any ques. It would be beneficial if you even directed students to go through their own vinyasa, modifying in anyway they see fit. I love to see my students taking in to their own level, but they do need guidance in their practice!

SweetDecadence, posted on June 15, 2014

More instruction would have done wonders. I got too fustrated and gave up at 7:39 because of it.

ashleyturner_2, posted on June 14, 2014

@Plascenciaivett Great feedback...thank you!

Plascenciaivett, posted on June 13, 2014

Feel great...would love some more vocal instruction between transitions so that I dont need to always be looking up at the screen. Also when switching to different facing directions please take in to account that we (audience) are looking at a screen.During the practice when switching our eye direction to the other side of the room its disruptive to have to look over shoulder to look at the screen. Thank you

sdnester, posted on June 12, 2014

Wonderful! I feel so incredibly relaxed, at peace. Thank you Ashley

Uma606, posted on June 12, 2014

hey, how do you call that flower of paradise in sanskrit?

ashleyturner_2, posted on June 10, 2014

@Deblynn My pleasure!

Deblynn, posted on June 10, 2014

I really loved this flow Ashley. Thank you!

Florencia, posted on June 10, 2014

As always Ashley...simply great!

LukeMYO, posted on June 10, 2014

@wyslouzil Please email us at if you are still in need of techincal assistance - Luke and the My Yoga team

OmAmy, posted on June 10, 2014

love love love!!!!!!~

4haweaters, posted on June 10, 2014

lovely and challenging. I struggled with some moves, but love the knee strengthening tip. I will carry that forward in my practice.

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