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The Book of Co-Creation

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The Book of Co-Creation (1999)

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Barbara Marx Hubbard is an internationally known expert on positive options for the future and the author of The Book of Co-Creation. It is based on inspired biblical text and provides an evolutionary interpretation of the New Testament, which gives humanity a real alternative to Armageddon. In this intimate portrait of her inspiring work, she offers us an understanding of the channeled information as well as the research that validated her experiences. Learn the story of humanity's birth from self-centeredness, to being whole and God-centered

David L. Smith

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rajdreamz, posted on April 12, 2015

The video seemed to be right on until I saw a handbill for the Club of Rome. That organization I don't think has humanity's best interests at heart. Why on earth is Barbara a part of it? Take a look at some of the other members and judge for yourself.

Just a thought.

jennsouth.bc, posted on February 15, 2015

i can see the birth canal as an analogy for the state of humanity during the industrial revolution. On the other hand, perhaps we are just going in the wrong direction, after all. Part of what Barbara seems to be saying is that our technology is part of how we are going to save ourselves, though she never goes so far as to actually say "...if we use it correctly". There are more starving and war-ridden populations in the world than ever. Our technology has enslaved us and the rest of the world, and will continue to do so, especially since we believe in it's power. Barbara is not exactly encouraging freedom from our technological slavery, which makes me very suspcious. On the other hand, she is right that we have to choose. But the sleeping cannot possibly choose. Are we waking up? That is really the question. The somewhat-mainstream interest in so-called "new age" concepts in this (once) affluent, western country, does not prove that we are waking up, unfortunately. Throughout history there have always been people and groups in certain populations concerned with matters of philosophy, spirituality, etc. At one point, Barbara does say that it's not our fault; that we have been manipulated by another group of beings...guess these are the Archons, referred to in the Gnostic texts..? then the question becomes, if we are waking up, what are we waking up to? More lies? We need to be very careful, especially us people who are so concerned about the world, we really want everything to be okay, we want answers, we want to know there's an objective truth somewhere (of course, i do believe there is), we want to know that whatever challenges there are, that we are dealing with them and will continue to be able to deal with them, etc. As Fox Mulder says, we want to believe. Which makes us targets and also very, easy prey. God, relieve me of this consternation i have about the world and where it's headed. Sure, i'll relieve that for ya'...just watch this video. There, you see? Everything's alright now. It's a drug. The red pill. Rocking you to sleep.

jennsouth.bc, posted on February 15, 2015

yet, metaphysically speaking, there is truth in some of the larger concepts she is conveying. For instance, she says we need something more than just awareness and intention, that we need to set up a field to hold the vibrations we are attempting to manifest from moment to moment. This, at least from my own experience, is exactly correct.

lmabjees, posted on October 12, 2013

It ended up to be a great doc! This older lady who has a lot of years of wisdom on her is the author

floydan, posted on June 18, 2013

A must see for those who believe in the spiritual potential of humankind!

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