Brazil: The True People Video
Brazil: The True People

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Brazil: The True People (1999)

Only available in Canada, United States

The Xavante Indians in Eteniritipa, Brazil, face pressure from the government to open up the river that sustains them, to commercial traffic. This hypnotic documentary is the Xavante people's challenge to the world. The message comes to us not through conventional narration, but through the voices of the village elders themselves.

The tribe is clinging to tradition as hard as they can, hoping there will be enough forest left for them. Edited to the beat of Xavante dance, this deeply moving film is a plea from the heart of an ancient race that asks: will we allow such distinct and self-sufficient cultures to survive in this age of global capitalism.

Angela M. Pappiani, Belisario Franca, Jurandir Sindiwe Xavante, Cristina M. Simoes Floria
Portuguese and Xavante with English subtitles

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Caroline Foster, posted on February 20, 2013

This is the fourth video I have went to look at in the last five minutes and once again only available in Canada and US - so very disappointed to say the least. Caroline Foster

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