Breath and Asana Practice Video
Breath and Asana Practice

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Breath and Asana Practice

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Max Strom talks about bringing breath into an asana (yoga postures) practice; how it affects and resonates through the body-mind.


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adunnison, posted on November 1, 2014

What an excellent interview. He explains so clearly how yoga can change your life really partly through the simple, yet complex, practice of breathing properly in order to calm your nervous system and help you be more present, mindful, connected, without preaching about it. He just makes the simple observation about people are using the Ujjayi breathing properly are different in their lives and what he noticed.

OmShanti4U, posted on April 8, 2013

What a simple and lovely way to teach ujjayi to beginners.

Ying, posted on April 26, 2012

I tried doing ujayi breath while practising asanas. However, within a few minutes I always feel breathless, and the breath ends up feeling very shallow and choppy, so I have to revert to normal breathing. For that matter, even practising ujayi breathing while just sitting makes me breathless too, just worse during asanas. Is this because I'm not doing it properly?

, posted on March 16, 2010

An excellent explanation (i.e your book vs. box idea) of how ignorant people can be about the true essence of yoga.. A beautifully spoken interview.

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