Breath Oasis Hatha Yoga Class Video
Breath Oasis Hatha Yoga Class

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Breath Oasis Hatha Yoga Class

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Explore mind, body, breath in this classical hatha yoga class taught by Marla Waal.


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evi9, posted on July 28, 2016

im coming back to yoga deeper than the last few yrs after a very tough break up.. this video is a perfect balance of letting go, strengthening while of course the alignment reminders to keep the breath active and steady through out. excellent class thank u!~

veda, posted on December 3, 2015

For this wonderful video instruction, I will be adding it to my playlist as one of my favorites when I need an ease into a warm up of moderate challenges! Great anytime, yet soothing enough for before bed and offers enough warmth for morning energy wake up!

skylar_lulu3, posted on March 30, 2015

LoveLoveLoveLOVE! Thank you

RevStan, posted on June 1, 2013

Blissful practice that is perfect after a stressful and tiring week. Slow and calming with plenty of stretching and just enough strengthening and balancing.

smiles, posted on November 22, 2012

Beautiful. On this Thanksgiving morning I am very thankful to have such wonderful teachers just a click away.

cmartinez1584, posted on September 15, 2012

Another fabulous class expertly designed by Marla!

om-sweet-om, posted on March 4, 2012

I like the flow, but I was not too fond of the electronic music in the background. I'll try it again; maybe it was just my mood.

mrenkow, posted on December 7, 2011

Great instructor. Very soothing voice and clear instruction. This class moves very slow and provides good stretching and poses for balance.

nszrejder, posted on August 21, 2011

great video, great Instructor! I will come back to it as often as possible!

nykdanu, posted on May 16, 2011

awesome just what i needed..thanks!

CeliaRose, posted on March 11, 2011

Great class, calming but invigorating at the same time.

MariaSF, posted on December 6, 2010

This class was perfect for me today. I love the verbal cues and the breaks for breathing! Thanks Marla - you are an awesome instructor! (BTW - I've never been able to get into crow and you got me there today!)

ronnyvs, posted on March 1, 2010

I return to this class now and then , and every time it feels great. The coneccion with your breath and the subtle but energizing movements with your body. I felt a bit low this week , but this has lifted my spirit. Thank you vm , and looking forward to a new class from Marla

Jakikari, posted on September 24, 2009

Marla\'s clarity, sensitivity, calmness and strength shine through her practices, which always leave me with a beautiful sense of inner peace. She is the instructor I come back to again and again.

aletheia, posted on September 23, 2009

Marla is a great instructor. I love the way she describes each pose with ever greater subtle depths. I always come to this practice whenever I need a really good yoga body massage :-)

Mahasti, posted on August 13, 2009

thks Marla your practices are all very special. A combination of strength, energy flow and inner concentration. Please keep on adding new practices.

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