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Bringing it Home

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Hidden Origins: Bringing it Home (June 2016)

Season 2, Episode 8
Available worldwide

In this final episode of the Ubuntu Workshop, Michael Tellinger ties together all of the concepts prominent in this Contributionist movement. After a recap of the FAQs and a Q&A with a live audience, you may be ready to tackle some of the most difficult criticisms of the Ubuntu movement. Are you ready to begin making the principles of Contributionism work for your community? This workshop was originally webcast June 20, 2016.

Michael Tellinger


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johnod1, posted on September 17, 2016

This is an fantastic idea Micheal I hope this happens in Australia soon special were i live on the sunshine coast i be the first to move in and it will work when you say control from above yea i know who that is the Draco also a place that has free energy health and new technology. people will live longer because i know there age regression technology to that i am sure will be introduced to these Ubuntu towns plus the replicates that our out there that can make food clothes and everything else we head Corey Goodie talk about this will be disclosure happening by us and not the secret space program which is taking for ever to get there act together. Also with the new technology it could not be invaded by military as we could put a force field around the town like in science fiction i movies which is available and probable been hidden from us and i am sure our benevolent alien friends will come visit us there as it be a safe place for them to go and they probely give us more advanced technology .that's my opinion and it might seem crazy to some people in here but i know this it true i seen enough proof on the internet from whistle blowers to prove this

healerwithinu, posted on September 11, 2016

I've heard M Tellinger is doing a short US tour in Sept/Oct. How does someone get hold of Michael about someone who wants to organize an event in Maine? Thanks.

paigerogers45, posted on August 28, 2016

This is hands down the best Utopian society concept I have personally ever heard, I have heard of very similar ones but nothing like this, yes not every detail is perfectly worked out but the only details that aren't are the ones that we can only figure out in the future, everything to get from here to the point where all the ubuntu ways are initiated and in place are perfectly planned out, like he said in earlier episodes "it's not going to happen overnight", and "It is up to us", "We are the ones we have been waiting for" We all need to realize..Especially those who "Coincidentally" read this that what we need to do now is belive, and invision it, out perceptions of reality create reality, that is the basics of quantum physics, that out expectations create reality, we must expect and believe a ubuntu world too come extremely soon, I think sooner than many could imagine, so that we can open our perceptions to that reality. We must also do whatever it is that YOU personally feel you could do to help, no matter how "small" it may seem, in the long run everyone's contribution no matter how "little" will be the ones making the change, EVERYONE on earth right now is the generations that future generations will look up too for creating a peaceful revolution to create the utopian world they will live in. I truly feel EVERYTHING is falling into place and perfect harmony, we are ALL exactly where we need to be. BELIVE the future, BELIVE yourself, and BELIVE others no matter how asleep they may seem they are where they are meant to be so they can help others in the transition. most importantly LOVE yourself, LOVE others, LOVE all UNCONDITIONALLY....its not easy but it sure will be worth it. I LOVE ALL UNCONDITIONALLY, I know you can too. Much much much LOVE- ONE LOVE!

bretthaugen, posted on July 27, 2016

holbrooks2013, posted on July 26, 2016

I would like to know why slaves were made to mine gold in Africa when technology allows for replication of anything including gold? It makes no sense to me why they would need to mine gold in the first place when it can just be replicated.

heather.solara, posted on July 24, 2016

Hello, I would like to see a DVD series about ubuntu contributionism for purchase.

thepowerisinyou, posted on July 18, 2016

I've been pondering this for awhile now. Having experienced by talking with some human Beings living on the streets, without a permanent roof over their head. The mentality/mindset that is mentioned often is; hey why don't you get a job, often as if it is entirely their fault that they are on the street, without money, asking for money, or just with a sign saying they need money/change....Many of these human Beings have many basic needs that are not met at all. Here in Vancouver where the GOVERNMENT/CORPORATION Province of B.C. shut down Riverview Hospital leaving many with only the streets to live on....These people require much care/without being locked up/confined...It is mind boggling and soul crushing to know how these human Beings are treated....It is a very sad reflection that little is done about this....Money is a factor for sure......Also lack of Empathy..... Also many of these human Beings have suffered extreme abuse, physical, mental sexual/crimes.....It really needs to be a high priority that these human Beings get the best care and healing technologies available....before those with the most "MONEY".....Currently that is not the case to the best of my knowledge....Those with more money can afford to go to fancy high priced retreats/wellness centres/healing centers........while those who can not afford these benefits are deprived and left to go to regular Hospitals....where they do not get the best quality care and healing......it seems to me that there is a great imbalance, within this current situation, that will need to be addressed....

While curing a millionaire (S) of cancer is a good strategy.....it is just as important to cure someone of a disease who has little or no money.....actually more important, otherwise.....human Beings may perceive Ubuntu philosophy as being excluding of those who are poor (poor money wise).....Many of these human Beings have far more riches than most/many millionaires.....
I guess it will fall upon the most compassionate and caring and generous human Beings/Healers to ensure that the most in need of care (regardless of how much MONEY they have) receive it....
There quite likely will also be the mindset/mentality of the rich (money wise) who think..... hey these freeloaders shouldn't get what I get...as they haven't worked for a living like I have...are lazy....want something for nothing.......then the reverse.....hey how come this rich guy can get cured of cancer have a free home....he's already had access to all that...born with a silver spoon in his mouth.....never had to work/slave for a living....spoiled rich kid...to put it bluntly....Trust someone else can see the point I am making.......
This is a real part of the scenario we find ourselves in.....
I had this crazy idea....that during a transition a kind of a trading places thing might be a good idea......take a wealthy human Being....perhaps a guy who owns a big MINING CORPORATION.....and have him trade places with a guy living on the street with no money...for maybe 7 days...that way each one could get a glimpse into the others life style/experience...."Trading Places"....if I recall right that was the name of a movie...that Aaron Russo produced....Just thought/felt to mention this..
Also I will add that back in April/2016, I gave a Ubuntu/Contributionism Book to a girl, homeless (houseless,) and her boyfriend.....was talking with here, she was quite intelligent far more so then many with money on Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C....she expressed not wanting really to have a "handout"....but rather to have the "Homelessness" issue truly dealt with......as opposed to the "Temporary Shelters"...that really do not solve the issue at all ( other than to remove the eyesore to many of the human Beings living on the street...."gentrification") http://www.dictionary.com/browse/gentrification......Also I should mention that I met this girl again in June.....she read the book....:)) her and her boyfriend.....She expressed that "this could work"....her boyfriend also said; could not put it down"....Found out also she is 20 years of age.....and they may have the opportunity to live on a boat soon: )))
Best end this for now.....
Darnell/afoofa..( all for one one for all)

Crystal Warrior, posted on July 17, 2016

I have a problem with 'asking' a community of people I don't know or don't really wish to know that well, if I can have something.

The thing I like about 'money', is that it is impersonal.

It doesn't judge you. It doesn't ask you if you should be acquiring this thing in this way.
It doesn't want to know your personal business.

It just 'is'.

It is just a tool that you can use, without asking anyone's permission and you can do with it what YOU like.

It gives One personal freedom to express Oneself the way One likes and it motivates One, to work hard which is good for the soul.
And, it allows you to acquire goods from anywhere in the world, so you get maximum variety to choose from.

What really needs to happen in our Societies, while we currently do not have the technology to sustain ourselves without 'asking someone's permission to have something', is not to throw the use of money completely away, as money at least gives an individual, some personal, freedom of choice.

At this stage of our technological evolution, what will continue to allow people autonomy and freedom to self express in the way that a 'non judgmental' form of energy exchange such as money gives humans, is to ensure a Basic, Decent Living Wage for ALL.

And for all Government spending to be completely TRANSPARENT and OPEN for all to see !

Until the next Technological Revolution is allowed through, because the Greedy, Non Transparent control of money by Private Corporations who pretend to be Government controlled ones calling themselves such misleading names as 'The Federal Reserve', but in fact are wholly privately owned companies, owned and run by the richest families in the world, until this Private, control of OUR money is deemed Illegal, so that they can no longer threaten, bribe and corrupt the owners of new inventions and cures and advanced ways of doing things.
Until Law is passed, bringing the control of ALL money back to the People of Earth and all Governmental spending is conducted in a TRANSPARENT, CHECKABLE BY ANYONE ON THE INTERNET, way. No new technology of a world advancing nature will be allowed to be released.
And without the release of this new technology, the only way an Ubuntu Society could function would be on our current, very old, outdated technology, which would bring communities backwards, instead of forwards.

No, I'm afraid that the laws concerning use of citizen's money, first need to be changed, so that all the new technology can safely be released.

Then and only then will a Non Money System happily work for individuals, living on Earth.

kwpott, posted on June 29, 2016

I fail to see anything that could stop this from happening and spreading across the entire planet.

claremarder, posted on June 27, 2016

I LOVE Michael Telllinger and the Ubuntu philosophy of contributionism! Thank you, Michael. You're a visionary and an inspiration.

zentzel, posted on June 27, 2016

I liked hearing about the old and disabled. Thank you. When is this new way of life (UBUNTU program) coming to Northern California where we can live and be a part of this new way of living?

bobbi.osborn2011, posted on June 26, 2016

Let's get out the information for the UBUNTU USA community in Vermont. Please spread the word and please also share the funding information, https://www.generosity.com/community-fundrai…/ubuntu-vermont The opportunity is always NOW.

tanglewist, posted on June 25, 2016

With respect to your story of the magic 100 dollar bill going around and paying everyone off doesn't really work here in the US since for each one of those servouses they had to pay taxes except the hooker who was arrested. In many states here your not even suppose to trade baby sitting without pay taxes on what you would normally pay for hiring someone. Not that anyone does but the law is used to go in shut co-ops down for tax evasion.

paigerogers45, posted on August 28, 2016

The point is that money is an illusion.

heather.solara, posted on June 25, 2016

Thank you, Michael Tellinger and Gaia, for bringing this 8 hour series to us. I am excited to share this information. I see many ways for us to expand on discussions around this philosophy, and many ways we can improve our communities during transition (as we already do) by using our "free time" to engage in community projects of whatever scale we can achieve.

One aspect I want to call out is, teaching the children. What we will find, as we proceed, is that we all want to teach the children as much about what we've learned from our misguided past as possible, so the same mistakes aren't made again. If we neglect our duty to transmit this information to the children, they will just end up getting lured away by the shiny objects / lies of the promises of liars, moneyed interests. We also have to make the space for teenagers to run off and try their own thing for a little while, though. At first, I see a big opportunity for children's books and entertainment intended to educate children about the way things really were, and why there is a movement to something different. Oral storytelling should always be part of our traditions. I already use my own words and Grimm fairy tales to explain to my child that there are deceivers out there, and not to be lured into a trap (as I have).

I can see how so many parent stresses dumped on children will start to disappear with this kind of community. When parents don't have to pass off their children while they go somewhere else to a job...when children can be with their parents and play and contribute...

caryngayfield, posted on June 23, 2016

I think Ubuntu is evolving and ultimately its success will depend on whether the hearts of the people involved will make it grow or not. In the end I think it all depends on people feeling something powerful that they cannot let go of and want with all of their heart and mind. When I think of any movement of the people I realize to a great extent its success depends on the internal dialogue people have with themselves. Unity consciousness is a thing I have spent most of my adult life thinking about and how to actually bring it into being on the Earth. As a Bahai my heart and mind thinks about unity and there is a prayer for Unity of the entire Earth which we as Bahai's can say in the hope that God answers. Mankind is One is a saying from the Bahai Faith and it means so much to me.

I really appreciate the audience member standing up near the end of this episode and mention the word love. If I am to be involved with anything I need to feel love and kindness amongst the members because this is what my soul is always seeking: love and spiritual happiness and this where true power lies. It is the spiritual connection people feel toward each other that matters most in the world. I am a human but my soul is what will live on beyond my physical life and my soul wants to act in this physical world, to bring qualities of the spiritual world into being on this physical plane of existence and this would include things like free and equal living without money used as a tool to separate us as human beings. But it all starts with the heart and the feelings inside a person whether they are spiritually ready for the call of Ubuntu or unity consciousness. How dedicated someone would be to work for Ubuntu is something in the heart of a person.

Throughout this series I have compared Ubuntu to the Bahai Faith and looked at their similarities and how they are structurally similar. By this I mean in the Bahai Faith each region is governed by a Local Spiritual Assembly which are elected from the community every year in a secret ballot election and by secret I mean a secret ballot, for there is no campaigning or self promotion for election and it is within this Local Spiritual Assembly of nine individuals who make decisions based on the spiritual Teachings of our Faith and also by consultation. Every year there is another election to either replace the nine people currently on the Assembly or keep the same nine people. It is a community election so the community votes for and chooses who they want on the Local Spiritual Assembly. By contrast , with Ubuntu, Michael is saying the Council of Elders would be in place to make decisions. There are other similarities too which point to human potential being the most important thing we have as humans.

The thing I love most about the Bahai Faith is that we learn as Bahai's that our lives as human beings are created with the sole purpose of spiritual development and progress. We also learn that humanity has been created by God to carry forth an ever advancing civilization. The main reason we our here on Earth is to live an earthly life for our soul's growth in preparation for our spirit life in the next world. We are taught that God intends for us to be happy while we are here in this world and that physical life should be pleasant. The fact there are so many horrible circumstances in the world today when it comes to a suffering humanity comes from the fact that some oppressors have rule on our Earth and generally the house of mankind is in disorder in need of spiritual health and balance.

It seems to me the Bahai Faith has a framework for successful, equal living revealed by the prophet founder of the Faith, Baha'u'llah, but specifics about how to actually create off the ground a human based alternative small society where these spiritual principles we as Bahai's cherish can manifest and create a Kingdom of God on the Earth---I feel that many Bahai's like myself struggle as to how to make this happen. As Bahai's even though we believe in unity many of us are still part of the system as it stands today. Sadly materialism eats at the soul and can get in the way of spiritual progress which is our goal as Bahai's. I have witnessed this eroding of spirit within spiritually minded people to make time for work or for the "busy-ness" of modern society and this has made me feel sad.

I have watched these episodes with an understanding of how to get Ubuntu started but my question is: Could Ubuntu be started anyway, without the mayoral election? If everyone who was interested in moving forward with an Ubuntu community wanted this bad enough? That is my question and I hope to hear more about this on future episodes if they are available.

Once humanity has a raised and beautiful consciousness with sincere love for each other and all other life forms that will be Heaven on Earth. When we think what I want for myself I want for my neighbor that which is good. We also have to learn to love and appreciate our own lives as gifts from God. Then the problem of self-harm and addiction will be solved. We are in transitioning times until each one of us carries enough positive light, spirit and love energy to truly transform this Earth.

In the Bahai Faith we are taught through Progressive Revelation of God's Divine Messengers that the next Messenger of God will appear in about 1000 years since the advent of the Bahai Faith in 1863. I have heard spoken from some fellow Bahai's that our next great Messiah or Teacher may not be from this Earth. For now humanity is learning the Teachings of the Unification of the Earth through the divine revelation of Baha'u'llah. We are taught whether someone has heard of the Faith or not or whether they accept the Teachings or not, or whether they believe in God or not--- ALL humans are experiencing the destiny God has intended for us on the Earth right now. That is the message we all are supposed to be experiencing and understanding right now. For these are the Teachings of God's most current Messenger sent down for us for the age we live in now. The Divine Messenger has teachings which are revealed from God and are meant for the whole world to see come to pass for the specific age in which that Messenger appears. There is more to say but I hope I can make this point: Unity has been divinely decreed from God and it is our destiny as human beings on this Earth. We have the power as human beings to create whatever reality with God's blessing that we wish to create.

I continue to study and try to understand with my mind and heart the Bahai Teachings.

Thanks Gaia.com and Michael Tellinger for this series, I have learned a lot, may all hearts be open and loving so whatever we endeavor as humans we will know and love God, each other and the Earth.

Caryn Gayfield, Long Beach, Washington USA

alinusya_s, posted on June 22, 2016

Been there, done that.
Old concept that was tried in the past by Russians while Americans were building their American dream and sponsoring the destruction of the Russian utopia.
But of course if you call the same thing a different name it should work this time...

Crystal Warrior, posted on July 16, 2016

I think Capitalism sways too far one way and has been corrupted and Communism swung too far the other way and stifled people's motivation as they saw no personal gain in stretching themselves as they never got paid for their greater efforts.
Possibly somewhere in the middle of these two extreme forms of Governance, may be a good solution.
For instance.
Everyone get their basic, generous income in the form of money from the Government, but the banks aren't allowed to charge interest on loans just a small handling fee.
So then people could choose to live a normal to modest lifestyle OR they could choose to push themselves and work longer hours and earn extra money for their big houses and extra toys if they so desired! That way, the 'equality thing' wouldn't stifle the people's creativity.
I think the main thing wrong with our Society that Ubuntu is trying to fix, is the unequal distribution for just BASIC living needs !
Neale Donald Walsch, in his CWG Book 2, had some good ideas about a System that sounded like it would work very well.
In his book, if you earned a certain amount you would be required to give 10% of your earnings to the Government for roadworks, libraries, parks and other public use amenities, but everybody would be well cared for on a basic level whether they worked in an official capacity or not.

Satsy, posted on June 22, 2016

Did Michael discuss what will become of all the urban jungle skyscrapers, malls, freeways, etc.? There isa a massive growth spurt going on in Los Angeles right now. Ten Thousand Santa Monica, peak service at the height of luxury, glass and steel high-rise condos starting for lease at $8,000/month and almost complete. I've watched it go up, and this is just one example. The mass consciousness has a long way to go in knowing and talking to people here. However, I am ready for Ubuntu right now!

scottc89, posted on June 21, 2016

Again I just loved the closing of the workshop, let's start taking about it, sharing it with the ones we know, start encouraging your friends, family or who ever you want. Encourage them to start watching Ebuntu on Gaia, to get a foundation of it's understanding of the it's workings and knowledge portrayed/explained. Pick up the Ebunto book, and read it yourself, and form groups to discuss it in your town, community, a group your with. Their are just so many ways to help this grow, let your town Mayor learn about it, if you can?

Thank you, Gaia and Michael Tellinger, for sharing this with us and the world! This is the future, a step in the right direction! I have decided for myself, the way I will walk.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 21, 2016

@SCOTTC89, we're so glad that Michael Tellinger's work with Ubuntu has inspired you! Thanks for your support of the series on Gaia.

All the best,

Yaga, posted on June 20, 2016

Dear Michael,
You are absolutely right about children not having "imbalances" when they are raised in Ubuntu society.
30 years ago I created an Ubuntu society for me and my three children.
It had three rules.
1.We live in abundance and anything you need will be provided for you (by me until you are an adult).
2. You are not going to work to earn money until you are 18 y.o.
3. You will contribute in everything we do to run a household about 3 hours a week.
Well, there was one more rule unrelated to Ubuntu...
You will learn to play a musical instrument of your choice and stick to learning it throughout your childhood (until 18).
Children are now 31, 33 and 34 and oh boy, do they ever know how to live in abundance! No destruction, no rebellion, no imbalances.
Creative and involved, but free, not enslaved.
It works!
Wise words you said: we don’t create abundance, we live in the world of abundance!
As I taught my children I teach people to see it and learn to live in the Ubuntu mind, the world of abundance.

Stay well in the light.

Yaga Bialski PhD, I Center Of Wisdom Studies

morealivenow, posted on June 20, 2016

Oh I like that! Thank you Yaga!

kdutilsummit, posted on June 20, 2016

The first question everyone asks me of Ubuntu is "can I still keep my property and have ownership of things."

kdutilsummit, posted on June 20, 2016

. . . A direct quote asked of me " I've also got a few questions regarding the Ununtu movement and their views on marriage/monotony/love/role of the family in society. I ask because it seems revolutionary in nature and other revolutionary movements have failed to address marriage/property ownership/family/ inheritance,etc. to my liking. " *monogamy.

vanburen.brian, posted on June 20, 2016

I have thought of these issues as well. So, in regards to your first comment, the way I see it, in actual implementation everyone is going to keep their property. If these societies grow starting with free electricity, food, etc. then everyone in the community is going to keep their property and belongings. It is only once you get to the state of your community contributing everything and you have Ubuntu warehouses providing everyone with whatever they need, that the option of a communal sharing of property makes sense. In addition, something mentioned a couple of times is that everything is going to be built custom, for you. I think this also points to the fact that we will keep ownership over some property. Specifically our personal land and homes. Unless we are willing to put some of our things up for work as community projects, they will remain ours. Regardless, once there is progression to a society where everyone can have whatever they want, our views of ownership of property will change so much that we'll need to answer those questions at that time. I mean, if someone can something customized to them, why would they want what you are using? During the transition, I can not see us all just giving up our belongings and allowing everything to be under the 'ownership' of the community. And once we progress far enough, I think this is one of those things where the local community will decide for themselves what to do. I think most people will want to keep it, so I bet that's how it will be until another option seems like the better one.

As for family, one thing that I have envisioned is that in these communities it is going to be much more like the children are raised by the community. If you take out our current system of education, and the encouragement of the creative capabilities of children, I think we'll see a lot of the battles between kids and parents / authority will go away. The family dynamic will change for sure. However, I think that we will keep much of the property / ownership / inheritance things the same until we get to a point where there seems to be a better thing to do. In some of the episodes we remember they talked about the people who choose not to be part of the community. They get to keep their house/property. Seems that people who choose not to be part of it can keep their property, I don't see that changing within it. I can't see a community denying children the ability to remain as the steward of the property their parents bought and they grew up on. As for marriage, I cease to see any oversight over this. The role of the government in marriage makes it a financial partnership basically. These things will go away in these communities, and marriage, if it exists, will be whatever it is meant to be between the two people that are making a special bond.

For what it's worth, I'm totally shooting off the cuff here. There aren't clear answers to the questions you've been asked, because we need to get there first. The first things we are trying to secure for our community is electricity and food. It's not like we're going to jump right into a new system and make up all the rules and just go with it. It's exciting to think of the possibilities for learning and growth! These questions that you are having brought up to you are things to be thought about for sure, but also such general questions will get very general answers, so it is difficult to advise. Maybe try to get more specific with the people asking these questions to you about what their real concerns are. I would agree that reading the Ubuntu book has helped get into the mindset where you can basically wing the answers because there are no real answers until we get there. They're just brainstorming :) Hope this might give you a basis from which to think about these and offer answers to people asking you similar questions in the future!

akamai9999, posted on June 20, 2016

to answer your questions...buy Michael Tellinger's book ,UBUNTU contributionism....on Amazon for around $20.00 ( a manifesto masterpiece ! )
the best $20.00 you will ever spend ! promise !

akamai9999, posted on June 20, 2016

For the marvelous ,astonishing 8 hour workshop of Michael Tellinger..(not everybody has convenient access to the internet and you have to see this 8 hour workshop multiple times to internalize and practically apply ) Gaia has to SELL ! DVD's ,Audio ( for commuters and truck drivers ) and i pod format..Can GAIA
sell at a price ..where there will be generous support for Michael ,the Gaia owners and Staff ?????? I realize that you possibly cannot do this for all your videos,
But....Michael Tellinger's 8 hour video series should absolutely be the exception to the rule ! Michael's 8 hour Gaia Workshop info..has to get to as many
Galactic souls as possible...especially the 7 billion people on Earth... Michael's Gaia 8 hour workshop is an absolute masterpiece...Its so much better than his youtube
videos..( which I have seen most of them)...

pmak4500, posted on June 20, 2016

marcialeite, posted on June 20, 2016

Thank you for such divine work for make us understand that we are truly the creators of our own reality. While listening to this final episode, I started to picture myself living and sharing like this and while I did I realize that I had this pleasant smiling face all the time. It is a magic felling! God bless us all.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 20, 2016

Thank you for your comment! We're so glad you found this workshop helpful.
You can revisit all the Hidden Origins episodes and add them to your playlist at any time:


jbrand1997, posted on June 20, 2016

I'm ready to move to a community to start this. Let me know!

mcginty4, posted on October 5, 2016

lets make it happen!

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