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The Butterfly

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The Butterfly (2002)

Available worldwide

Legendary French actor Michel Serrault stars as Julien, an ornery butterfly collector. When eight-year-old Elsa and her often-absent mother move into the apartment next to his, the persistent and curious Elsa adopts a reluctant Julien as her surrogate grandpa.

But when Julien leaves town for a week-long hiking expedition in the Alps to find the "Isabella," an exotic butterfly as elusive as it is beautiful, he instead discovers an uninvited companion – Elsa!

Michel Serrault, Claire Bouanich, Nade Dieu
Philippe Muyl
French with English subtitles

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Aloha8, posted on October 16, 2016

Life is one long metamorphosis. As we discover it, we transform ourselves.

ehkartist, posted on September 18, 2016

Beautiful scenery coupled with sensitive acting makes this a must-see movie. The dialogue between Elsa and Julien is poignant and soul searching.

greatdaygordana8, posted on September 18, 2016

Unfortunate that we don't show these movies in Canada, or USA anymore.As East European born I'm delighted to learn about humanity, love, kindness, pearls of wisdom and good French sense of humor.

morniengstar, posted on September 17, 2016

Very heartfelt and warming story

mackintoshmargaret, posted on September 16, 2016

I found it completely charming, heart warming, funny, poignant and inspiring! That you Gaia!

jl.bellot, posted on September 16, 2016

I have seen it several times in France... my country ! Good choice from GAIA.

dominic.mcgarry, posted on September 18, 2016

beautiful n moving <3

forcarmen48, posted on September 17, 2016


forcarmen48, posted on September 17, 2016

love it

supernatural9th, posted on October 2, 2016

This movie tickled my soul. What a lovely film from beginning to end.

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