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Wheel 2 Wheel: Cambodia

Episode 5
Only available in Canada, United States

Morgan Parker experiences breathtaking moments followed by shocking encounters, revealing that Cambodia is a country of contrasts. He revels in Cambodia’s adventurous roads on his way to explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Angkor temples. Then that wonder turns to anguish when he visits the "killing fields" and the S21 extermination facility in Phnom Penh.

Yet, Morgan also uncovers some little known truths about how the country is run, as he rides an emotional roller coaster touring an improvised district. In that district is W2W's 5th charity - New Hope. New Hope is a grass roots organization that takes a holistic approach to rehabilitating families surviving in crisis situations. Its mission is to restore hope, dignity and promise to these once proud and prosperous people.


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Only available in Canada, United States

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