Celtic Myths – Sex and Supernature Video
Celtic Myths – Sex and Supernature

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Celtic Myths – Sex and Supernature (2001)

Only available in Canada, United States

Celtic myths tell great stories of passion and romance, revealing a strong connection with nature and the supernatural. Of the ancient tales that still exists, many point to the importance of romance, regeneration and sexuality as vital to the survival of fragile communities.

The Celtic landscape is dotted with monument reflecting the lore that shaped the essence of their beliefs. Exploring this terrain, we learn tales of fantastical creatures such as the Loch Ness monster, the banshee, leprechauns and fairies. In New Grange, we visit a monolithic tomb that tells of the union of the sun god Dagda and the river goddess Boanne. Further on, we venture to magical locations such as Ulster and Cornwall have supernatural legends and traditions that harkens back to Iron Age myths.

Cathal O’shannon, Richard Marsh, Michael Roberts, Daniel Morden, George Macpherson
Sally Jenkinson

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