Open Minds: Channeling Metatron on Humanity with Joan Walker Video
Channeling Metatron on Humanity with Joan Walker

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Open Minds: Channeling Metatron on Humanity with Joan Walker (April 2014)

Season 4, Episode 16
Available worldwide

In an unprecedented live channeling event, Joan Walker channels Metatron, who reveals the true origin and destiny of humanity. It is important to discover the truth of where we came from if you want to better understand the future of humanity. Though we may seem to be simply floundering through the history of a meaningless universe, we are really individualized expressions of the divine seeking a return to Source. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast April 29, 2014.

Joan Walker, a gifted channel for the archangels and ascended masters, has used her gift for many years. At the specific request of Archangel Metatron, and under the guidance of the archangels and masters, Joan is developing some basic teachings that anyone can use to express their true divine nature for both their own personal evolution, as well as that of the collective.

Regina Meredith
Joan Walker


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meniyka, posted on July 14, 2016

I just had a good cry. Thank you for this:)

katwomantxstyle73, posted on March 16, 2016

got some personal answers for myself! yay! thank you! :D and enjoyed this interview and all the messages shared within it!

janepinter, posted on February 19, 2015

I was mesmerized while listening to Metatron's beautiful and useful words of explanation. I feel my life has been validated. There has always been a part of me that insists on 'doing it my way' with autonomy but I've been a 'people pleaser' too for which some people took for weakness. Now I know that what I do and how I relate to other people is worthy of God's love and if I'm not a corporate achiever or even an outstanding citizen, it's okay. I need not listen to criticism. As far as aspirations go, I'd love to develop the interviewing and listening skills that Regina demonstrates seemingly effortlessly. Both Regina Meredith and Joan Walker are courageous and loving souls. My Heroes! Perhaps one day I, too, will conduct a small Satsang class which has been my ambition for the past few years. Thank you!

phoenixhansen, posted on January 17, 2015

I just watched this video almost a year later, and it is excellent! I agree with the last comment . . Thank you Regina, Joan and Metatron!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this interview and look forward to more from Joan and Metatron! I loved the explanation about how we got caught in the density of the third dimension and are just now, eking are way upward to a higher frequency. Thank goodness! I can't wait! Please present more of this type of information. Thank you Regina, you always are such a pleasure to watch. You somehow know how to ask just the right questions. Thank you!


thisiskellyheo, posted on June 7, 2014

Regina, Joan, and Metatron, thank you. I cannot wait for the future interviews with Joan.

moonfire2, posted on May 15, 2014

Regina, Thank you for all you do. I love Gaiam Tv…'s the best on the entire web!! I'm so glad I found you and G tv. Thank You for Joan and Metatron! What a huge blessing to hear her sharing. And to hear this on the WESAK Full MOON!!!!! I am blessed for the first time in years on WESAK thanks to Regina, Joan and Metatron! I pray that you will have her on every week as others have said. This information is so needed and important at this time in history, like no other time!!!!!! Sally on an island in Wa!

beardogei, posted on May 12, 2014

It has taken me a moment to calm down enough to tipe. I am shaken to my core and completely blown away. I do not know what to make of this or how to use it and I do use it a lot already. But I also have deep grief that only beauty seems to put back in line as it feels. I cry when I look at nature. I see things different than ever before, as if i can feel it inside me like a life. It started when I tried to kill myself in 96. Everything went white and a man told me he loved me and I could be with my granny when I did what I came here to do. I thought I was crazy but everything changed, I feel rocks and everything I see has energy and I feel it. Oh my God I feel everything and everyone. Please tell me how to control this. A book, a prayer, anything?

Gemini3x, posted on May 6, 2014

So many grammatical errors & corrections. Hesitating while she is searching for words she is looking for. Starting one word, only to catch her mistake, stop, and start another word. I mean...... Layerd'ness. What is Layerd'ness? Don't get me wrong fellow seekers, I want to believe just like everyone else. I am not feeling this channeling thing at all. I don't think some 8th dimensional being would have nearly as many brain farts as I witnessed in this interview.

softandluv, posted on February 18, 2015

When someone channels; they are getting this message telepathically so imagine if you can how difficult that would be to bring it forth in the English language as we know it. I know when I was a child I would get massages but I could not decipher them properly as they came out as "whispers". So, I give Joan a lot of credit for being as grammatically correct as she is when she brings Metatron forth :) Love and Blessings to all! <3

marystavrou, posted on May 10, 2014

Did the message resonate with you? Was it meaningful? Can you apply it to your life?
Never mind the messenger...its about the message.

I found the message very helpful...we are God forgetting who God is...

surita3311, posted on May 8, 2014

I think channeling is real but agree with you, it seems like she was searching for words a lot and catching herself about to say the wrong word. I saw her before on an episode with other guests and she was the same on that one too, catching her mistakes, stopping and it seems like she's thinking about what she's going to say. I'm definitely not convinced that Joan really channels.

jasummers, posted on May 6, 2014

Regina... I have been witnessing your work for almost 10 years.... THIS INTERVIEW by far , for me, is THE MOST INFLUENTIAL I have experienced. Huge clarity resulting in focused intention!
And man... when a show at the Red Rocks is over and the masses LEAVE Litter everywhere with entitled Irresponsibility.....It just Reiterates the NEED for those of us who are REMEMBERING who we are, to call our Sisters and Brothers to action... To remember who they are AND TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY of that!

This interview supplied the word tools I NEED in order to do that! Thank YOU Dear and All at Gaiam!
Mohini Devji Summers

Shizzal, posted on May 9, 2014

Wow, @ jasummers I am so happy to hear this! I agree so completely with what you just said. Resonates like a crystal bell chime shining inside. :) I too have been enjoying the process of observing this light-work unfold around me like a brilliant puzzle, master-plan falling into place. In the most beautiful and elegant way. The tale of our brothers and sisters is so beautiful. :)

Thank you all! I feel it deep inside my being that we are successfully grounding this massive energy shift and will continue to do so.


ecan-mcan, posted on May 4, 2014

What a lovely session. Thank you for inspiring us and guiding us on how to continue expanding our light and love in these challenging times.

Zeonsuki, posted on May 4, 2014

My deep appreciation is well expressed in the previous comments!

jasummers, posted on May 6, 2014

I agree also... My Deep appreciation, well expressed by all of these Sisters and Brothers... Thanks Guys
Mohini Summers

rdip4, posted on May 3, 2014

Thank you Regina, Joan and Metatron for bringing forth this important information. At one point I cried tears of joy. Joan I am so grateful you have come out of the closet to appear on Gaiam and hope to see you again soon. Regina, as usual you are a wonderful warm & respectful interviewer emanating such beautiful light...much love and blessings. I'm so glad I discovered Gaiam TV.

supagroova44, posted on May 3, 2014

This has touched me deeply. Talk about resonance :) I'm afraid my words are not going to justify what is inside. For now, simply thanks and watch us fly. Love to all x

Shyann1, posted on May 2, 2014

I graciously enjoyed learning from Regina, while channeling Metatron. And thankx to Joan for being such a lovely host.
This is one of my top picks for sure :) It all makes perfect sense. And I even felt what was true as a child and what wasn't.
I was thirsty, and I was given water...I was hungry for more knowledge, and I was fed. And I am filled with delight, Namast'e

lorne_edm, posted on May 1, 2014

I felt compelled to comment on a personal level.

I have been undergoing a Full Kundalini Awakening for the last 2 1/2 years. The statements Metatron made on Biological changes on the Cellular/Molecular level to achieve Unification was absolutely true, based on my personal experience. I feel more and more filled with Light as the process continues.

Luckily I found what I needed to understand what I was going through, otherwise it would have been scary. I am sure there are others out there who have not so lucky and wasting a lot of time with doctors trying to figure what the problem is.

Metatron's advise on managing it, is exactly what I am doing already, and also supports what others suggest. The transformation is challenging in this early stage, but should bring with it the all benefits Metatron suggested.

Jimirod, posted on May 1, 2014

I was leery at first but the talk makes a great deal of sense. I believe Metatron is a real entity.

dmpanov, posted on May 1, 2014

I am so excited to see an interview with channeling. I could deeply relate to the information. I look forward to the next interview and would love to see more of this!

Shizzal, posted on May 1, 2014

My most sincere thanks and appreciation are offered to all of those beautiful souls and entities involved with the production of this episode. This was for sure the most outstanding and beautiful 2 hours I have spent here on GaiamTV. I got pretty choked up with tears on several occasions to the point where I had to get some fresh air.

For me, in my experience, this entire process has already started to manifest full force. Every word of advice offered to us here to help this event progress smoothly and joyfully should be carefully considered. I can more than happily confirm that there IS love and light on the other-side.

Just notice the beauty all around you. Be kind, generous and loving person to everyone you meet. Follow the "golden-rule" like it's the only thing that matters! Because it IS! Do unto others as you would have others do unto you! In the most kind, gentle and joyful way, of course! There is love and light all around us in greater and greater abundances every moment, you just have to let Ego go and let love in!

We are meant to be the divine anchors of love and light here at this time to usher in these new(to us in this dimension) paradigms! New paradigms where the focus is on the love, joy and well being of every being(planets included), plant and animals.

Communities and networks of people working ever so mindfully to create mass quantities of change in the form of everything GOOD and GREAT are within our reach guys! Let's take this chance and create the change we were meant to instill at this time for the greater benefit of US ALL!

Warmest of regards,
Shane A.

karenseeks22, posted on April 30, 2014

What validation this knowledge has been. In this lifetime of lifetimes I have been waiting to see and hear the PlaceSetters come to the forefront. Long they have been hidden from those in search. Now to witness them all coming forward I can feel the movements of great changes ahead for us all. So happy to be a part of the BECOMING. The ELDER

sophiel, posted on April 30, 2014

Most wonderful exchange , and profound messages. It would benefit this community so much, not to mention the collective and the earth, to have Joan on every week, sharing words of wisdom; of remembering. Always nice to watch Regina. Most De-light-full. Gratitude.

sonmi, posted on April 30, 2014

Wow, I got a lot of understanding out of it. Metatron made me feel a lot better about myself!
Great questions. What Metatron said was in line with what I been reading but more in detail.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on April 30, 2014

So much to take in I need to again see this interview. What seems most important to me was the knowledge that we in this body need to bring the changes required. It can not be done by those who may be, like Metatron, outside our system. Thank you so much for this.

lovenlife2, posted on April 30, 2014

Thank You Regina for this Awesome interview with Joan & Metatron....Different times I teared up from what Metatron was explaining....I could have listened to Metatron for hours ~ Can't wait for the next interview ~

Thank YOu Regina!

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on April 30, 2014

Hello ! Can anyone speak to the comment Metatron made regarding those beings born in our 1970's being the ones who remember the fall? I was not really clear on what the significance was.
Loved the interview and can't wait to see the next with joan!
thank you!

RobinDassinger, posted on April 30, 2014

Wow! Thank you so much Metatron, Joan and Regina. This interview was amazing. I listened to it again this morning and will most likely listen again in order to wrap my mind around all the information. Can't wait for the next interview!

in light and love, Robin

csdewitt55, posted on April 29, 2014

I love Regina's interviews, and this was no exception. When Metatron said that those who have been here for so many lifetimes did not fail, I burst into tears. I imagine I am not the only one to react that way. Thank you.

marniebelle73, posted on April 30, 2014

I too cried when Metatron said that. I felt such a deep connection with what was being said and the resonance of truth. You weren't the only one for sure. I'm probably going to watch this a couple more times, there was so much information and beautiful messages of love.

Mieke Benton, posted on April 30, 2014

I had the same response! Fascinating!

sactowoman, posted on April 29, 2014

Thank you thank you! This one had such huge energy, so much to take in. It's affirming to hear the very current information and the history too. It seemed that Regina was inspired also, and that is fun to see. I will be listening to this again - and again. It gives such confirmation to set aside any ego and be in joy toward all beings. All is well! PS: Maybe next time ask about the new children being born.

hlnmarie, posted on April 29, 2014

I always watch Regina's shows because she knows her topics and asks questions that bring out the guest.

cgsaddle, posted on April 29, 2014

Thank you Joan for stepping forward in your own right and bringing the experience of these messages onto a broader platform. I am SO looking forward to Pt. 2 ! And to Regina, who in her own right is not only an astounding journalist and interviewer, but an author as well, you always bring such respect and joy to each interview that you conduct. I am a huge supporter of everything you do here on Gaiam TV. It is so peaceful to have access to this information and to share with others who are waking up. Enlightenment, although a realization of oneness, can be a lonely road to walk here in 3D.

bonnie3, posted on April 29, 2014

That was rad, looking forward to the next one. THANK YOU!! <3

mcavataio, posted on April 29, 2014

I have watched what feels like hundreds of Regina's interviews now, she alway does an excellent job, her questions are thoughtful and thought provoking. This interview was no exception, Joan is lovely and Metatron came through clearly with fascinatingly detailed information about our history and current transformation.
Thank you for this, I will pass it on to whomever is ready to hear a wonderful message regarding our humanity.
Please keep interviewing these channeled beings, they are so informative and helpful and are assisting us greatly in this transformative time.
Thank you Regina!

mickialbert, posted on April 29, 2014

I don't know.... the information was not fresh. I heard Joan, not an enlightened being in my opinion. I think Regina did a good job interviewing whomever.

surita3311, posted on May 8, 2014

I felt the same way too

777blueleadheaven, posted on April 29, 2014

Phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

GenevieveL, posted on April 29, 2014

Metraton, Joan thank you so much for that beautiful and inspiring moment. Regina, you are such a great interviewer. Lots of love. Genevieve

lwcomer, posted on April 29, 2014

Snowman107 said it well...thank you both, Regina and Joan for bringing this into view.
It was the highlight of my day, and I will watch again to let these ideas settle more deeply within.

Shirley6, posted on April 29, 2014

Wow! I am one who has considered taking myself over on a number of occasions because the hate & fear are so overwhelming. This show gave me a new determination to quiet the ego and tune in to the light and higher frequencies. Joan, thank you for opening yourself and overcoming your fears of rejection. Regina, thank you for being a fantastic interviewer. I can't wait to see your other shows. Metatron and the spirit and energetic realm, I truly hope we are ready. The internet is a blessed tool for the dissemination of information. Hooray Gaiam TV!

borsello.lmt, posted on April 29, 2014

Beautiful expression of what is happening right now as we shift vibrationally as well as food for thought on how we got to where we are in requiring this kind of help for the shift.

Many thanks!

snowman107, posted on April 29, 2014

Regina you are so brilliantly subtle, caring and respectful in your work. Thank you for that!

Thank you Joan for doing this!

This episode was simply a Divine Blessing. This was very wonderful and deeply moving information. Even to use the word “information” seems to be inadequate as perhaps one could say it was a profound exchange of energy between Metatron, Regina and the viewer. Hugs n Blessings along with a big thank you!

devinevolupta, posted on September 16, 2016

sounds like these"god" left there toys out and didnt put them away... children

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