Shamwari: A Cheetah with Batteries? Video
A Cheetah with Batteries?
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Shamwari: A Cheetah with Batteries? (2008)

Episode 8
Only available in United States

Johan crash tackles an adult cheetah after it fails to succumb to the tranquilizer and almost ends up falling asleep on the electric fence. Melvin our baby giraffe is heading out into the bush to sample leaves for the first time.

Our rangers head into the bush at night to track the predators. This is when the big cats come alive. Themba the baby elephant is taking a dust bath.

And tragedy strikes, poachers leave their bloody mark at Shamwari as they go after rhino horn. It’s such a terrible waste – we find a large bull riddled with bullets.

Lyndal Davies
Lyndal Davies


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