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The Whole Story: Cheetahs (2000)

Episode 8
Only available in United States

A creature of grace and beauty, the cheetah lives life in the fast track. Its design breaks all sorts of records. At full sprint in pursuit of prey, a cheetah can race at over 100 km an hour. It accelerates from 0 to 72 km in just 2 seconds. And it can stop in a single stride from 32 km an hour. It out-performs even a racing car. But a design dictated by speed leaves little room for the usual mighty big cat claws and fangs. The human race quickly spotted the cheetah’s talents – for thousands of years, European and Asian rulers used this cat to hunt.

Caring, tolerant and shy, this is perhaps the most endearing of Africa’s big cats. But are cheetah mothers bad mothers? And why do cheetahs lose out in the food stakes? And where does this racer do best?

We shed light on The Whole Story of one of nature’s most elegant animals.

Ann Strimling, Garth Lucas


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