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Choices and Illusions
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Mystical Cafe: Choices and Illusions

Episode 42

Arielle Ford interviews Deborah King master healer and author of Truth Heals. Eldon Taylor, author of Choices and Illusions, speaks about how to make a difference in life, how to forgive and use your stream of consciousness.

Arielle Ford
Deborah King, Eldon Taylor


Episode 1 Conversations With God
Conversations With God (8/2/06)
Episode 1
Arielle Ford interviews author Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God.
Episode 2 Vedic astrologist and Billy Meier
Vedic astrologist and Billy Meier (8/9/06)
Episode 2
Arielle Ford interviews Carol Allen, Vedic astrologist and relationship and Michael Horn, the American representative for Billy Meier
Episode 3 Goddess and The Muse
Goddess and The Muse (8/16/06)
Episode 3
Arielle Ford interviews Director Gino Andrews, artist Becky Robbins shares her inspiration for her artwork and reverend Lori Sue Brockway, author of The Wedding Goddess.
Episode 4 Heartmath Solution
Heartmath Solution (8/23/06)
Episode 4
Arielle Ford interviews Vivian Glyck, founder of Just Like My Child .com and Howard Martin, co-author of Heartmath Solution

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clairevfay, posted on April 19, 2014

I admire Deborah's straightforward approach. Equating truth and honesty makes so much sense. Helping people look beyond the stories they tell themselves to a deposed truth is a great thing and it makes so much sense that seeing the deeper truth would help a someone heal. Real food for thought here.

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