Open Minds: CIA Whistleblower with Susan Lindauer Video
CIA Whistleblower with Susan Lindauer
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Open Minds: CIA Whistleblower with Susan Lindauer (May 2013)

Season 2, Episode 18
Available worldwide

The war on terrorism is a hornet’s nest of politics and ideological values in American today. With new conflicts arising, we still do not know the political machinations that led to the invasion of Iraq. Someone discovered these secret motivations and was punished when she tried to warn the world. Now, she is revealing her ordeal. CIA whistleblower, Susan Lindauer, offers an insider’s view of the politics that led to the invasion of Iraq and the events of her incarceration in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast May 14, 2013.

As a U.S. Intelligence Asset, Susan Lindauer covered anti-terrorism at the Iraqi Embassy in New York from 1996 up to the invasion. Independent sources have confirmed that she gave advance warning about the 9/11 attack and that War with Iraq would have catastrophic consequences. This led to her incarceration and a long legal battle with the Justice Department.

Regina Meredith


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mariearmstrong, posted on November 18, 2014

I salute Susan for her miraculous escape from political hell. You are a valuable witness! I salute Regina for an incredible and historical interview. Also wanted to give praise for the small recognition to wikileaks and political prisoner Bradley Manning. We clearly still live deep inside a barbaric society. Susan you are amazing, I hope we hear more from you!

lauraburnell2681, posted on December 28, 2013

My hat is off to Susan for her courage to stand up to the powers that be and share the truth with us!

Zeonsuki, posted on July 29, 2013

Excellent interview, well paced, allowing time for Susan to recount so much and so clearly. Even though I'm familiar with a lot of conspiracy information, I've never heard events described so bluntly and in so much detail. I have no more illusions about Colin Powell being a good guy in a bad spot, for one example. Susan is a courageous patriot of the first order. I hope this information is widely disseminated and the light of truth prevails.

meganlorimer, posted on July 2, 2013

Susan speaks the truth of her experience with gov't corruption. Her honesty opens the mind in a way there can be no denying. It gives one hope that there are some good souls in the cesspool of gov't officials, and a belief that divine order is possible. May may minds be opened through this risky exposure of truth and may Susan be protected always!
Thank You for your strength and courage! You are one powerful lady!

eesa, posted on June 4, 2013

This sort of interview raises very mixed feelings in me.
First off, this woman was clearly completely naive and ignorant and manipulating her was so easy it's not even worth talking about. On the other hand, her own ignorance is what gave them all they needed to use her just as they pleased. How can people NOT know this is what we do in the shadow government? All I can guess is that she was like so many other Americans - clueless, with just enough need for self importance to be an easy mark. Has NO ONE in this country read any real accounts of history? No, they are too busy watching Main Stream Corporate Media, eating poisonous junnk food and blindly believing everything they are told so they can be 'good citizens'.

I'm sure she went into this whole debacle believing in the U.S. as a country. It's a DUH thing. The price she paid is no more or less than what people all over the world pay every day for trusting in our 'agencies', our 'officials' and our 'actors'. It's like sending Minnie Mouse to deal with the Sicilian Mafia. A completely mindless and pointless operation, except to the degree that the Mafia will be able to use Minnie to accomplish a few more of their usual stunts. I guess it's fine that she is out there trying to talk about it, but we are so far down the rabbit hole now I don't see how it will change anything at all.

The disinformation campaigns will just discredit her as they do everyone else talking about anything that is really happening out there - Monsanto hires Blackwater, Geo-engineering destroys the planet, endless wars and prisons and weapons.
Makes me wish I had a magic wand like the pesky practical joker in that great Pete Seeger song, Abiyoyo. I'd wave it -zoop' zoop! and they would ALLl disappear. Sigh.

peacekeeper, posted on June 21, 2013

Way to put it out there, eesa. Well said and with the 'perfect' amount of juice. :) It is my belief that we must not only honor our positive outlooks, but equally honor our exhaustion and its anger with our collapsing paradigm; to me, this is how we heal. I'll keep an eye open for one of those magic wands... Blessings, my honest friend.

mariearmstrong, posted on November 18, 2014

HOLY GOD you guys!! Have you ever heard of "POLITICAL PRISONER" before??????? Its generally the most important and intelligent citizens that go missing. You guys cant be very well versed in global politics or you would realize that this is happening in your own backyard. Don't be stunned. wake up and smell the injustices!!

leosmane1, posted on November 6, 2015

Amen Marie!

Alfreda Weiss, posted on May 22, 2013

The Patriot Act is treason to US values. Lindauer's story about the dark underside needs to be shown in a movie. No one can take our spiritual humanity from us, but certainly the use of drugs and physical oppression can cause great damage. Thank you Regina. Nice to see Lindauer has survived against her terrible experience. Her fighting spirit may allow her story to be told.

dumitru, posted on May 15, 2013

Lindauer says that is was a “rogue” CIA agent that kept Terry Wait from being rescued from the “terrorists”. That this “rogue” agent informed the “terrorist” that the information against him was on Pan Am flight 103, so “they” blew it up. But then at 25:20 she says the man who placed that bomb is being protected by the CIA and the FBI. That means he wasn’t “rogue”. He was working for a higher level of the CIA, that was working against the publicly stated policy of the CIA. However, neither of them then point out that obvious conclusion.

Overall, great information.

koala, posted on May 31, 2013

Your point is irrelevant. From HER PERSPECTIVE, compared to the others she was working with, this CIA agent "went rogue." This is not supposed to be a perfect explanation of the CIA power structure; what's important is the amount of truth she's revealing.

Anyway I am completely amazed by her strength. This is an interview more people need to see.

peacekeeper, posted on May 15, 2013

I appreciated Ms. Lindauer's exposé and feel for the horrific experience she endured after being falsely accused and incarcerated. A true flag-waving, gullible (perhaps bible-thumping), educated patriot from Virginia with rose-colored glasses saluting the American Way... Prime manipulative material for the corporate plutocracy that masquerades as (our) representative government. Ms Lindauer's compassion for humanity was manipulated and hijacked from the onset to perhaps serve as decoy for what the corporate cia was ultimately after: total dominion of the Middle East through profitable war strategies. I have mixed feelings here... Her former self represents the 'educated' minions who enter the clandestine ranks dreamily believing the U.S. is the best! She speaks to this inflated, paranoic mindset in the interview. In this naiveté she became a cog supporting the PTB, unwittingly helping to undermine other countries to benefit U.S. corporate interests... This self-righteous, ignorant, flag-waving arrogance angers me at times. And yet to Lindauer's credit, she has become a fine example of what one does, endures, when their heart is betrayed: She speaks the truth of her experience. Blessings upon her for her service to humanity. Perhaps one day a shift in perspective will allow her to see that the darkness she (unwittingly) served has always been much larger than her international experience. There is no U.S. government for the people... It is long gone into world corporate hierarchy.

jasummers, posted on May 17, 2013

Well STATED, deep and insightful, I kinda felt the edges of what you say, but just did not have the words or experience to convey all of that. Thank you. namaste

chandira2012, posted on May 15, 2013

Once again, Gaiam you have done it!!
Thank you, Regina and Susan for bringing out this truth!!
The whole world need to hear this....pass it on!!

pete_didy, posted on May 14, 2013

She has her politics and history in really good order, highly recommended.

Puptart, posted on May 14, 2013

Regina, Thank you for the excellent interview with Ms. Lindauer. I admire and thank Ms. Lindauer for standing firm for our right to know what's happening in our government. Ms. Lindauer felt ashamed of flight 103 families who worried about perhaps needing to give back the money if they embraced the truth. I am ashamed that Susan Lindauer's cousin suggested painting her as a psychiatric case. It's just as much of a betrayal, sacrificing his cousin to protect a corrupt administration. Ms. Lindauer is a bit like lightening in a bottle, she has so much to shed light upon and so many details to elucidate the complex situation.
Thank you for helping her shine illumination on such a depressing reality.

jasummers, posted on May 17, 2013

well stated and compassionate... appreciate your perspective as well.

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