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Clifford Stone Bio
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Cosmic Disclosure: Clifford Stone Bio (August 2016)

Season 5, Episode 14
Available worldwide

Click here for the interview with Clifford Stone

Clifford Stone has become a monumental figure in the disclosure movement. He served 22 years in the U.S. Army where he worked with an elite secret group which was dispatched to crash sites with orders to recover extraterrestrial craft, bodies and technology. He states that the recovery of these artifacts has allowed the U.S. government to make astounding advancements in science and technology which could benefit the world – if these discoveries were to be made public. He claims to have personally cataloged 57 species of alien life forms.

His personal experience has made him a highly qualified expert in alien technology, black ops organizations/procedures, and the history of extraterrestrial contact.

Since his retirement, Stone has become devoted to diligently searching government archives and amassing one of the largest private collections of authentic government documents pertaining UFOs and extraterrestrials. He seeks the release of the all of the evidence, information and materials which show that intelligent life has been visiting our planet, and influencing our government, for a long time.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock
Clifford Stone


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jonathan.carty, posted on September 2, 2016

Hey all I just started watching this documentary titled 'Alien Encounters - Banned Disney UFO Documentary' on YouTube and to my surprise Mr. Clifford Stone was featured in it. Just wanted to share. Here is the link. Much love everyone. Victory of the Light!

Loveisforgiving, posted on August 19, 2016

I appreciate the disclosure coming forward from this program. I pray that, harmony, peace and cooperation prevail amongst all of the beings of the universe.

valgustatud, posted on August 16, 2016


dretta-love-wisher, posted on August 15, 2016

The fact that he sees what he calls "light alls" lighting up the area of the craft meant that others had been there first. This seems bad planning by those who had set up this scene.

sherrileelavender, posted on August 21, 2016

When I watched the previous episode you quote from, At 30:24 mins Clifford Stone says "They already had a response team there on station, but they needed a back up response unit to go out there", so yeah he told folks others had been there first, and were standing around waiting for someone to go on up the mound and tell them what he saw. He then went on to explain his understanding that in cases of encountering 'visitor' presence the military practice was to call in the closest person wired for communication or understanding interface, which was him. Why is it bad planning to erect large portable lights around a crash site and then wait until an appropriately wired interfacer was brought in? It's seems to have been a pretty successful test for those concerned. Hope the military didn't deliberately crash the craft and kill people just to set up the test for a potential asset.

vincentmarquis4, posted on August 15, 2016


vincentmarquis4, posted on August 15, 2016

larrynew, posted on August 14, 2016

He is such a credible liar that it's hard to separate the wheat from the corn husks. I believe this narrative to be ate up with confabulation for the purposes of attention and pity. Good job, Clifford. I'm a pretty good liar myself, but you go ahead.......I'm listening.

sherrileelavender, posted on August 21, 2016

Does it hurt somewhere in your body when you let that mean out?

fredoverdorp, posted on August 14, 2016

Can we see some more testimony from William Tompkins??

melissawscissors, posted on August 13, 2016

I am a person of big heart. When I was young I truly , truly loved people with all my being. I thought they were amazing and really exciting because I knew they were all so different and yet the same. I felt as if I needed to know them all one on one to really experience them. Everyone is so beautiful. I thought everyone felt the way I did. Unfortunately they didn't feel the same as myself. It was a harsh discovery and very unnerving. I felt as if I had to hide and pretend to be like everyone else. I didn't know it was because I was very empathic and could really sense peoples spiritual core, what they were thinking and feeling. Everyone is beautiful but Mr. Clifford you are very pure and purely kind I can feel why these aliens picked you. I have my own strange alien stories but this is your day to help us. I want to hear more. Thank you so much for coming forward. I really trust your being.

mchl_hoover, posted on August 12, 2016

Cliford is a good soul. - First video I watch from Gaia....He has what they call empathy

surfing, posted on August 12, 2016

I really like this show along with Wisdom Teachings. David and Corey are doing a great job IMHO. Early last April, I watched the March 22 "Age Regression and Time Travel" episode of Cosmic Disclosure and it triggered my memories. More are surfacing every week. I used to be that hyper-logical,AAA personality robot until my life started to disintegrate in 2003. I renewed my spiritual deep-dive in 2004 and have been awakening all types of memories including ET abductions. I have done a lot of processing over the years of what I thought were past-life issues. Now I realize most of it was from the MILAB and SSP experiences. 20 years of exposure to a Nazi like military along with MKUltra mind control takes a toll on your energetic field. Fortunately, I was given spiritual processes help and I have pre-healed much of what I experienced. Human beings should not be subjected to this kind of treatment. How can I come forward and tell my story?

yvan.mcgregor12, posted on August 12, 2016

much gratitude

Susankubicek, posted on August 12, 2016

Thanks guys for all this great info! I have so much respect for Corey and David, along with all the whistleblowers coming forward, trying to get hidden truths out to the public. Special thank you to Clifford Stone for his addition to this week's episode! What a big heart this man has. Keep up the great work guys! Much love!

marilynmar88, posted on August 11, 2016

I'm glad he told his story.

gluvjb, posted on August 11, 2016

I have always thought that there was other life in the Universe even as a kid. I can remember asking my dad if he thought there was other life in the universe he said we are it and where did you get this idea I said I just know.

megiltrud, posted on August 11, 2016

Hi, Guys,
Thanks os much for the continued disclosure. Just wanted to share about someone being in your head. When my daughter was young, I took her to a play date ith a friend from Australia. She had a step son who was Aborigine and about 13 or 14. I was talking to his Mom when all of a sudden, he grabbed hold of my mind and yelled in it. I could feel him in my head and he wasn't happy to have me so many younger kids interrupting his summer day. When I said something to his Mom, my friend and all she said was he was Aborigine.

On another note, David I recently dreamed with you. While I don't remember the details, I remember your face vividly and you were talking to me. Thank you all for all that you do. BTW How does Brexit add into the disclosure timeline?

hector.cubillos, posted on August 11, 2016

I have found that during these last tree years more and more people have come to accept that there is inteligent life out there, but there are also much more people that deny the existence of extraterrestial life, and these people will never accept this belief because they dont have the evolutionary level to accept it and they will not accept it until they have right on their noses, I have personally seen ufo's several times and also have experiences that other people never had and may be never will, but I have noticed that my habilities have increased over time, now I can tell what a person is thinking or now what he is going to say before he says it, it is also very common for me to jump in time, I can be one hour ahead for 5 seconds and then the same scene appears to me one hour later, cant explain it, but I cant control this it only happens, the longest jump has been 10 days.

lesurfs, posted on August 11, 2016

Wow! Reality is more like Star Trek than the boring hum drum of existence experienced by the majority of folks. I love this information, I have no trouble believing it either. It is difficult to discuss with others though, especially with people who are totally oblivious to what is going on. I would love to meet other people who follow, are interested in this information , have some understanding of the bigger picture. Does anyone else feel alone with this? I live in London UK and I am thinking of starting a Meet Up for people to come and meet others, a place to discuss this, share information about their own experiences and maybe a meditation to help raise the vibration of the collective field so to assist with disclosure and peace. Let me know if there is any interest :)
Thank you David, Corey, everyone involved in these shows I really appreciate all that you do :) xoxoxoxoxoxox.

mysteria, posted on August 10, 2016

C'mon - you can't just assemble all these 10-14 min episodes into 1 show. Some of us literally wait week to week for a "normal episode" - maybe only joining for 2 months a year & binge watching this series is the better way to go?
NOT trying to sound ungrateful - but really 12 minutes? You can't fill up 20 more minutes w/ "behind the scenes" footage or the director talking about the set or what it takes to make 1 "Normal" sized episode. 12 minutes man...c'mon

caseybrown224, posted on August 14, 2016

That's just his bio. There was a 40 minute episode posted at the same time.

marshallrmorgan, posted on August 10, 2016

Why do so many highly evolved ET's in advanced crafts crash land on earth? Don't they have air'bout seat belts? Maybe they have't invented the crash test dummy!


umaaraheru, posted on August 27, 2016

Their very advance but not perfect.

hector.cubillos, posted on August 11, 2016

come on, they have been shooting them down for years, listen to dr steven greer

ventia8, posted on August 10, 2016

What a wonderful way to introduce him and in a way I had never seen.
Thank you!

More please

hawkelly, posted on August 10, 2016

Thankyou for the consistently good interviews and reviews of cosmic disclosure participants.

Clifford came across as very sincere and genuine. You have to admire his emotional empathy. What resolve firewalls his sanity is probably another lesson on the benefits of comprehending the dualistic nature and using it in a aware manner.

The final result of the 22 genetic programs still remain a mystery. The next level of evolution is on its way and I am suspicious of this Australian satellite launch into the "Thermosphere" layer around the earth, and I still would like to know more about Pyramids. (Maths on Location and Shape relevance)

Is there any wonder as to why the general public is still reticent to absorb the changes?

Love and Light

soupernerd, posted on August 10, 2016

I just have to say this.........It is time for the planet "Humans" to WAKE UP and Put away childish things. There have been humans here for awhile now 1000s Years and more recently that SOOOOOOOOO what this and are helping to make it happen. FEAR IS the mind Killer. Don't get me wrong it serves a purpose Fight\Flight but once FEAR is taken away the WHOLE UNIVERSE just data dumps and it is amazing....I work in High Level IT and anything that is available to the public the ICC has 100 YEARS in advance. People that have been exposed this sort of stuff have been through a lot. Please be kind to us:)

sunshineblond2001, posted on August 14, 2016

How does one get a Universal data dump into their conscious mind? I have been meditating and requesting some IT knowledge (advanced) for a long time and nothing so far. I would love to experience an immense boost of knowledge especially with computers. Thanks!

ecan-mcan, posted on August 10, 2016

I've known about Clifford Stone for many years now and I have always found him to be an honest and forthright man. I saw him with another gentleman, Richard or Robert O. Dean who also is very credible. I think it's important to know this to validate what Corey Goode is saying and how our Government has been involved in all this secrecy for many years. David is doing a great job in trying to tie the Stone material with what Corey is saying. Congratulations David. Keep up the good work you and Corey are doing. I pray that the public wakes up soon so that we can all realize Ascension.

Many Blessings,

ianparksuk, posted on August 10, 2016

This is great but, to be honest I signed up to hear the latest information on what is occurring in the present. The format of the latest episodes are more geared towards convincing people that aliens and UFO's exist which I personally moved on from a long time ago..... I've actually nearly just pushed the button to unsubscribe, and only for some other content i'm currently watching I would of.

It appears that Corey has now delivered his core message and we are now getting filler and fluff episodes to fill the gaps.....

caseybrown224, posted on August 10, 2016

High horse huh?

For sure I'd love it if Corey would talk more about his most recent experiences too. Let's face it, the scope of what we are talking about on this show is WAY out there for well over 99% of the population - so it is a good idea to reinforce it with corroborating evidence. I have really enjoyed learning from the contributions of every guest that has been on the show far - Tellinger, Tompkins, Stone, William Henry they've all been great as far as I'm concerned. And it's great that Corey takes a seat as a host for these most recent episodes too - makes the most sense for sure.

Mission accomplished for Corey on this show? I don't think so. What are you trying to do, cast him aside??

That being said I often wonder why updates on current events are always so delayed so I agree with that sentiment. I can imagine some of the reasons but it would be nice to understand it clearly and I always love to hear about Corey's experiences.

Keep up the great work guys - love your show!

diannebrannen, posted on August 10, 2016

I, too, would like more current information from both David and Corey. AND this episode is only 11 minutes long!

This man seems very sincere and honest, but at this point it isn't new information for most of us who have been following Corey Goode and David Wilcock.

caseybrown224, posted on August 10, 2016

You must have only watched the bio part. There is a whole 40 minute episode with Stone as well. Not too much new information but interesting to see it from a different angle and not a bad idea to build on credibility by adding some new people with their stories.

dlbweb, posted on August 10, 2016

I can tell Mr Stone has a kind heart and soul. He truly is an asset to Gaia!

stiahrt, posted on August 10, 2016

Fascinating. Thank you for this.

Colescottpa, posted on August 10, 2016

Gaia, most of the subscribers I am sure have open minds and believe what is being disclosed! The question is not to convince us but to reveal to the rest of the world the non believers! I have trried to perform some public awareness to friends and acquaintances but most of the time their minds are shut and you only alienate yourself no matter how well meaning you think you are trying to be! I am sure this is why you have resorted to this formate where the willing pay to join! there is an awakening to some point but for most is will be more like a resurrection event! I think there is so much aluminum and mercury and cell phone damage to most peoples pineal glands and media subliminal programming that they can't consider the truth it is too painful and they won't upset the status quo! It's like the frog that slowly boils in the pot, he could climb out any time but he is used to the water so long as the change is gradual! these people have been programmed since birth! If you have been following David Ike on Saturn it may explain the extent of programming and the usefulness of the moon in all this lunacy! I know David doesn't believe in some shapeshifter stuff about the blue blood families that Ike discloses but if you want to expand viewing and aid disclosure you should drop the petty differences and bring on Ike and or simon Parks to help verify Corey Goode and take disclosure world wide! The other ones you should consider adding are Laura eisenhaurer and Randy Kramer, I have listened to them together on exopolotics with weber and when together with simon Parks they verify each other! everyone will recognize the Presidential Granddaughter Laura!

artistsuzette, posted on August 10, 2016

Clifford Stone is a wonderful addition to the Cosmic Disclosure program ~ ~ ~ Thank you ~ ~ ~

jbrand1997, posted on August 10, 2016

Definitely a genuine reaction from Mr. Stone. Thank you for your service and I'm sorry for any negative effects it's had on your life.

rob79, posted on August 10, 2016

you guys are killing it!! i believe it all now. what do you guys think of Randy Cramer. he says he is authorized to talk and served on mars. he talks about the 20 and back and his story lines up with corey's. very curious to hear what you guys have to say on it. also i love that corey is able to comment on all these other insiders. corey goode for president 2016! I'm making the t shirts

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on August 10, 2016

Hi Rob79,

I would definitely take a t-shirt! Glad you enjoyed this bio! :)


txbackroads, posted on August 11, 2016

Did you get your Hubba Bubba?

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on August 12, 2016

Hi Michael!

Yes I did! Thank you so much for the card and the gum! That was so sweet of you and the Hubba Bubba was delicious :)

I hope we can talk again soon! :D


reddirtlodge, posted on August 10, 2016

Let me know when those T-shirts are ready!

annejutonpinson, posted on August 10, 2016

never heard of Cramer, studying his story, listening to him, sounds real, he speaks fast though!
LOVE from France,

peacekeeper, posted on August 9, 2016

...what i'm experiencing and sharing is a collective (present) anger over these long-running violations and abductions by these beings forcing their Will on the many humans who they unwittingly terrified. 7-year old Clifford knew something was not right when he hid in fear with his parents unable to serve as his protectors. Asking to see a doctor to make the "monsters" go away and being denied was a big hit- and remains an emotional scar tucked into the right side of his solar-plexes which partially affects his heart chakra. Empath to empath, this is known.

A soul's nature is rooted in freedom, equality and honesty... and Clifford knew way back then that via deception his Will was being violated- especially when this being told his 7-yr old psyche "i picked you... and i'm going to follow you throughout your life"- as well as "...i'll mourn you when you die."

Because there is no time or space, my senses tuned-in to this anger and violation! There are lifetimes of Collective human Anger and Wounding that will likely continue to surface as our forced encounters become more known- and which will have to be transformed before notions of 'love' can be genuinely expressed towards these invaders/visitors- including military culpability. Imho 'DDALSH001" 's comment below is reflective of this honesty we as a human collective must one day come to embrace.

So please... do not be surprised (and try not to personalize) when a commentor or two shouts out in Anger and even Rage! Like '23Window' implores, we must offer assistance versus "inappropriate" censorship. As more is revealed, souls are going to react without the human personas being able to understand or comprehend these rising, long-suppressed emotions. They must surface for True healing to occur.

As our collective awareness grows, we must come to expect- ours and others- soulful outbursts for the many lifetime violations which we must spit up before we can regain Love's true awareness- versus noble and premature notions of love and forgiveness. Only then will true forgiveness follow. This will allow gentle folks like Corey to continue purging the hatred and rage his being accumulated since his soul's rape began at age six.

We must wake-up to move well-beyond 'appropriate' and censorship. Blessings to us All.

soupernerd, posted on August 10, 2016

Peacekeeper........Very Good comments and all valid. As all life advances in consciousness thru grace there comes a time when you want to know the truth more than you want to hold on to the pain and you willing to walk out on that diving board surrounded by total darkness and have faith that you are loved and that you will be caught when you jump. Faith........ And once you own the fort, you own all the land around it. You just have to want it more than any other thing................................?

Mind-Body-Spirit, posted on August 10, 2016

Hi Peacekeeper,
Yes, anger, and fear and horror surface, and that's natural and healthy.
"Freedom" and "equality" to my way of thinking are more like human concepts that reflect higher-level awareness at this imperfect level. We can get these levels mixed up though. At the higher level, we are perfect and complete and in unity with ourselves and each other. At the relative level though (this level we live and breathe in), each of does have blockages that we have created with our own free will, which cause and also are the result of our own negative action ("negative" being relative too) in the past. In other words, yes, we created our lives, our world, everything we like and don't like in it. At least, this is the view of the Law of One David has referenced so many times in his work.
In my own experience, the power of forgiveness (which Ra calls, "cessation of the wheel of karma") begins when I take responsibility for my own part in creating the story. We can't just jump over to love, without being accountable.
Everyone, check out David's "Occupy Yourself" video here:
David discusses karma, Higher Self and other topics there, really worth contemplating as we consider this challenging material.

soupernerd, posted on August 11, 2016

Mind Body Spirit........

Very well Said,,,,,,,,,
When we take responsibility for our own actions and decisions as co-creators we pass beyond ego and really see ourselves and others as being in the same boat. Unconditional Love AND I really mean "Only Unconditional Love" is what frees everyone from the wheel of Karma...

peacekeeper, posted on August 10, 2016

Thanks for sharing your insights and expanding this conversation. I agree, freedom and equality are indeed concepts reflecting a stage of awareness which my experience reveals is related to self-identity still seeing itself in this dreamscape- just as free-will and karma equally remain conceptualizations until true non-identity into the Unknown becomes one's experience. The rumi-dude likes to call this "...completely drowned in God." :)

Forgiveness and responsibility are also conceptualizations and do not exist in Love's self-less Macrocosm and yet here we are as you offer breathing in this ego, self-identifed reality. Imho, we need our concepts as stepping stones to ultimately lead our Minds holding 'us' (our identities seeking illusions of ascension) out of 'our' stories and their lifetimes of drama and trauma before this "higher level" you speak to can be realized. And as you know, somewhere else even that remains a concept. :)

My point? i'm looking for one... My words above hopefully reflect (without self-inflation) some of the stepping stones required for a self-identified Mind (our personalities) to steadily release their lifetimes of traumatic experiences so that self-less consciousness can reveal them illusion- but this is a lot to offer at this time. And i apologize to our community for the strong "We must ('s)" which arrived with the juice i was feeling. Just letting it flow. :)

One final contemplation in regards to a soul singing in equality: Ra's consciousness and his/her teachings perhaps better serve when each of us examines and discerns those aspects which offer sentient resonance- and especially those which do not. i mean no disrespect... but It may not be wise for any of us to fall into the subconscious mind-trap of Ra knows All for i suspect our loving Sphere Being Alliance have yet to personally dine with God. Following others... is to override our internal calling; a programing which must die, no? :) Indeed, Namaste.

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