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Clouds Are Not Spheres

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Clouds Are Not Spheres (2001)

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Fractal geometry is the geometry of nature, of familiar and apparently random forms like trees, coastlines, rivers, and lightning. Professor Benoît Mandelbrot led an extraordinarily rich and varied life. Full of twists and turns, his career very much paralleled and reflected powerful aspects of the new geometry, which he discovered. This is the story of how he made this discovery, told in his own words and in the words of other leading mathematicians and scientists.

With fractal geometry, Benoît Mandelbrot has given us a new language for use throughout the sciences. Fractal geometry has a powerful and enlightening effect on most people, who come across it. This new language is changing our lives.

Benoît Mandelbrot, Martin Shaw, Ivar Giaever, Peter Jones
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

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Anunnaki, posted on July 4, 2016

I clicked on the play now bar and it doesn't do anything. How do I get it to play? oops! I figured it out. :)

joxyjules, posted on July 1, 2016

how blessed we are that he walked this road. Hopefully others of equal ability will take his work to greater heights.

sjhammill1967, posted on June 29, 2016

awe inspiring presentation that far reaches beyond the world of which we can only see that, that is around us

ireneeriter, posted on June 24, 2016

This was a deep revelation for me. I was aware of fractals but didn't really know the origin of the language and associations and am so grateful to meet Benoit Manolbrot at last. I see what he means by using the eyes to see the mysteries because it is there to be seen. I have associated the human body with a deeper teaching of The Science of Personal Dress and have written extensively about it and am training this perspective that embraces The Universal Language of Color and Line that applies to personal color analysis, body analysis, face features analysis exhibited by nature through the four templates of the seasons. There truly is a universal langue of color and line that exists and I teach it "in a nutshell" so to speak. I hope to be able to present this fully developed for easy understanding.
Irenee Riter

mclaughlin_kerry, posted on June 14, 2016

Wonderful excellent presentation. Very inspiring. Loved this Gaia

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