The Complete Guide to Channeling Video
The Complete Guide to Channeling

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The Complete Guide to Channeling (2006)

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Barbara Marx Hubbard sits with four channeling experts to learn their techniques for connecting with your inner self, or your spirit guide, or to channel a higher being. Though the methods differ from person to person, the experts agree that channeling has a great importance for connecting with one’s higher self and spiritual development.

Jach Pursel explains his understanding of the channeling process. Then he enters trance and channels Lazaris who offers advice on channeling. Marcel Vogel, leading crystal expert, explains the importance of using crystals for channeling and presents a demonstration of someone else suing a crystal to invoke the goddess Pele. Terry Cole Whittaker channels her higher self, exclusively and explains what a person’s higher knowing is and the difference between channeling external entities vs. higher self. Ken Carey, author of The Star Seed Transmissions and Visions, explains different channeling states and holds an in-depth channeling workshop giving basic channeling techniques.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terry Cole Whittaker, Ken Carey, Marcel Vogel, Jach Pursel
Penny Price

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hunny.munch, posted on September 4, 2016

Brill brill brill, very informative indeed

ellen8, posted on September 16, 2014

I think it is comforting to know that no matter where the message has come from in my own seeking of truth and understanding in this life, that the message remains the same. It's all about the love.

jstardust, posted on May 16, 2014

Thank you - perfect information - Ken Carey Meditation brought me healing and much further insight on my own professional development path in Angel and Mediumship work.

PattyCa103, posted on April 25, 2014

Very interesting and informative.

jenhar, posted on February 6, 2014

I'm having problems receiving the programming. No matter what I choose, the "hourglass" (though it's not an hourglass) goes around and around and the program never loads. I've checked my connection, it says it's connected but the "moment of calm" never seems to go away. Maybe there are too many subscribers on the Gaiam TV website and you need to upgrade your server capacity.
As you can imagine, this is quite frustrating.

wpiston, posted on January 24, 2014

For me I have been experiencing sensations that I could not explain. I have recently learned that an energy is trying to channel through me. I did my 1st session last night and it was a little nerve wracking so I was looking for ways to protect myself and understand when it is a good thing. This video helped me to learn how to protect myself and feel comfortable when channeling.

autumngoredove9, posted on November 12, 2013

As soon as it started I thought the older production value was going to be something I would have to get over, but I was wrong. It immediately grabbed my attention with Barbara's natural and timeless grace and the wisdom being brought forth through each interviewee. This video is drenched in high vibration, quick moving information, and a more truth than you can try to write as you go. Just goes to show that truth is the same yesterday, today...

JonasK90, posted on October 10, 2013

I actually followed the guided meditation... I wrote probably the most beautiful words and context that i have ever expressed. I am truly amazed!
Thank you for showing me the way :)

jkempskie, posted on September 10, 2013

This video is from 1985ish. The four interviewees have interesting and varied perspectives on the topic and each offer some very clear guidelines and dos and don'ts. If you're interested in channeling, this is definitely a worthwhile watch.

jps_exclusive, posted on July 21, 2013

Very many useful tips for channeling as well as positive vibrations :)

JULIOM, posted on June 30, 2013

It's very simple: Channeling is from a point of view, consciously receiving an answer to a petition or prayer that we do to God, and being God an infinite being as It is we shouldn't depreciate the multiples and infinite ways he could communicate with us if we just consistently exercised our faith in The Divine. Thank you very much to all of you that are taking part of sharing these such of beautiful messages!:

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