Green Matters: Condors, Construction, Cambodia Video
Condors, Construction, Cambodia
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Green Matters: Condors, Construction, Cambodia (2007)

Episode 10
Available worldwide

High in the Andes Mountains, in a place where local condors were hunted to extinction, six were recently given a new chance. Tucked away in a quiet London street is Fabrications, showcasing and selling the ultimate in green chic for the home. Indonesia’s coral reefs house 97% of the world’s reef species, yet rising sea temperatures threaten their existence. In Tokyo a chauffeur-driven car service is now operating a fleet of fuel cell vehicles. In a Cambodian forest, where war once raged along a section of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, there is now the very special peace and calm of an animal sanctuary. In Bavaria is Germany’s tallest mountain, the Zugspitze, where Germany’s last glacier is dwindling, despite heroic efforts to save it. Giving us a peek into the future is the Sigma House, with many ecological features that could soon be standard in new British homes.

Abbe Holmes
Paul Drane


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