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Writing From the Heart with Nancy Aronie: Confidence

Episode 20

Guest Gerald Storrow answers a reader’s question about the word Confidence and callers read their writing about lines, spots, veins and wrinkles to receive positive feedback. Gerald explains the origin of the phrase Down and Out, and Nancy Aronie recommends a book.

Nancy Aronie
Gerald Storrow


Episode 1 Introductions
Introductions (7/25/2006)
Episode 1
Nancy Aronie describes her path from generator of unfinished projects to workshop facilitator and radio host.
Episode 2 Dinner at Our House Poems
Dinner at Our House Poems (8/1/2006)
Episode 2
Callers read their Dinner at Our House poems and receive positive feedback from Nancy Aronie and guest Gerald Storrow.
Episode 3 Be Here Now
Be Here Now (8/15/2006)
Episode 3
Nancy Aronie shares how difficult it is to Be Here Now. Nancy and guest Gerald Storrow give callers positive feedback on their Dinner at Our House poems.
Episode 4 I Meant to Say
I Meant to Say (8/31/2006)
Episode 4
Callers read their I Meant to Say shorts to Nancy Aronie and Jazz musician Stan Strickland plays a haunting saxophone number.

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