Beyond Belief: Contact with the Afterlife with Dianne Arcangel  Video
Contact with the Afterlife with Dianne Arcangel
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Beyond Belief: Contact with the Afterlife with Dianne Arcangel (March 2016)

Season 5, Episode 13
Available worldwide

Death in inevitable for each and every one of us. But Dianne Arcangel has discovered, over the course of her career consoling the dying and the bereaved, that death does not have to be the end. There are ways of regaining the connection with our loved ones. She provides examples from the work of Dean Radin and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross which has born evidence of life after death and establishing contact. This interview with George Noory was originally webcast March 30, 2016.

Dianne Arcangel is a former hospice chaplain, psychiatric hospital therapist, and Director of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center of Houston. She served on the board of directors at the Rhine Research Center and the National Institute for Discovery Science, where she also led trainings and conducted research. She has also conducted survival research with the University of Virginia. She is the author of Afterlife Encounters: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experiences, and Life After Loss.

George Noory
Dianne Arcangel


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jasummers, posted on April 2, 2016

Check out what the Urantia book has to say about the after life...very organized, scientific and physical...

dinawrite, posted on April 1, 2016

I think that she doesn't studied deep the question. First all, start read the grand classics literature about “spiritism” it meaning “soul life without physic body” : Begin to read the books of ALLAN KARDEC (French);CHICO XAVIER (Brazilian ) and EDGAR CAYCE (American).
All of them ware authors, medium and investigate for many years about beyond death life
They spend their life providing charity, in healing and talk about they spirit guide all along they life about paranormal phenomena, soul life after this physical life and other levels of existences. Other books talking about of survivors that have experiencing a clinical death, then their soul (with extrasensory perception) visit other kind of world and contacts, them they come back in our dimensions again, and they are witness of other world.

All this medium also sustains the idea about reincarnation lives in Earth. Devil are some humans spirits (or souls after died) with low vibration or low level of conscience or believes, and they try to possess the body of some else in order to experiencing “pleasures of our world through our physical body” like drug, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, or looking for vengeance. Some devil spirits take completly possession the body of victims and their mind, them they lose controle and develop schizophrenia, or multiples personalities. The rare ones they aply the exorcism technics to drive out evil spirits, or not evolued soul or conscience.

Others Guides with high vibration and high conscience, or old soul that have experienced many reincarnations, can choose a medium to interfere in their life in order to send us knowledge, inspiration, wise conscience, also help us release pain or suffering.

More; all of them also talk about a kind of Aliens spirits, not from Earth, but other planets (ET) or other states of inter-dimensional worlds.

Our soul is eternal and we experience many worlds to evolve our soul and transform the vibrations to access into new existences. But, all religions hide this true of us, to keep power by trying maintain fear over us. 

Thank you to read.

PatriciaK1, posted on April 1, 2016

My understanding of evil, heaven, hell, and even what our lives are like here on earth is that what we hold in our inner consciousness becomes what we live outwardly, and it becomes reflected back to us in our outer experience. I believe that if we hold negativity and distortion in us and live it, these consciousness patterns will go with us when we leave our lives here, possibly creating an experience of "hell" in the next dimension, or "heaven" if those patterns are positive and our consciousness is clear. Where we are in our positive progression into enlightenment makes all the difference. If we have done our work here on earth in this current lifetime, releasing and clearing the negative energy contained in our consciousness and body from past woundings, from held emotions that are charged, from distorted belief patterns that do not serve our highest good, and then come into the knowing of our own value and ability to love self and others . . . then our outer experiences will reflect this positive, loving goodness back to us. We will go on to experience "heaven" when we leave this earth and enter into the next realm of being. I also believe that those who enter the next realm, taking their inner "hell" with them, have opportunities there to heal and release their inner "hell" to shift into something better. I believe consciousness is energy, as Dianne says here. I believe, in addition, that consciousness is intelligent energy. There is an order to things. There is progression into higher states of being. There is a lot of life beyond this one in the next realm. We have much to learn here, which is why we are here. Great opportunities for healing and transformation are available to us in this realm. Our skills at learning how to do this healing and transformation work are increasing. What we are learning about the next life after this one is greatly increasing too, through evidential means with the help of mediums and those who connect and channel, and now with the aid of science. Eventually what we learn from spiritual explorations and what science proves will come together in a positively affirming way.

cipponescharm, posted on March 31, 2016

Hell is real I've seen a glimpse of it.

lizztoma, posted on March 31, 2016

I found it disturbing that she feels that evil is non existent on the other side and is rewarded the same as those who chose to walk in the light rather than the darkness. I guess she really never did experience an exorcism where the voice of the demon is heard and the movements of the person are not humanly possible...I usually enjoy all the beyond belief episodes but not this one, she was truly "BEYOND BELIEF"

jcdyjak, posted on March 31, 2016

I agree. I think she makes too many distinctions and her statement evil done here on earth "stays here," is absurd. She does not even demonstrate how her research (questionable although she drops some big names) supports this statement. Her ideology seems to be conservative and limited by a western orientation. This is bad parapsychology and and I could not finish watching. Although, on a positive note, I absolutely love most shows and speakers I find on Gaia! Thanks for all you do and for being well balanced with perspectives!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 31, 2016

Thank you for your feedback on this interview--we appreciate your support of the Beyond Belief series!

All the best,

Bioedjc, posted on March 30, 2016

Read Dr Barbara Stone's book "Invisible roots"

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