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The Coral Kingdom
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The Ocean Mosaic: The Coral Kingdom (1999)

Episode 5
Only available in United States

Coral reefs capture everyone’s imagination, exhibiting the pinnacle of underwater flamboyance in color, shape, and numbers of species,. A cornucopia of complex interrelationships, savage predation, and intricate cooperation, coral reefs have demanded attention from research scientists and admirers alike. The single most diverse of all ecological habitats beneath the sea, each reef, even a small one, has literally thousands of species on it. Why is this so? Why all the colors and shapes? How did coral reefs become so diverse? The explanation is as fascinating as the reef itself. To perform a greater examination of these questions, award-winning film maker and oceanographer John Stoneman visits perhaps the most plentiful and spectacular reefs of all, those found in the exquisite Red Sea.

John Stoneman
John Stoneman


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