Core To Distal Pilates Video
Core To Distal Pilates

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Core To Distal Pilates

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This pilates class with Anita Seiz will focus on how the limbs and endpoints are supported from the center. Core and distal initiation will be explored with cuing to encourage awareness of the options available to us in our movement.


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Zuleica, posted on July 13, 2016

I feel like I've just been for a massage or shiatsu session after doing this - everything is eased out and re-balanced. Perfect for after a day of sitting at the office, thank you.

sandyd3053, posted on May 28, 2015

I really love all of your videos, they are perfect for my needs and I feel so much better after a session. I'm 61 and most often other videos are too much for me to do, but your videos allow for adjustments based on a person's functional level and the pace set is one I can keep up with. I'm so glad you're on Giam TV, it's a great way to start my day1

Joybelly, posted on November 27, 2014

Every time I try your videos, I receive a gift of moving in a way I didn't know I had in me. You give so much in your teaching expertise and compassion for beginners.

anitaseiz, posted on November 27, 2014

I love working with beginners!

LukeMYO, posted on July 16, 2014

@telma We have temporarily removed this feature. It will return in the next couple months as we merge further with gaiam. Until then, enjoy streaming! Sorry for any inconvenience - the MyYoga team

telma, posted on July 13, 2014

The own this video button seems to be missing. I want to buy my favorite videos before you take them off the site. How do I now do this?

telma, posted on May 24, 2014

Anita, the queen of pilates! Best video for core control

telma, posted on February 15, 2014

Best core workout

telma, posted on September 21, 2013

Love it love it and will loving the spiral work.

telma, posted on August 17, 2013

I cant say enough about this video.The spiralling in this video is unique and awesome for toning core and relaxing concentric muscles

telma, posted on August 2, 2013

My best saturday morning workout. For isolation there is nothing better

jilliz, posted on July 15, 2013

not impressed

telma, posted on July 13, 2013

Amazing, .Anita. this one could also be called Spiral Core. .telma Grant,P.T.

RichReynolds, posted on February 28, 2012

Great class ....great teacher!

mrenkow, posted on November 29, 2011

Anita's classes are killer! This class in particular was focused on abs and glutes. I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Thank you, Anita!

wimwamwoom, posted on January 27, 2011

What a wonderful pilates class! I love the floating movements. I will definetly check out her other classes. More pilates like this please :-) !

kalimama, posted on November 4, 2010

Great class and I really appreciated the references to specific muscle groups in relation to the movements.

sunkissezz4u, posted on September 19, 2010

The class is amazing ! i love the combination of spinal connection recognition incorporated into a palates movement. Very easy to follow! great relaxing work out ! energizes me every morning before class!!!

mecdancer84, posted on August 12, 2010

This is a great class! I love her explanation of the movement and exactly what muscle is leading and initiating the specific movement. I love to see more of Anitas classes on here!!

focus_succeed, posted on July 10, 2010

I am new to Pilates and I found this hard to follow. I would have liked more directions that specified lead with the Right or Left hand or foot. I also would have liked some explaination of what the pose should look like before moving into the movement, especially with the twists towards the end. Maybe more advanced students can move into this quickly, but for those of us who are new, can you explain where the arms and legs are (and if the left and right are in different places please explain which ones are where) while the more advanced students have started?

Blythecl, posted on July 4, 2010

I diagree that this isn't challenging. I agree with the comment that if you do the poses properly, they are very, very challenging, as I am very athletic and an avid ashtanga practitioner, and this focuses on those spots that ashtanga fails to "catch."

lucca, posted on June 25, 2010

A good fast-moving class. I felt just the right amount of challenge.

hadassah, posted on May 14, 2010

Anita is an outstanding teacher! I love the manner in which she incorporates various somatic modalities (Bartinieff fundamentals, Franklin method etc...) into her Pilates classes. Her language, directions, and movement sequences are wonderful.

Nakita, posted on May 13, 2010

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heatherodonnell, posted on April 27, 2010

I love this class. So thoughtful and effective, a little like a Feldenkrais-method class.

strawberry, posted on September 29, 2009

I think Anita\'s classes are more about precision and alignment and control than just fitness. Pilates is all about proper form. If you do the poses right they are very very challenging.

ngovna, posted on September 29, 2009

I was expecting for a level 3 a much harder class, but this is really a level 1; although there were some nice stretch moves, I didn\'t break a sweat for the entire 33 minutes. Just so I feel I\'ve done something a little challenging, I\'m going to finish up with Nico Luce\'s 15 minute pilates, which feels much more challenging than this just nice pilates class.

sasha_2, posted on June 19, 2009

This is an excellent class. Please more classes from Anita. Thank you.

leftturn, posted on March 24, 2009

Fantastic class. Anitas classes are one of the main reasons I signed up to myyogaonline. Mre fomher please!!

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