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Good Company: Corporate Conduct

Episode 92

Today on Good Company, Robert Monks, founder of several business and former CEO of over ten publicly traded companies. Monks joins the program to talk about his latest book, Corpocracy, and the role that private companies are now playing in areas that were traditionally controlled by public interest. Monk talks about corporate conduct, compensation, benefit plans, the current role of SEC, and capitalist culture. Impact Makers, a for-profit consulting firm, has deemed itself as the first competitive social venture. Michael Pirron, CEO of Impact Makers talks to Michael Connor about their business model, being a b corporation, and how giving their profit to non-profit organizations has worked helped them and the communities they operate in.

Michael Connor
Robert Monk, Michael Pirron


Episode 1 Social Capitalist Awards
Social Capitalist Awards (1/5/2006)
Episode 1
Michael Connor welcomes Keith Hammonds, the Executive Editor of Fast Company magazine and Horowitz, the Executive Director of Working Today.
Episode 2 Shareholder Activists
Shareholder Activists (1/12/2006)
Episode 2
Tim Smith and Lesley Lowe talk with Michael Connor about the shareholder activists coming into the boardroom.
Episode 3 Workplace Ideas and Dilemmas
Workplace Ideas and Dilemmas (1/19/2006)
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Author of Ideas are Free, Dean Schroeder, and Shel Horowitz, a regular author of the column, What Would You Do, join Michael Connor.
Episode 4 Organic Ethics
Organic Ethics (1/26/2006)
Episode 4
Michael Connor welcomes Mel Newman from Newman’s Own Organics and Thomas Costigan, a columnist for Down Jones Market Watch.

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