Cosmic Dance Yoga Class Video
Cosmic Dance Yoga Class

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Cosmic Dance Yoga Class

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The yoga asanas are ancient. Movement is universal. Join Clara Roberts-Oss on a fast paced 23-minute journey that will warm your body and quiet your mind. We will touch on all parts of the body, but the focus will be on the hips and legs.


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yvnnpalmer, posted on October 7, 2016

Dance??? So disappointing.

eerr, posted on November 24, 2015

Thank you for another wonderful class Clara! I so appreciate your clear and precise instructions, it makes it very easy to follow and to do the poses correctly. You used these 22 minutes very effectively! My hips feel open and my mind calm. Namaste.

alisonb, posted on September 21, 2015

again thanks!

danibomb, posted on May 8, 2015

Quick and to the point, warming and clarifying xxx namaste, posted on April 5, 2015

Great pace and variety. The studio Clara is in is a bit dark though.

virginiawj3, posted on March 24, 2015

just love your classes Clara!

barkeep11, posted on March 5, 2015

Perfect way to start my day! Namaste.

RubyDiamond, posted on December 5, 2014

Direct to the point. Great guidance & Excellent Tempo. Fresh & Inspiring. I love your classes Clara. Thank you Namaste ;-)

shapirostacey1, posted on October 22, 2014

wow i'm totally digging this teacher! i am not intimidated by yoga at all while following her in these videos- she's so down to earth! really enjoying my practices these past few days as i'm not pressuring myself to be perfect. thank you!

knittingmomof3, posted on September 9, 2014

Thank you, Clara, for yet another fantastic class.

EeeGee, posted on July 18, 2014

Another great quickie from Clara. Love these short practices which get the energy moving and help to shift my mindset on days when I'm feeling blah. Thanks, Clara!

jpasch09, posted on April 3, 2014

As always, Clara delivers a wonderful class. Fast paced enough to get the morning going, but yet serene enough to observe at the end.

Angeles_2, posted on January 7, 2014

Thank you! Love this beautiful class

energiayoga, posted on December 27, 2013

One word: PERFECT
This one went straight to my Fav's. Clear instruction, beautiful flow.

yogapazzo, posted on December 23, 2013

Love the pace, love the flow. This is a great add-on after my run.

bbl1n2, posted on December 5, 2013

come back to this class again and again. thank you for another great yoga session!

danibomb, posted on December 5, 2013

I was feeling sore from yesterday's yoga, this was perfect to loosen me up in little time. Namaste Clara! you're the best

aliciawright, posted on November 6, 2013

I have taken several of Clara's classes and love her teaching style. Very clear instructions but never rushed. Thank you Clara. Namaste.

winde, posted on October 10, 2013

Stream ... ♥

Daysi323, posted on September 18, 2013

Without much time to spare this evening this short but sweet flow was just what I needed to open up my tight hips and make me feel warm inside and out. All your videos are wonderful to say the least. I hope to meet you on the mat one day soon. Thank you.

MJam_2, posted on June 27, 2013

This was spot-on! A terrific dance and exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you, Clara :) It's at the top of my favorite's list.

lavender65, posted on May 7, 2013

Clara, every time I stop and take one of your sessions...I am left filled with such a sense of accomplishment, of rejuvenation... Thank you Clara. m.

kateyates87, posted on May 3, 2013

This was perfect for getting me warmed up this morning. I prefer the faster pace. Thank you!

lindsalee17, posted on April 10, 2013

I loved this. It totally felt like a dance. Awesome.

NatashaM, posted on April 5, 2013

Good quick workout. 18 min.

NatashaM, posted on April 5, 2013

Good quick workout. 18 min.

JReddy, posted on April 3, 2013


BeamsOfLove, posted on March 30, 2013

I really really enjoyed this session. Thank you for the opening and release. :) :)

houseofseven, posted on March 13, 2013

great flow, thank you Clara:)

JanickTheBest, posted on February 27, 2013

Perfect after a short run in the winter sun! Thank you!

sasha0808, posted on February 27, 2013

One of the best flows I have ever done! Thank you and well done!

librarygrl, posted on February 22, 2013

Nice, *is* fast-paced but you're nice and toasty by the end and as the description says, the mind is quieted. Two thumbs up.

jcrubaugh, posted on January 31, 2013

Nice class when you are on the go!

yogagrammie, posted on January 31, 2013

Wonderful Clara! Just what I needed this morning after a long night at work! Thank you. Namaste :)

cariscell, posted on January 22, 2013

I really enjoyed this practice. Fast pace yet very clear. The moves were diverse and effective. There were new moves for me and I felt capable and accomplished afterwards.

nacosta, posted on January 2, 2013

This is still on my favorites list (after several years) and I return to it again and again.

Hava, posted on December 8, 2012

Perfect class! Great length, pace and instruction--thank you!

jmarie743, posted on October 15, 2012

Thank you. This put a smile on my face. :)

AmandaRuffini, posted on July 23, 2012

Another wonderful awakening class, Namaste Clara!

Peafly, posted on May 24, 2012

First class I did on MYO and I really enjoyed it. Bit fast paced for my taste but a nice mix of challenge and relaxation. Thank you Clara. That made my lunch break so much more enjoyable!

LauraJRobertson, posted on May 13, 2012

Love this flow! I really enjoyed taking a moment in the middle to be still - lovely!

lavender65, posted on May 4, 2012

This was one of the best yet. Thank you Clara!

monkluge, posted on April 26, 2012

Fast flow, but the stretches are too amazing to not do this. I feel relaxed and lengthened.

yesmarc95, posted on April 13, 2012

Nice class. Invigorating. Fast paced but yet relaxing! Thank You!!

Air_2, posted on March 12, 2012

Lovely sequence Clara! It was the perfect sequence after a relaxing walk to complete my evening.

Sarah8_2, posted on February 29, 2012

Very nice class; it is one that is great for a quick start to the day, during the day for a personal break from the world, or an evening release to finish the day. Thank you, Clara - now in my favorites to enjoy again and again!!!

Myca, posted on February 8, 2012

Love my first class!!

mitzie, posted on December 11, 2011

I often try this vinyasa class because I can feel my body deeply stretched and renewed in only 20 minutes. I like to have some more variations of short vinyasa classes like this in 20-30 minutes. Thank you Clara!

sailornezy, posted on November 29, 2011

I challenged myself to this flow today and I'm grateful I was able to effortlessly keep pace with you. Your classes are really helping me flourish. 100 times thank you!!!!

Hanne, posted on November 7, 2011

Even though I try many other classes on this site, I always come back to your classes Clara. I have always loved to dance. It's just like you say, my body can't get enough of it. Thank you:)

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