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Sex with Marilyn : The Courage to See

Episode 63

Dr. Marilyn Volker talks with councilor, clergywoman, healer, massage therapist, Debbie Hazelton author of The Courage to See: Daily Affirmations for Healing the Shame, and Solving the Self-Esteem Puzzle: A Guide for Moving from Piece to Peace. They discuss the therapeutic value of touch, friendship and community, communication, disability verses difference, and they answer listeners’ questions.

Marilyn Volker
Debbie Hazelton


Episode 1 Introduction to Sensuality
Introduction to Sensuality (5/14/2007)
Episode 1
Marilyn Volker talks about what sensuous means and she offers advice on how to improve sensuality in the relationship.
Episode 2 The Sensual and the Spiritual
The Sensual and the Spiritual (5/15/2007)
Episode 2
Sensuality is the topic and Dr. Marilyn Volker explores the it, with callers, to find out what is sensual to them
Episode 3 Intimate Sensuality
Intimate Sensuality (5/16/2007)
Episode 3
Marilyn Volker talks with callers and answers emails explaining what they feel is sensual.
Episode 4 Sensual Tango
Sensual Tango (5/18/2007)
Episode 4
Gillian Soleil talks with Dr. Marilyn Volker about the body mind connection of sensuality.

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