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Cult Witness

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Cult Witness (2010)

Only available in Canada, United States

At the age of 19 Samuel Stefan, consumed by crisis, was drawn into a cult. It would be 10 years before he was able to escape. To better explain his experience, he put together an intelligent exploration of how cults attract and manipulate their followers. Throughout the documentary, we hear from six others who have freed themselves from cults and share their disturbing firsthand experiences.

Stefan unravels the hidden world of cults, the hold they have on their victims, the reasons people form and fall prey to them as well as what takes place within. In addition, analytical insights into the cult experience are provided by experts who have studied many aspects of cult-related problems. This is a film about the indomitable human spirit.

Celeste Jones, Jill Myton, Lea Saskia Laasner, Jim Bergin, Judy Garvin, Samuel Stefan
Samuel Stefan, Nick Oakley

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hashimjaved.s, posted on March 25, 2016

I think the whole intent of this movie was to provide Catharsis for the subject. I hope there was more context and content on the dynamics of the group. I like the point made by Katie 27 about nuclear family. One starer for me.

rajdreamz, posted on December 13, 2014

I watched this documentary and although it was educational, I found it a bit disjointed--think it would've been better to follow one person's experience and not two. So I found my attention bouncing back and forth from this young man and this middle-aged woman.

One thing I found to be a real turnoff was this researcher doing an imitation of someone chanting Hare Krishna. To me, that's a subtle way of spreading hatred and judgment--and let's not forget that old devil prejudice. Whatever good this guy is doing, that imitation made me lose a bit of respect for him. He could've made his point in a more dignified and loving way. Another thing is just because these two individuals had horrible cult experiences doesn't make all groups bad. It's only too easy to call something a cult, just as it is to tell someone who researches conspiracies and UFOs to go put on a tinfoil hat.

katie27, posted on December 12, 2014

I am a psychologist, have studied many cults, have been involved in two cults, one a born again protestant cult, and one a AMWAY protestant cult. I was deprogrammed by my own study, diligent and laborious work and education, and I feel that this movie is good, but according to their criteria, even the Nuclear family can be a powerful and dangerous CULT. I agree that this is so, but it can also be a very healthy social group, something that is not common unfortunately.
Also, many companies utilize rally's and positive engaging seminars with great groups to motivate people to be committed to their companies, etc. This movie attempts to point the finger at all of these, including Lightworkers and it in some ways, demonizes anything other than organized religion, however silent they are on that subject, and it can be the silence that is the most powerful statement. - Katie Jane Long MSW/ OTA/ BA Psychology

contact44, posted on March 12, 2014

Thank you! That help me.

dragonwchimes, posted on March 12, 2014

Well made documentary on the pain, suffering and manipulation of cults that use peoples' openness to entrap them. Merci Samuel!

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