CMN: Darryl Anka on Channeling Bashar Video
Darryl Anka on Channeling Bashar
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CMN: Darryl Anka on Channeling Bashar (June 2011)

Season 7, Episode 21
Available worldwide

You may have heard of the entity named Bashar. This channeled extraterrestrial is incredibly popular with terrestrials because of his lusty sense of humor and directness. Less is known, however, of the person through which he speaks. In 1973 Darryl Anka witnessed UFOs at close range on two occasions. Knowing that this was not an Earthly craft or experience, he became curious about UFOs and about paranormal phenomena. Through his research, Darryl learned of channeling. After experiencing a telepathic message from an ET who called himself Bashar, he realized that Bashar’s ship was the one he had seen ten years earlier. The rest is history, as he opened his connection up to the public for question after question.

Over the years, thousands of individuals have had the opportunity to apply these principles and see if they really work to change their lives and create the reality that they desire. As Bashar’s wisdom has become more widely known and respected, Darryl has become in demand, but we were lucky enough to have a few moments with him at a recent conference.

Regina Meredith
Darryl Anka


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shaktakhalsa, posted on October 8, 2015

Out of all the many teachers, whether channeled or not, I have found that Bashar speaks truth in a way that you can grasp. One tip I have is that if you are having trouble getting the nuts and bolts message that Bashar is delivering, which is totally transformational if you grasp it---then you may just have to just let go of the "story" of Bashar for a while, and possibly even the way in which it is delivered (can you imagine the amount of electrical energy rushing through Darryl to produce the high-energy effect that Bashar displays?).

Instead notice how much logical sense he speaks, straight to your heart and higher mind, higher Self, whatever you like to term it. Thank you, Regina, and Gaiam TV, for including this most important "way-shower". Please include more of Bashar/Darryl Anka's work in the future. Unlike some of the other videos here, there is no "us against them" consciousness here--and that is something about Bashar that I treasure!

peacekeeper, posted on September 16, 2012

Okay... Since you’re asking, I’ll offer a few feelings on the matter. :) First of all, I appreciate my brother Darryl’s journey that has him inter-acting with Bashar. The message between them is compelling and filled with (mental) wisdoms to manipulate dimensions of Matter. Bashar genuinely offers ‘higher’ skills in the dreamscape, but even he is a prisoner dreaming in this illusory universe. High mind, low mind; it is a prison-construct that will never touch God. Bashar like us, has to die. Manifesting, intentional-creating,’ riding in (their) spaceships would be cool and understandably seen as ‘higher’ evolution- which in the dream it is. But as St. Mary Magdalene offers (as well as other gospels):

“There are many gods and goddesses with great power, and all manner of spirits that have secret knowledge, yet the power that is in you is greater and the knowledge you possess is more rare and precious. I tell you, great and luminous beings shall come seeking power and knowledge from you. See that you give to all who ask and withhold only from those who come to steal, and those who receive let worship the Anointed of God Most High.”

Breathwork allows us (mere) humans to sense all who breathe, like our beloved brother Bashar. As Soul consciousness in us emerges, we can no longer look upon others (regardless of evolution) as greater or lessor. We souls in fullness only perceive equality that is beyond the seven heavens. Humanity carries the Divine Spark which All other will come to learn from. Bashar and every other Being in the cosmos desires to return home to God- and we meek ones are designed to offer the door. Praise God!

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