Living in Balance: Death: Our Journey of Life (Judy Goodman) Video
Death: Our Journey of Life (Judy Goodman)

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Living in Balance: Death: Our Journey of Life (Judy Goodman) (2000)

Episode 10
Available worldwide

As the joke goes, the two things we can't avoid are death and taxes, but people don't like to talk about death because it is the most dreaded fear: the unknown. We don't know where we'll end up.

If we know we're going to eventually die, shouldn't we have a little bit better understanding about what's going to happen? Hospice care has done a wonderful job of introducing a helpful transition not only for people whose time has come to die, but for their families and loved ones as well.

Many see death as simply a transition from the physical back into the Spirit, to the place from whence we come. Judy Goodman, creator of the audio set Journey: Path of the Soul, helps us explore the part of us we shed, the physical body, and that which we are that is greater than the sum of our parts...

Georgia Shakti-Hill
Judy Goodman


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